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Almost forlornly, Justin looked out at the ocean, grimly accepting this was the last day in his island paradise. These past two weeks had been nothing short of perfect. Brian had promised to make it a honeymoon to remember... and as always, he had lived up to his word. Guana Island. It was, in Justin's opinion, the most beautiful location in the world. Not only was it tranquil... but it was exotic as well. Most importantly, it was private. The only inhabitants they had encountered were caretakers and general house workers. Brian had paid for the island to be accessible during this time only for them. It hadn't escaped his noticed that Brian's guards were present somewhere... but they had done an amazing job at keeping a discreet distance. Despite the unlikelihood of such an event, it had seemed as if he had been in total seclusion with his new husband. A respite that Justin found to be much desired, knowing the demands that would be awaiting Brian on their return.

It was still hard for him to fathom that he was now married... and even more – to a King. He accepted that their lives would be public once they returned, and that Brian's time would be significantly affected. So far it hadn't been too overwhelming. Justin knew that was because the former King had been helping Brian tremendously. If such a station were possible, Justin could easily see co-King's in the country of Brakania... but Justin knew that wasn't going to happen. Any leadership that didn't fall to Brian's hands would only be done when Brian was unavailable – such as now. Beloved grandfather or not, King Brahim El Khadir of Brakania didn't share his control with anyone.

Justin was about to find out exactly how true his thoughts really were. He smiled, his head leaning back in contentment as he felt two arms winding around his waist, his instant thought being to torment his passionate and often primitive husband. "Raoul, I thought I told you I couldn't meet you today."

The grip tightened, along with a scowl immediately materializing. Raoul? Was that the half-dressed houseboy that had sniffed around his beautiful husband when they'd first arrived? Warm lips began to slide down Justin's neck, breath coming even hotter when he growled, "You'd better be fucking with me, Sir Twat. I think we both know that I have exclusive ownership of your hot little ass now."

Rolling his eyes at the ever possessive words from his gorgeous savage, Justin thoughtfully murmured, "Hmmm. Better not let my husband hear you. He can be excessively jealous."

"Excessively?" Brian began to bite at Justin's neck, his tongue tasting and savoring the skin that had become his primary source of addiction. "I think I need to show an obstinate blond exactly where he belongs."

Justin's neck arched into Brian's mouth as a throaty moan escaped. "I think you've more than demonstrated that in the past two weeks, Lord Lusty One."

"I can see a certain impertinent blond needs to get his mouth busy... before it gets him in trouble," Brian rasped, his hands moving to sink into the flesh of Justin's hips... jerking his ass back against his cock that was vigorously attempting to poke directly through his jeans. "I don't like you gone from my bed when I awaken. I've gotten spoiled... and you know that royalty expects such devotion."

"Indeed. Perhaps the King should make it a law..." Justin told him mockingly, laughing when Brian's hands clenched on his hips anew.

"Well well. It appears if someone has developed an additional set of balls... now that we are out of Brakania." Brian spun Justin around to face him, as his heated gaze devoured Justin's playful and lust-blown expression.

Justin wrapped his arms around Brian's neck, his eyes staring dreamily into his husband's ever transparent gaze. "It's my hope that these balls that I possess are enough to keep his lordship satisfied."

"I think we both know the answer to that..." Brian growled, his lips swooping down to voraciously possess the ones of his much adored husband... knowing there to be no reality where he wouldn't want to start the day savoring what he found to be the most sumptuous lips he had ever enjoyed. "Come back to bed, Justin. I want you now."

Lowering his lashes, before looking back up at his vibrant lover provocatively, Justin began to slide his hands across Brian's bare chest, rubbing his lower body against his determined husband. His voice dropping to a husky purr, Justin whispered, "Well, I think we both know - what King Brahim wants he simply takes..."

Brian's nostrils flared as he drank in the sight of his teasing and entirely too adorable husband. He had stopped shuddering each time he thought of Justin as adorable. Lesbionic or not no longer mattered. It was how he felt. There was no avoidance of that fact now. His breath hitched in and out, before he rasped, "It appears that you've learned well. This is our last day in paradise. I want to spend the bulk of it entrenched deeply inside of you."

Justin moaned, Brian's words never failing to make his dick quicken. "I want that too. Take me, Brian. Fuck me now."

Wrapping his arm around Justin's waist, Brian led him to their bedroom, his lips attacking his neck and shoulders as they walked... knowing for a certainty – if there had ever been any doubt of one simple fact... he would never have enough of this man. His former self might have found such a realization repellent, but not this new version of his self... one that he thought to be a man in ways he had never wanted to be, nor one he ever thought he could be. That was... not before this special blond had upset his world. He didn't want to go back to the life he lived before Justin had changed him for good. That man was a stranger to him... and one that he never wanted to visit again.

