Hey, so here is my First story. Hope you like it :) Please don't flame either!

Artemis Crock sat in her classroom. Five minutes until school was out. Artemis just wanted to leave this snobby place. She, of all people, got a scholarship to Gotham Academy. She was very surprised and didn't want to go at first. But her mother convinced her otherwise. She was stuck in homeroom. Oh did she ever want to leave and report back to her bed. Or go to Mount Justice to hang. But she knew better. A life of a teenage superhero was not easy, nor relaxing. And she barely got to " hang" when she had her freetime. The private school gave her more homework than her previous. But today Artemis was lucky. She didn't have any. And she was going to go hang with her friends. They were all superheroes too, and it made her life easier that way. There was M'Gann. A sweet green martian who loved to cook. Even if she burned it all. Conner, Superman's clone who had anger issues and loved watching static on the TV. Then Wally, the stupid, goofy, and funny speedster who had the highest metabolism she had ever seen. Robin, the ninja hacker that was always disappearing and then reappearing. Kaldur, the serious leader that is always reading and lecturing them. Lastly, Artemis. The archer who saved everybody at least once. Well... it was actually Robin, but she shot the arrow that activated the EMP miter. Then the rest was history. Even if it happened yesterday. Red Tornado's siblings Red Torpedo and Red Inferno had attacked the cave. They had captured their superpowered friends and was holding them hostage. It was up to her and Robin to save them all. Wally helped through comm link to make an EMP miter that Robin was assembling. And while the bird was hooking the device up the Reds' drowned him. Artemis remembered he needed something conduct worthy to finish it. But Artemis was all out of arrows at the time. She ran somewhere to hide. Hoping the Justice League would find her before the robots do. Artemis stumbled into the entertainment room where she reluctantly found a arrow. She had one shot or she and her friends would surely die. When she walked back into the biggest room, she found them and the robots. Conner and Wally were held by some metal and were drowning fast. Kaldur and M'Gann were in a fire cage. They were quickly burning. And Robin lay motionless on the floor.

"I surrender, stop the clock," Artemis had said. The robots believed her and came forward to take her weapon . With their arms stretched out she jumped on top of them, shooting an arrow. It whizzed by. Before hitting the target perfectly. The Reds fell down, shut off. But that was when stuff got scary. Her friends came out of their traps, but half were barely alive. Frightf-

Rrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg! Everyone around shuffled past her. Eager to get home. It was a Friday. Finally time to relax. Artemis ran to the old phone booth that was secretly a zeta beam. She entered it, feeling aware of the fuzziness that was her molacules separated.

"Artemis B-07, " the female robotic voice called. Artemis walked in. Conner was on the couch watching static. M'Gann was in the kitchen baking, while Wally flirted with her. And Kaldur reading above the ruckus. Most likely the ninja off hacking the Pentagon. Pretty normal. Artemis walked in her room. It was nice having two homes. She dropped her bag near her bed, before jumping onto it. Artemis was comfortable lying there, but got bored quickly. She pulled out her diary from under her pillow. And bent over to her shoes. In her sneaker was a green pen. Her favorite color. She opened her diary and started a new entry.

Artemis # 23 09/ 08/12

Very casual at school. Nothing interesting. I'm happy it was calm, unlike yesterday. I feel like my body is made of lead. Its probably because I got no sleep. Shocker. Baywatch didn't make fun of me yet, which is weird. He is most likely dazed and still hurting. I can't even imagine how scratchy the metal must have been. Ouch. Got to hand it to the Meta.

Artemis put away the book as she heard someone open her door. She took a peak. Conner?

"Hi, Conner. What's up?" Conner never came into her room. She was sure he didn't know where her room was. He scoffed. Typical.

"Follow me." Artemis got up out of bed. Conner walked fastly to the briefing room. The whole team and Batman was there. They obviously were waiting for her. None of them were in costume. Kaldur broke apart from the small conversation with Bats.

"Team bonding activity," oh great. The room all filled with groans. Batman fixed at Bat-Glare at them. "Your team cooperation is questionable and it needs to improve." Leave it up to. Mr. Dark, Brood, and Scary to ruin a weekend.

"What are we doing?" Artemis asked. She wanted to be prepared for whatever it was they were doing.

