Chapter 8

As the guards pushed the doors open, I braced myself for what was ahead. The banquet hall was the room that I had explored earlier and as I walked inside it had been transformed into a room full of people. I stood on my tip toes, and even with heels on, I couldn't spot Luc. I frowned and my worry grew.

"Madam Ivy. Please come this way, His Majesty would like to speak to you." said a voice to my right, it was a guard. I bowed my head so that they didn't see my face as Cassie had told me earlier, and followed him to a room behind the throne chairs.

"May I ask what His Majesty would like to speak to me about?" I asked, stepping into the room. The guard bowed and looked past my shoulder, which I soon did too. My eyes widened. Sitting on a black sofa, was a man. His hair was black and his eyes…his eyes were emerald. I felt like I was looking into my own eyes, but instead of my lighter eyes, his were a darker shade.

"My dear Ivy…How much you have grown." The man said, standing up. I stepped back slightly and he advanced.

"Do you not remember me?" the man said, sounding sad.

"I am sorry Your Majesty…I have not been here since I was a child." I said, bowing. He chuckled and walked over to me, placing his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him; he was at least a foot taller than my five-foot-four-inches.

"Ah, that's right. I had Richard erase you memory when you went to stay with them…" he sighed. I stiffened; Richard was my father's name.

"My father did what?" I asked, stepping away from him. He frowned.

"Richard Winchester is not your real father, Ivy…" he said. I looked at him in shock.

"Yes he is." I said persistently.

"No, he is not. I am." He said, and I felt the world above me turn. As my body slid towards the floor, someone caught me. I didn't know if it was the guard, or if it was 'Satan', I didn't care.

"Whoa…take it easy, Ivy." Someone said, lowering me to my knees. I felt my body shake slightly and looked up at who was holding me.

"How…" I said, voice trembling. He looked at me and put a hand to my forehead.

"I'll show you… everything I made you forget…" Satan said and his hand became cold. I felt his magic seep into my mind and unlock something. My eyes went wide as visions flitted through my brain. When I felt his magic disappear from my mind, he gently pulled me to my feet.

"You are my child, Ivy. I erased all memory that I was your father from you when you were little and sent you to live with my brother, Richard Winchester. And now that you are of age, and no longer need as much protection, I have restored them." He said. I stood up straight. He was right. He was my father, and when I was little he did erase my memories because he wanted me to be safe. If someone knew that he had had a child…I would have been executed on the spot.

"So then…Richard is my Uncle? And Luc is my cousin…" I said, putting the pieces together. He nodded and took my hand.

"It's time to announce that you are the rightful princess…" he said. I nodded and he led me towards the doors out to the banquet hall. The guard opened the doors and we walked out, everyone staring at me like I was an alien. When they saw Satan, my real father, they all averted their eyes and some even bowed their heads.

"Listen up everyone! I have something to tell you." He said, and everyone in the room looked to us. I was glad that none of them could see my face because of my hood, and my hand clenched nervously.

"This young lady standing next to me…is my daughter." He said, and a crowd of gasps and whispers of outrage were heard.

"You don't have a child! You have no proof!" said a noble from the crowd. Satan motioned for me to remove my cloak and I did, hesitantly. I let my cloak drift to the floor and looked out at the crowd. Looks of shock and amazement flew through the peoples' faces and I saw Luc and 'Uncle' Richard smiling at me sadly.

"Her eyes! She is His Majesty's daughter, no one else in the kingdom has those color eyes." I heard someone say. A light bulb went off in my head, because I had always wondered why Luc's and Uncle Richards eyes were different than mine.

"Ivy is my daughter and if you need more proof, I shall give you it. Ivy, open your wings." My father said, and his jet black wings shot from his back. I felt my wings unfurl and expand, stretching.

"Only those of my blood have black wings, as all of you know. Ivy is my daughter, she is your Princess." he said. I looked out at the crowd and frowned slightly, Nate was walking through the crowd…straight towards me.

"That is all, I expect you to treat my daughter with the kindness you treat me with." My father said and pulled his wings in, turning to me. I pulled my wings in too and he hugged me.

"I have assigned you a personal guard, I'm sure you have met him already." He said as Nate walked up next to me. Nate bowed and I saw that he was wearing a finely tailored suit.

"Your Majesty…Princess." He said, and smiled at me.

"Ah, here he is. I'm counting on you and your team to protect her, Nathaniel. You two have a good time ok?" my father said, and hugged me once more before walking over to a group of nobles. Nate looked at me and smiled.

"You look sexy, Princess." He said, and grabbed my hand. I tried to pull my hand away but his grip just tightened.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at him. Nate laughed.

