Thirty pairs of eyes gazed at me. I stared back at all of them in silent rage and sudden realization. My anger had bested me- again. I let my wings unfold and shook them out, enjoying the feel of them stretching. Now that the people in the school's gym saw what I was, I had to erase it from their memories. Everyone starred at my black-as-night wings as I fully expanded them. Being a fallen angel, I have a 13-foot wing-span; unlike my other angel brethren, because they have white-as-snow wings and an 11-foot wing-span. I flapped my wings and grinned as I shot 15-ft up into the air. I glanced down at the people below me, making sure that their eyes were still on me. Bringing my hands in front of me, palms open wide and turned towards the crowd of bodies underneath me.

Smiling, I felt my eyes turn white as I was transitioning into full angel form. Looking down at the humans, their eyes still wide in shock and disbelief from my earlier display of my wings slicing through my white gym shirt, caused by my rage at a human boy calling me weak. We fallen angels, most times, have short tempers. I sighed and felt my angelic magic creep from my hands into their memories, destroying the memory of my wings. When all was said and done, I slowly lowered my wings and felt them slide pointlessly into their place in between my shoulder blades. Dropping to the ground, I released the hold that my magic had built on the humans. I watched as all of them slowly crumpled to the ground walking to the girls' locker room I changed and grabbed my things. I would have my older brother, Lucifer tell the school that we were leaving town. Every time humans saw our wings or angelic magic, we left town as an extra precaution. Because I was only 14, Luc always hated the fact that I didn't have many friends, or a "normal" life. But it allowed us to stay on Earth rather than going into the depths of Hell again.

Luc and I were never born in Hell. Our parents followed Lucifer or the Devil as people call him on Earth, in the battle against God. I was only a few years old at the time, plus Luc was 5 and his name wasn't Lucifer (our parents changed his name from Gabriel to Lucifer, after the Devil) but when the angels "fell" and we were exiled to Hell our parents were told to bring us as well. We were traitors children, and were not wanted in his land; so we were sent to Hell. When Luc turned 8 he gained permission by the Devil himself to take me (and our Guardian Cassie) to live on the ground instead of in Hell were we had "caused nothing but trouble" living with humans was hard; and it was hard to stay in one place for long. But this is my life- and it has only just begun...