When they reached the side of the bed, Justin watched with loving and hungry eyes as Brian slowly slid out of his pants, their eyes connected during the process. Justin thought he could never tire of looking at this beautiful man. In his mind... the most beautiful man ever created. Brian's beauty continuously staggered him. Never had he thought to ever find such perfection... and to do so and have the object of his heart's desire love him so deeply, filled his heart with the greatest of joy. He reached up, gently trailing the back of his hand against Brian's cheek, his eyes filled with wonder and complete awe for the man that stood before him. "I love you so much, Brian. I – I can't imagine a life without you in it."

"That's good," Brian's whisper was fervent... his expression and tone displaying how much Justin's words and gesture affected him. "We are together forever, Justin. No matter where we are living that together... what we have will last forever." His brow quirked as his eyes swept over his husband. "I think one of us is overdressed. How about you rectify that, hmmmm?" Brian watched as Justin slowly removed his clothing, his breath almost catching at the incomparable beauty of his young husband. "Lay down," Brian commanded almost gutturally. "I'm going to worship your perfect body. In the future we may have some rushed couplings... but not now. I am going to taste and explore every delicious inch of you. Then... my cock is going to bring you more pleasure than any man has ever enjoyed."

Justin groaned as his naked back hit the sheets, his anticipation prodding his cock to rise to attention... beads of milky wetness already beginning to pearl at the head of his dick. "Not too slow, Brian." His breathing became erratic as Brian made the familiar crawl towards him. "I – I need you too badly for slow."

"Patience, my love." The words slipped from Brian's lips freely, his comfort in speaking them continuing to grow. When he observed the happiness in Justin's eyes following the two words, Brian's heart nearly jumped from his chest. Fuck. He loved this boy so damned much. It was unfathomable to him how much he not only desired him, but cherished him as well. He may now be the King of a land and people that he loved as well... but this man was what truly completed him. Without him he was nothing. Brian vowed he would never be that former shell of a man again. His hands moved to clasp around Justin's hips, his body arched above him, mouth moving to make his words of a moment ago a reality. He opened his lips over one nipple that was already slightly distended, his tongue and teeth pulling erotically on the tender flesh. When Justin's back arched in pleasure, his lips moved to carry out the same delicious torment on its twin. Brian moaned as he sucked the flesh into his mouth, his hands clasping and unclasping on Justin's hips, the motion of both of them causing their cocks to rise and prod at the other. "You feel so good..." Brian's tongue began to slither down Justin's stomach, his destination never in doubt. "But... you taste even better," Brian growled, his tongue stretching out to capture the beading moisture now leaking from Justin's cock.

"Brian... fuck!" Justin moaned, his hips arching from the bed, desperate for his cock to find the warmth of Brian's mouth. "Stop teasing me... please."

"Teasing you... like this?" Brian purred, his tongue slithering up, down and around Justin's dick... not doing what Justin needed the most. Brian's lust-blown eyes lifted to watch his husband nearly undulating on the mattress, his own cock twitching as he watched the sensuously erotic display. "You are so fucking hot..." Brian rasped, his own cock dripping as he watched Justin's flushed face arching back in torturous ecstasy.

Justin gasped as he felt Brian's tongue stabbing into his slit. His head tossed back and forth as the torturous play took him to a place of near euphoria... knowing only one act would fully satisfy him now. "B-Brian, stop. I – I need you inside me... now."

Brian chuckled lustfully, his cock throbbing as he listened to the impassioned words of his husband and lover. He sucked Justin's cock into his mouth for only a few agonizing tugs, his mouth moving off as he crawled upwards to poise himself over his trembling blond. He reached under the pillow, quickly withdrawing a condom and a packet of lube. He tossed the condom onto Justin's stomach, his brow arching expectantly. "Slip it on my dick. I'm more than ready to speed things along."

"It's about damned time..." Justin grumbled, a groan eliciting when he felt Brian's lubed fingers beginning to probe his ass. It had gone beyond the point of any discomfort now. At times the initial prodding could seem intrusive... but it was always a good feeling. Justin loved how Brian always made certain his body was completely ready for him. Despite how much his passion was raging... and more often than not it was out of control – Brian always made sure to see to his comfort first. Justin knew in the ways of Brian Kinney... aka King Brahim, that was a testament of his love. He wasted no time in tearing open the packaging, sliding the latex smoothly over Brian's dick, their eyes meeting and holding for a brief instant... each of them having the exact same thought.

After only a few moments of opening him up, Brian slowly slid his cock forward, sweat beginning to slide down his neck and back. "Once we return the condoms will be gone. Finally we can have the necessary tests. I can't wait to feel my bare cock in your tight little ass."

Justin grasped at Brian's slippery back, his evocative words nearly driving him over the edge. "I – I can't wait, either." Nearly becoming undone as Brian took unhurried, measured strokes... all in the intent of driving him out of his mind, Justin brokenly demanded, "Will you just fuck me already!"

