Hey guys! Um, thought I'd write a ficlette for my OTP...here goes nothing, huh?

Now & Forever

A ShinjiAki fanfiction


It was dark. It was quiet. It was cold, and Akihiko was all alone. He used to be okay with being alone-that was, until Shinjiro had moved back into the dorm. He made nightly visits to the silver haired male's room on the nights they didn't go to Tartarus, whether it be to just hold him until they both fell into a deep slumber, or for the two males to let out all their sexual frustrations out on each other.


It was dark.



That's all Akihiko could think of. How lonely he felt, how empty the bedroom and his heart were. How chilly it was in his room, how the lack of light now frightened the boxer. He was 18 years old, why was he afraid of the dark? It didn't make sense. Maybe it was just the fact that he had gotten used to the security of Shinji's embrace, not that he needed protection-

But it was a nice feeling, to feel like someone would always be there for you, to shield you from anything that came your way. And have a person who would always love you. So you wouldn't have to feel alone, so you know that you are adored. But for Akihiko, that was all gone.


"Aki, remember I'll love you, now and forever."

"S-stop sounding sappy. Heh, this isn't like you, Shinji..." there was nervousness in Akihiko's voice, his face completely red now. What was going on? Shinji sounded so...serious. And Aki knew he was. Shinji stared down at the other male, bringing him in for another kiss.

It was a warm kiss. The kisses they shared always got Aki's heart beating faster, making him want more. But for some reason, this kiss did more than get him excited. Akihiko broke the kiss suddenly, burying his face in the other's shoulder.

"I love you, Shinji..."

The words came out in a mumble, but they were definitely audible. Shinjiro's eyes widened, before softening again, bringing Akihiko into a tight embrace. The student boxer couldn't hold it in, so he broke out in sobs. Why was he crying? He definitely wasn't sad. They were tears of happiness and relief.

"Stop crying, Aki. Such a cry baby...some things never change, huh?" Shinji mumbled, rolling his eyes. But there was a small smile on his lips before Aki punched him lightly in the stomach, glaring playfully at him.

"I'm not a cry baby, I'm just happy. And I'm able to show it, unlike a certain someone..." He chuckled, causing Shinji to scowl.

"That's not true! I'm able to show happiness, too. Didn't you see me smile just a moment ago? Oh right, you were too busy cryi-" The brunette was cut off by a pair of lips crashing against his own, and suddenly their argument was forgotten as he kissed back.

Akihiko was now crying again. But this time, he was alone. And this time, his tears weren't caused by happiness, or relief; they were triggered by loneliness. The need for Shinji to be by his side once again.

But he was gone. Dead.

Akihiko buried his face in his pillow, whispering in a shaky voice-

"I'll love you, Shinji...now and forever."