"That's for us to figure out! It will be so fun!" M'Gann said happily. She bounced up and down with excitement. There was no way she was spending more time with Baywatch than needed.

"Have fun! I got to meet up with Batgirl," Robin said cheerily, making his way to an exit.

"She is participating too," Batman replied in monotone. Just then the computer announced the arrival of the said girl. A pretty red head walked in. She was wearing skinny jeans, black converse, a yellow hoody and a pair of sunglasses. Wally ran up to her, a litttle to eager for his own good. Artemis couldn't figure out why, but she was jealous.

"Hello beautiful, what's your name? I'm Wally a.k.a Kidflash," the girl stomped on Wally's foot hardly. He shouted out in pain, balancing himself on one foot. Artemis smiled widely.

"You can call me BG. Short for Batgirl," she replied with an evil smirk. Batgirl walked over to the others; done with KidFlirt. M'Gann smiled broadly.

"Hey, I'm -" M'Gann started.

"Miss Martian. Superboy. Aqualad. Artemis, and KidDork over there." She said pointing to everyone. "Rob talks about you guys a lot. " Everyone turned to look at the bird. He wasn't paying attention, but found sudden interest in his feet. Artemis snickered then left for her room. Artemis picked up her diary. Writing in it always made her light. And different. Artemis walked back in the entertainment room to find everyone sitting on the couch asking BG questions. Artemis plopped on the floor near everyone else.

Artemis # 24 09/08/12

I have to do team bonding with Young Justice. I don't want to though. Batman introduced us to another one of his protége. Her name is Batgirl. Cliche just a bit. We all have to come up with a bonding activity. Camping? No. Going to the beach? No. I hope someone thought of something. Oh yeah! Baywatch got his butt handed to him by BG. She seems really familiar. I think she might go to my school. Is she that girl who sits behind me in third period? Was is Bette? No. Babs? Wait, her name is Barbara! I'll confront her later. Its not that important. Hmmm, they always say if you figure one bat you figure them all. They need to change that.

"Artemis, what do want to do?" Artemis looked up on the sound of her name.

"Pardon? "

"Do you want to have a giant sleep-over?" M'Gann asked. Artemis looked back up at her friends. She just shrugged. She didn't care. The room buzzed happily.

"Okay! Lets get the stuff. M'Gann and Conner, you get the sleeping bags and pillows. Artemis, get the board games. Robin and BG, go and get the snacks. Kaldur, set up. I will pick a movie," Wally commanded, jabbing himself with his thumb. Everyone did as told. Artemis walked to her room once again. She grabbed all the board games she had in her closet. Clue, Monopoly, Uno, cards, and Yahtzee. All games in hand, she dashed out. Just as she made it into the living room, she quickly knocked herself and someone else down. Wally. Their bodies collided. Artemis landed on top of him, their faces inches apart. The game pieces were everywhere. Superboy and his girlfriend came back in. They didn't see her or Wally, and just tripped over them. Now half of the team were on the ground. This would be fun to explain to. Not. M'Gann and Conner jumped up. And to their surprise fell right back down slipping on games. The Batman's protégés walked in. The scent of popcorn and freshly poured Pepsi filled the air. Robin stumbled onto Wally. Batgirl on him. The snacks fell over them. Now sticky, Artemis got up. Her knee length blonde hair had lumps in it, and it didn't smell like strawberries anymore. Someone was going to pay.


"I didn't mean to! What were you and Wally doing on the ground anyways!" Artemis groaned. At least she wasn't the only sprayed with snacks. Her friends all looked like a food stand threw up on them.

"Actually Artemis, this is your fault." Wally announced. Artemis gave him a glare. Finally, she stomped off to the shower room.
Artemis turned on the water and readjusted it. Scolding hot. The way she liked it. Then the memory of the previous night appeared.

"Turn on the water. It should help," Robin told Artemis turning on all the showers. Artemis did the same. It was weird listening to a thirteen year old, but she didn't want to argue. He knew better anyways. Afterall, he's the one that helps her with her homework. It did help very much. But the water came rising up. Whoever is the enemy, they can control water. And they wanted to drown them. Perfect. Robin placed a bomb on the wall when they ran out of air. It exploded. -
There was a knock on the door. If things couldn't get any worse!