Brian paused in his strokes, looking down at his beloved husband – a mixture of censure and admiration in his eyes. Deliberately he rammed his cock in deeper, smiling in satisfaction at the glazed look in Justin's eyes when he hammered directly against his prostate. "Still the bossiest bottom – ever," Brian snarled, his hips beginning to snap out a wild and familiar rhythm. Increasing his pace, Brian relentlessly pounded into his husband. "I think someone has forgotten the respect one's King is due."

Panting breaths escaped Justin's mouth. "We're not in Brakania now..."

Thrusting harder, faster and even deeper, Brian hissed, "A mere technicality. No matter where we are... I am still your King. Am I not?"

Justin felt his cock releasing simultaneously with the jerking motion that signified Brian had joined him in the same bliss, a labored sigh falling from his lips. "Yes. Always my King, no matter where we may be."

Rolling from his lover, and laying at his side, Brian's lips lowered to claim his husband's, knowing no reality could ever equal or surpass this one. "Good boy," he purred, after several deep, drugging kisses. Pulling free to look at him, Brian said thoughtfully, "I think I'll keep you around for awhile."

"Try to get rid of me and see what happens..." Justin told him with a large degree of smugness in his tone... both of them knowing Brian's awhile would have no end. A sadness entered his eyes, one that was far from unseen from his immensely observant lover. "I hate leaving our paradise. This honeymoon has been a dream... more so than I could have ever imagined."

Brian smiled, deciding now to be the perfect time to unveil his wedding present to his precious blond. He reached over into the bedside table, pulling out a piece of paper rolled up; a red ribbon tied around it tightly. He extended it to Justin, his lips rolling under as he said, "Open it, Justin."

Justin looked at it warily, a suspicious light in his eyes. "I thought we agreed there would be no presents. I didn't have time to go get you anything."

"Not get me anything? Are you serious?" Brian's voice was incredulous as he looked at the man that had totally changed in his life in so many ways. "You have given me more than I could ever return."

Sitting up in the bed, the paper momentarily forgotten, Justin asked, "What do you mean?"

Brian stared lovingly at his new husband, shaking his head in amusement. "Emotional little fucker. You always need the words... don't you? Despite how that's not my way... still, you drive them out of me. I don't think you fully understand the power you have over me."

"If I have such a power over you... it's safe to say you have the same with me." Justin looked at Brian sternly for a long silent moment. "Now... quit trying to change the subject and tell me what you meant."

"It's very simple really. I am not an easy man to love... nor will I ever be; yet... you have done so when I know it to be far more than I deserve. No gesture I extend can ever compare with that. Not only did you give me your heart and commitment... but you have surrendered yourself to a life that will not be easy." Brian looked at him intently, overwhelmed by all the changes that this boy had brought into his life. "I don't think you fully grasp how much you've changed me, Justin. I know the change will make me a better husband and King... at least that is my hope."

Justin smiled, feeling as if he were glowing from the inside and out. Brian's love for him had that effect on him. "I know you will, Brian. I love you with everything that is in me. That is never going to change."

"I certainly hope not. I spent a lot of money on your gift." Brian nudged Justin in the side. "Now, open it."

Carefully, Justin opened the ribbon... knowing he didn't want to damage the shiny fabric or what was on the document inside. He slowly unrolled the paper, his eyes widening as he read what was contained inside. His jaw dropped down as his eyes continued to bulge. "T-this isn't possible. I'm not reading this right-"

"It is... and you are." Brian watched his husband in amusement, knowing this gift was the perfect end to their honeymoon... something his sentimental blond would both remember and cherish.

Justin couldn't remove his eyes from the document, almost incoherently sputtering, "These things don't h-happen. People don't just buy islands..."

"They do when the price is right... and it's a very small island." Brian knew this gift would mean one thing – this would be atop Justin's list of vacation spots. Brian decided that was something he could live with. The tranquility and isolation what he would need when he was able to get away, in addition to all the private time he could spend with his husband in the process.

Tears slid down Justin's cheeks, his eyes lifting to meet Brian's indulgent gaze. "I – I can't believe you did this for me."

"I knew the opportunity was present for purchase... and when we first arrived, your eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning." Brian smiled in the memory. "I couldn't resist."

Justin wrapped his arms around Brian's neck, placing all kinds of kisses across Brian's face and neck. "Thank you, Brian. I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me... nor how much I love you."

Brian looked at his husband almost solemnly for a minute. "You've told me that with each sacrifice you've made for me... and even further when you joined your life to mine." He placed a gentle kiss on Justin's lips, whispering fervently, "I plan to spend the rest of my life convincing you that you made the right decision."

"I know I did, Brian."

The two lovers slid back down in the bed, their lips meeting in more than a passionate joining... it was an affirmation of their love. No matter what they faced in the future ahead, one thing was for certain... their love was strong – a love that they both knew could and would survive the tests of time.


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