I wanted to do something different. Yeah, I know plenty of these Organization XIII and Pokémon stories exist, but I wanted to write my own. I mostly got this idea from one of the most amazing fanfictions I have ever read; XIII Pokémon by PKAquaFlame. Plus, even after having an account for over a year, I have never published a crossover story yet. Well, I don't own Pokemon or Kingdom Hearts, but I really wish I was a Pokemon Trainer and owned Pokemon... Anyways, please enjoy!

He lied down on the sand, enjoying the beautiful summer day. He could feel the hot sun beating down upon his chest. The sand felt wonderful underneath his body. The waves of the ocean danced on the shore, gently stroking his feet. He put his arms underneath his head, and slowly drifted off to sleep, relaxed under the sun…

"Sora!" A girl called, waking him from his brief nap on the beach. Sora leaned up, reluctantly, looking at the source of the voice. The familiar girl with red hair reaching her shoulders made his face heat up from something other than the sun. Her eyes were light blue like the sky. Sora could watch her all day, and be fascinated. However, she didn't look too pleased right now. Sora moaned.

"Kairi, why did you wake me up?" Sora whined. "I was just beginning to go to sleep."

"For one thing, high tide is coming in an hour. I assume you don't want to drown." Kairi pointed out. "However, I need your help for something. I can't find Riku; can you help me?" Sora nodded, sitting up.

"Why do you need to find him?" Sora asked.

"He said he was going to be meeting me a half an hour ago. It isn't like Riku to be late." Kairi explained.

"Maybe he forgot?" Sora suggested. "Did you try his phone?"

"Yeah, but you know Riku; his phone is always off." Kairi pointed out. "I'm sure he didn't forget."

"What were you going to do?" Sora asked, slightly envious.

"Oh not much really…" Kairi muttered. "Riku just had something to give me." Sora was getting more suspicious; could it be Papaya fruit? Kairi laughed at Sora's facial expression. "He was giving me my hairbrush. His little sister needed to borrow it." Sora's face softened.

"Okay!" Sora grinned. "Let's find Riku!" He looked at Kairi for a second. "Are you sure he isn't still on the main island?"

"Maybe, but I don't think so. Riku doesn't like being on the main island very often." Kairi pointed out. They searched looked all around the island, having no luck. They asked Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie if they had seen Riku. All three of them hadn't.

"Well, there's one place we didn't check." Sora pointed out. "The cavern!"

"Why would Riku be there?" Kairi wondered. "I mean, we haven't used the cavern since our adventure two years ago."

"Don't know." Sora said. "But it's worth a look!" The two of them made their way to the cavern. On the wall in chalk was still Sora and Kairi's drawing of them sharing a Papaya fruit. That made Sora grin. At the end of the cavern, they both saw a familiar boy looking the other way. He was looking into the light.

"Hey Riku!" Sora called. "Why are you here? Kairi said that she was-" Riku turned around, revealing his face. Sora and Kairi both gasped. The face was a lot more grown up than
Riku's face. It was a familiar face that Sora had fought against various times. "Ansem." Sora sneered angrily. Riku/Ansem said nothing, simply grinning.

"What's going on?" Kairi whispered. Sora shrugged, but stared in shock. The light lit up the cavern. Sora screamed, suddenly feeling an intense pain. "Sora!" Kairi cried. Sora could feel himself splitting apart almost. He felt empty, as he hit the ground, unconscious.

He felt himself falling through the sky. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find out that he was literally falling through the sky, and it wasn't a dream. Surprised, he struggled to somehow stop his descent. However, he didn't have arms. He stared at the legs he was given. He had four brown legs that were awfully small. He felt a lot smaller than his usual self as a nobody.

"Oh my god, there's a Pokémon falling!" Someone shouted, as he came closer to the ground. Pokémon? What was that? He was very confused. Suddenly, a psychic force grabbed him, and descended him slowly to the ground. He hit the ground, and stood up, feeling extremely short.

"Are you okay?" Someone asked, rushing over to him. He stared at it. It had weird wings, and it resembled a moth. It was a lavender color; something he had never seen before.

"W-What are you?" He asked.

"Um…I'm a Venomoth…?" Venomoth said, confused. "Did you hit your head when you fell out of the sky?"

"I…" He was extremely puzzled. "What am I?"

