For Rae [turnthepageoftime], who is pretty much a flawless being. No, she is a flawless being. Happy Birthday, Rae, I and the rest of the Rae Fanclub love you sososo much!

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Prompts taken from the P R O M P T S, P R O M P T S, P R O M P T S forum: fireflies, candle & shine

In the candlelight, she smiles, because she's happy now, and she's got him now, and he's not going to leave her again. She's happy because he's by her side, and she's by his, and nothing will break them apart now, nothing. She's not going to let it happen again.

She shines, she really does. She doesn't shine like the sun, bright and in your face, handing out light to the whole word. She shines like a star. She's small, but she gives out her own light to the world. Maybe she doesn't shine as bright as the rest, but she's there, and she's been told she's beautiful, and she's done with being down, and so she believes them. That's all she can do really, believe them so that she doesn't lose hope again, lose faith again, lose Rae again.

There's a song in the air that no one can hear but them, and they're happy, they're happy. The walls are broken down, and no one is going to stop them again, because they're never to be parted, they're infinite. She reaffirms this in her mind, they're happy, they're happy, and she knows this. Nothing will change, she's sure and she's certain.

They sit on their patio, on the garden chairs, and it's dark, but they've lit a candle, and the fireflies help light up the sky. They don't need to see anything, really, when they have each other, because they're safe. She rocks the baby on her knee, and she's theirs, and only theirs, and no one can take her away from them anymore.

She's theirs, baby Rae, she's theirs and no social worker will deem them unfit any more, because they won't fight anymore, they won't. They're determined they're going to keep their baby, because if she was ever taken away again, everything would fall down on them.

They keep on pretending, they keep on wishing, and they keep on acting as if everything is okay, because no one is going to take Rae away from them again.

((It's not too long before it all breaks again, and the fa├žade falls down, and they're broken, and Rae is gone for the last time.))

Um sorry I don't know why this is so angsty. I wanted to write something happy but I can't... I'll write you something happy sometime, Rae, promise! :D

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