"I'm taking you to see my team…well your team, of guards." He said, and led me to a big lounge room. When I walked into the room, my eyes couldn't believe who they saw.

"Ivy? Why are you here?" said a chorus of shocked voices as they all stood up. My eyes widened and I looked at the familiar faces of Cal, Eric, Adam, and Slater.

"W…what are 'you' doing here?" I said, and Nate chuckled.

"Nate…what is she doing here…" Slater demanded, and they all looked at Nate.

"She has just had her memories restored by His Majesty, and she is the heir to the throne. Ivy is the Princess." Nate smirked. I watched as Cal, Eric, Adam, and Slater eyes widened before they dropped to one knee and bowed.

"Your Highness…we are sorry for our rudeness, please forgive us." Slater said. I looked at them and walked over to them.

"Get up! You don't have to bow to me, you're my friends right?" I said, voice shaking slightly. They all stood up and nodded. Cal walked over to me and raised his arms.

"Do I have permission to hug you, Princess?" he teased. I put my arms around him and he hugged me tightly. When he pulled away to look at me he whistled.

"Damn Ivy, you look amazing!" he said and laughed. I blushed and thanked him. I caught the rest of the guys glaring a Nate and frowned a little.

"Well it seems you know everyone already, Ivy… too bad you won't see them as much as you'll see me." Nate said, smirking slightly and locking eyes with Slater, who gave an annoyed growl. I looked at Slater.

"By the way, what are you guys?" I said. Everyone in hell wasn't human; they were either a wraith, fallen angel, or some other supernatural creature. Nate chuckled.

"He and his gang are bloodsucking demons." Nate said, and visions flooded my eyes. Yellow glowing eyes, melodic voices' and sharp fangs. One face in particular. Slater's face with yellow glowing eyes and fangs; that night on the beach. I gasped and looked to Slater.

"You….why." I said my voice growing hoarse. Slater looked to me and bowed his head in shame. I felt tears come to my eyes and turned around, running out of the room and down the hallway.

I hadn't gotten far before I felt someone's arms close around my waist to stop me from running any farther.

"Let go of me!" I yelled in frustration and squirmed.

"I'm sorry…" Slater said and his grip loosened. I tried to pull away from him but his grip was strong enough to hold me in place.

"You're sorry! Is that all you can say! You bit me! And then you erased my memory!" I said, tears flooding my vision. I felt Slater stiffen slightly in surprise.

"Yeah, that's right. I know what happened that night." I growled and tried yet again to pull away from him. Slater turned me around so that we were face to face and looked at me.

"You want to know why I erased your memory! I thought that if you found out what I was, you'd hate me. That you would run away screaming and call me a monster." He said, holding me close. I looked up at him.

"I am a fallen angel, Slater. I'm Satan's fucking daughter! You think finding out that my friends are bloodsucking demons would scare me?" I said looking up at him. Slater chuckled slightly and looked back into my eyes.

"It scares …most girls…" he laughed.

"Well I'm not most girls." I growled slightly. Slater pulled me closer to him and bent down, his lips meeting mine. I relaxed against him and let him kiss me. His lips were rough and gentle at the same time and I felt him lean into me, wanting more.

"Sorry to break up your make out session…but it's time for the Princess to be retiring to her bedroom." Someone said, walking up to us. I blushed and pulled away from Slater, looking over and seeing a miffed Nate. Slater looked over at Nate and chuckled.

"Sorry for keeping her late, Sir." Slater laughed and pulled away from me. Nate glared at Slater and took my arm.

"Let's go…" he said, and he dragged me to my room.

When I saw Slater kissing Ivy, I was pissed. Ivy was going to be mine, not his.

"I have a curfew? What am I, ten years old?" Ivy said as I pulled her towards her room. I sighed and opened the door, pulling her inside. As I shut the door, Ivy crossed her arms over her chest in annoyance.

"Answer me." She said. I looked to her and my eyes roamed her figure. She was beautiful…and soon she would be all mine...

"I said answer me!" she demanded, and I took a step towards her. I saw fear flicker over her features and chuckled.

"You don't have a curfew…" I said. Ivy looked at me in anger.

"Then why did you drag me back to my room!" she exclaimed. I growled; she clearly had feelings for Slater… nothing my 'charm' couldn't fix. I looked at Ivy and felt my eyes change colors from my usual dark blue, to a clear icy blue. Ivy didn't seem to notice in her rage and huffed, waiting for her answer.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you...alone." I said, my voice sliding into its true silky, seductive tone. Ivy looked puzzled for a moment before replying,

"Why…" she said, voice slightly dazed. I smirked, knowing that my power was working. I chuckled and walked over to her, putting my arms around her. Ivy relaxed at my touch and tilted her head up to look at me, lust visible in her eyes. I laughed; my powers had worked, and it had taken only a few seconds. Ivy laid her head on my chest, but I tilted her head up so that her eyes met mine. I smiled and leaned towards her.