"You're an Eevee of course!" Venomoth smiled. "Hey, you must have had a rough day. It isn't everyday you fall out of the sky." She chuckled. "Do you want me to bake you some cookies and milk? You can stay at my place if you want. You look pretty shaken up."

"Uh…sure…" He said, following her. They walked inside a building. Venomoth went into the kitchen, and started getting cookies and milk ready.

"Make yourself at home!" Venomoth said. "If you need the restroom, it's upstairs." He thanked her, and went upstairs to the bathroom. He was perplexed; why would a… Pokémon, he assumed was the word, need a bathroom? Walking inside the bathroom, he glanced at himself in the mirror, and nearly passed out. He had brown, dog-like ears. He had a furry neck and he had a tail. He had to admit, he looked kind of cute.

How did I transform into this thing…? He wondered. He thought about what he last remembered. He had formed one with Sora. They had become one whole person. But, why is Sora not here, and it's just him?

"Sora?" Roxas called, wondering if perhaps he was sharing the same experience. There was no response. Roxas sighed, walking back downstairs. He didn't know what was going on, but he assumed he would have to learn how to live as an Eevee. It was hard to get used to walking on four legs.

"Your cookies are ready!" Venomoth said cheerfully. Roxas had never known anyone who was that nice to him. All the people he knew were emotionless. Come to think of it, what happened to the other Organization members? Right after he thought the question, it came back to him; they were all dead, killed by Sora. Roxas didn't care about most of the Organization. He got along with a few of them, but only one of them actually mattered. Well, two, depending if Xion counted. Roxas remembered Axel's death, and it made him want to cry. Wait…Roxas wanted to cry? He had no emotions! Even more puzzled, Roxas decided to eat the cookies. He sat, the best he could, at the table, awaiting the cookies.

"…Thanks…" Roxas muttered, eating the cookies. "They're really good." Venomoth beamed.

"Oh, don't worry about it!" Venomoth smiled, sitting across the table from him. "Where are you from anyway?" Roxas didn't know how to reply to that.

"…Twilight Town." Roxas answered, not knowing what else to say.

"Sounds pretty! I've never heard of it before…" Venomoth said.

"Where are we now?" Roxas asked.

"We are in Uniceville!" Venomoth told him. It didn't sound familiar to Roxas.

"So…are we Pokémon?" Roxas asked, to confirm his suspicion. Venomoth stared at him, as if he was stupid.

"No duh!" Venomoth said. "We all are Pokémon."

"What about animals?" Roxas wondered aloud.

"What's an animal?" Venomoth wondered.

"It's…nothing." Roxas muttered. "I should get going. Thank you for the cookies." Venomoth smiled, as Roxas left her house. Roxas walked, unsure of where to go. As he continued walking through the city, he thought about everything. Why was he a Pokémon? Why wasn't he still with Sora? He remembered some memories being with Sora; seeing everyone from the Organization dying. Roxas had been slightly saddened by a few of the deaths, but only one really meant anything. Roxas could picture those familiar flames dancing around number VIII. That familiar, untrustworthy face, always with that mysterious and sly smirk… Roxas's eyes darkened. Before he could think about it longer, he felt himself bump into another Pokémon. "Ah, err, sorry." Roxas quickly apologized.

"That's quite alright." The Pokémon muttered. Roxas stepped back, looking at the Pokémon. It was a giant snowflake-like Pokémon with a face. "Is something the matter?" The Pokémon asked, looking up at Roxas.

"No, I'm fine." Roxas replied. "I'll be on my way."

"In the world of science, one learns that asking questions can lead you to an answer you have been searching for." The Pokémon said. Roxas paused.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Roxas asked.

"You seem perplexed. You're lost, wondering for an answer. You don't know what you are, I am safe to presume." Roxas nodded slowly.

"More or less…" Roxas admitted.

"You remind me of someone I knew in a far away land." The crystallized Pokémon faced Roxas. "In this world, they call me Cryogonal. Observations indicate that you are an Eevee. I have observed other Eevees as well."

"There are others like me?" Roxas asked.

"Precisely." Cryogonal answered. "Based on my observations, in this world of these mysterious beings known as Pokémon, there are many of one specific Pokémon. Certain Pokémon can evolve into a stronger Pokémon."

"What do you mean by your observations? Are you not from around here?" Roxas asked. "You mentioned another world…"

"Ah yes, I am not from around here." Cryogonal said. "If I told you my tale, I believe you would have a difficult time processing my story as reality."

