The Shadow Girl's Wish

Author's Note: This is my first Wicked Lovely prose, so bare with me. I have started a series of poems, named 'Sorrows and Silver Linings'. This is different. Forgive me, for this chapter is very short for my usual works. I tend to go for about 2,000 words, maybe 1500 on average. I just thought this one didn't need to be long. Really I'm surprised no one has tried to write a story like this. Please read and REVIEW! :) I'll try and update soon.

Mon-3rd-Sept-2012: I've edited this slightly to make Leslie's voice younger, as pointed out by StylingEquinox

"My Shadow Girl" Irial whispered, caressing Leslie cheek.

"Irial" They were alone in the living quarters. Room, he reminded himself. The Dark King was busy at an important meeting. Irial was not entirely sure how important, but he didn't particularly care at this moment. They had been watching a romance movie that Leslie had rented but Irial was done pretending. He kissed her softly, cupping her cheek in his hand.

"Why don't we take this upstairs?"

"I don't know. I could do with seeing Ryan Reynolds topless again"

"You're not serious?" Leslie only smiled back. Irial decided to lift her up, into his arms. If she would not come willingly, he would have to simply make her. As expected, she had no objections whatsoever. He carried her to his room, and laid her on the bed. She kissed him longingly and lovingly. It was like there was a fire within him, waiting to be quenched. She was the first to pull away.

"There is something I want to talk to you about" She said, her face a mask.

"Can it wait?" He brushed his lips on her neck. She tightened her fingers into his hair, groaning in pleasure.

"No" She said, firmly. "It can't"

Irial looked at her face to face, only holding her hand enquiringly. She took a deep breath and finally announced:

"I want to have a child. That is to say, I think we should have a child." Irial's brows shot up. Years had passed since the war that had resulted in the death of Bananach, the faery that was once Discord, once War. A time of reasonable peace had befallen Huntsdale… until the new Discord had changed that. He was not at extreme as his predecessor had been. He caused enough discord to feed his court and help to keep the other courts in line. Irial, his King, and his Shadow girl had finally come to a sort of normality and he feared a child might ruin the balance they had worked so hard to create.

"I am not sure that is a good idea, my love"

"Why not? Other women have children. Don't you think that a child would complete our family?"

"Leslie, I have you, I have Niall and I have my court. I have all the family need."

"But you're good with children. I've seen you with the Halflings. Are you afraid you won't make a good father?" Irial had to think carefully on how to express his feelings without lying. The truth was, he had thought of children before. They held a certain charm. Born pure and innocent, they were to grow and learn, to thrive and to hopefully succeed in life. He had decided to wait at least another century.

"I am not sure I would be able to give our child all that we can. I am Discord, Niall is the Dark King, and you have a career."

Having finished her education at college, Leslie became a a therapist. She loved to help others and she found that having broken herself at one point helped her to understand her patients better. She did not need a job for the money. The Dark Court was not lacking in wealth. Then of course, there was the need for separation once in a while. Irial had always admired Leslie's strength, but even she had limits. To be with both Discord and the Dark King could take its toll, and so to have a career meant she could concentrate on other things, and had a distance from them sometimes. They were no longer addictive to mortals, but Irial had always known that he was not healthy for her. Niall may perhaps be a better fit for her, he thought. But she loved them both, and for that he was thankful.

"So I will make time for them. Your job as Discord, and Niall's job as the Dark King is important. I don't need a career."

"But you love your job."

"So perhaps mothering could be my new career" she shrugged. "Or I could go part-time instead." She was being entirely reasonable, as usual, but he was still unsure whether a child was a possibility. Niall's opinion would be a big factor. But would he truly deny her wishes? They were both as stubborn as each other.

"Have you told Niall of this?"

"No. I thought it would be easier to ask each of you separately."

"Right. If he and I were in agreement with us having a child, how do you suppose we even get you pregnant? You have not been so far, and faeries rarely have children."

"So, the faery that cheated Death does not even know how to impregnate his lover."

"I did not say that…" Irial leaned in to kiss her again. This time she did not stop him. And so they had a night of heated passion.