I looked up at Nate and felt unusually calm. I didn't notice anything until thoughts came into my head.

'Kiss him…' 'Love him…' 'Make him yours…' were all thoughts that were attached to bursts of feelings. I looked at him and wanted these things…I 'wanted' to kiss him, I 'wanted' to love him, and I 'wanted' to make him mine. All mine. I closed my eyes and smiled as Nate kissed me. It was a forceful kiss; his lips weren't gentle at all like…like Slater's. Wait, this is wrong! It's all wrong, I thought, wanting to scream. As my mind cleared, I put my hands against Nate's chest and sent an energy blast at him, knocking him away from me.

"What was that for?" Nate said frowning, his voice dripping silk. I looked at him in rage.

"What are you? Why did you make me feel those things?" I yelled at him. I saw his eyes were a clear, icy blue and frowned, backing up.

"I…am an incubus." Nate smirked. I looked at him in shock; if he was an incubus…he could make me feel anything he wanted, he could twist my feelings and use them against me…he could make me want him— he could also make me hate Slater.

"Get out of my room….and if you ever try anything on me again…I'll kill you." I threatened. Nate smirked and took a step towards me, resulting in me putting my hands up to send another blast his way.

"You wouldn't hurt a fly…" he said, his hand reaching out and touching mine. I felt warmth spreading from his hand to mine and tried to back up, but his hand held mine in a steadfast grip. And by backing away, it only brought him closer to me. Nate chuckled at my struggle and wrapped and arm around my waist.

"You can't fight an incubus, Ivy. The more you fight the more you'll hurt." he said, and he bent by my neck. I tried to push him off, tried to get away…but to no avail. Nate's tongue licked my neck and I shivered.

"Stop." I said my voice barely a whisper. He chuckled and I felt his breath hot on my neck.

"It'll be over soon… I promise." He said, and I felt something pierce my neck. I gasped as pain shot through my body and made me go limp. I felt warmth and then nothing but pleasure. It wasn't painful now, at all; in fact, I liked it. A sigh escaped my lips and Nate pulled me closer to him, his arms around my waist and mine around his neck. Then I heard a growl.

"S…Slater?" Ivy said, pulling away from Nate and looking at me, her neck bleeding. I growled again, this time my body morphing to fit my rage. I felt my canine's elongate and knew that my eyes were turning yellow. My dragon scaled wings burst forth from my back as did my devilish tail. When all was complete, I was standing before Ivy and Nate in my full demon form. I looked to Nate and let out a roar of rage.

"YOU!" I said my voice rough and hoarse. Ivy flinched at the sound and a look of horror came over her face as she looked at my true form. Nate just laughed.

"Yes Slater, me. And if you hadn't stopped me it would have been 'us'." He said, smirking and wrapping an arm around Ivy's waist. I looked at him, pure hatred for him and his kind in my eyes.

"Leave." I said to Ivy. She looked at me and then at Nate. She said something to Nate, so low that even my enhanced ears couldn't pick it up. Nate growled and disappeared. Ivy returned her gaze to me, a mixture of fear and love written across her features.

"Ivy…you need to leave…now! When I'm like this I can't—…" Ivy silenced me by taking a step forward; taking a step closer to me, to my demon body.

"Slater…you wouldn't hurt me. I know you wouldn't." She said her voice as shaky as the last couple of steps that led her a few inches in front of me.

. "Ivy. You need to go. I won't hurt you…but in this… form, I might. Please, go." I said my voice filled with a rough edge. Ivy winced slightly at my voice. I know how she must feel, hearing a voice so distorted, so horrific. She looked at me and took another small step towards me, reaching her hand forward to touch my reptilian-like scaly skin. I jerked backwards, my tail whipping around and slashing Ivy across the cheek on instinct. I stared in horror as a thin line of blood began seeping out on her cheek. She didn't flinch or scream, just stood there staring at me.

"I-Ivy…I…I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to…" I said, looking at the blood flowing down her cheek, my yellow eyes wide. She smiled faintly and threw herself forward, wrapping her arms around me. My whole body screamed to kill this person clinging to me, but I wouldn't'. I didn't move, I just didn't think, until it was too late. Ivy's skin started turning a sizzling, burning from the heat radiating off my skin. She grunted and held to me tighter, letting her skin burn, letting my body hurt her. I tried to move away but she held me in place.

"Ivy! Stop it! I'm hurting you! Let go!" I yelled at her, my demon voice booming in my own ears. She still would not let go and I did the only thing I could think of, I forced myself to turn back into my human form.