"I've lived through some strange things." Roxas muttered. "I'm sure your story isn't as weird as mine." Cryogonal smirked, looking slightly odd.

"You share many attributes with a… acquaintance I had. Two acquaintances actually, since technically they were the same person. However, one was definitely less annoying." Roxas raised an eyebrow. This was more than a coincidence. He knew that Cryogonal had to have known him… could he have been a part of the Organization as well? Also, considering that he was a giant snowflake, there was only one option…

"Number IV?" Roxas asked.

"Not bad." Cryogonal smirked. "I suppose my hypothesis was correct, number XIII…Roxas."

"It's been a while, Vexen. You've been…"

"I was deceased, yes, I remember." Vexen snapped. "I was the first to go, wasn't I?"

"That's what I heard…" Roxas admitted.

"What became of Sora?" Vexen asked. Roxas explained everything that happened after Vexen's death, including everything about Sora and everyone's deaths. "Intriguing…" Vexen muttered.

"Why are you…alive? Why are we these Pokémon?" Roxas asked.

"That's a valid question." Vexen paused. "I can feel something in my chest; something I've never felt. I have a theory, but I don't know why…"

"What is it?" Roxas asked puzzled.

"As we, somehow, morphed into these Pokémon, we somehow gained…a heart." Vexen explained. "That's only a prediction however. I've heard about heartbeats before, and that is what I believe I can currently feel." Roxas thought for a second.

"I felt emotions before." Roxas whispered. "I felt…sadness…"

"What evoked this emotion?" Vexen asked.

"I remembered something…It doesn't matter." Roxas didn't want to talk about Axel's death. Suddenly, something occurred to him. If Vexen was alive somehow, didn't that mean the same for Axel…? A smile spread across Roxas's face.

"You're smiling." Vexen observed.

"Oh, I am?" Roxas asked, his smile evaporating.

"Evidently, a pleasant thought must have crossed your mind." Vexen said.

"Do you think the rest of the Organization has turned into these Pokémon also?" Roxas asked.

"Most likely. It would be peculiar if only we transformed." Vexen predicted. "The sky is darkening. We should find a place to stay until we can solve this puzzle."

"Where will we stay?" Roxas asked, following Vexen.

"I noticed a hotel around here." Vexen told him. "We could stay there for the night. I am currently unsure about how long we will be in this form." Roxas nodded, and followed Vexen to the hotel. At the desk, there was a Pokémon with a mouth on the back of it. Its body was yellow, and the head thing was black.

"How may I help you?" The receptionist asked.

"We'd like a room." Vexen said. Roxas suddenly realized how the receptionist could easily interpret that. Either Vexen didn't notice or he didn't care, since he didn't correct himself.

"Of course. That'll be Twenty Dollars." Roxas stared blankly at her. Dollars?

"Are you able to exchange munny for dollars?" Vexen asked.

"Munny?" The receptionist looked confused. "Wow, I've never heard of that before! I'll take it." Vexen pulled out five munnies. The receptionist smiled, and gave them their key card.

"Does five munnies convert into twenty dollars?" Roxas asked. An elevator arrived, and Roxas and Vexen both stepped inside.

"Nope. However, the receptionist doesn't need to know that." Vexen replied. He smirked. "That's what Luxord does, doesn't he? He rips people off, and keeps a straight face. Interesting…" There was silence between the two ex-Organization members; only hearing the sound of the ascending elevator. Reaching their floor, Vexen and Roxas stepped out, and went to their room. Luckily, there were two beds, so they each took one. Suddenly feeling exhausted, Roxas immediately crashed.

She kept running, running until she could stop. She was a mutant, a thing that shouldn't exist. The dark, foggy figure chased her, trying to put her into the nightmare. Although the nightmare she lived through was the only happy moments of her life, she didn't want to see that. She embraced who she was; one who shouldn't exist. However, she did, and she had to live with that burden. She knew what she was; a fake, simply a duplication. Once in her life, she understood herself. However, with these new changes made to herself that she herself caused, she was new, unknowing. As she dashed forward, she could see light in front of her; just a few more feet and… Darkness suddenly concealed her vision.

I know the ending may seem confusing. However, as the story progresses, everything will be explained. I hope you enjoyed. Action and drama will occur later in the story. Please review and favorite/alert!