Hey guys, I know author's notes are annoying, but this is actually important. I apologize immensely for not updating in ages. Yes, I have been in a Writer's Block since I last updated. I do not have much direction for this story. So, I will be discontinuing this story. However, don't worry! I will be rewriting this story as soon as I can. It might take a bit, since school is busy and I am in the middle of a lot of stories, but I assure you that it will come! Please alert to me so you can be notified for the rewrite! I do not know the name yet, but if you get a notification for a story being posted that is a Pokémon x Kingdom Hearts crossover, you'll know that it's the rewrite. I'll post a tentative preview. I hope you enjoy this, and on a side note, to all North American readers, enjoy Pokémon Black and White 2!

He turned his head swiftly, taking in everything around him. The world appeared larger, greatly dominating him in size. Humans walked by him, but they condescended over him. Yes, he had always been different from humans, but size was never any different. Where was he?

"Come along Eevee!" A voice called eagerly. It took him a while to realize that the voice was speaking to him. He looked up, to see a girl with familiar blonde hair that dropped below her shoulders. He felt like he knew her name, but for some reason, he couldn't place it.

Hopefully, this should be published soon! Please alert me to know when this is posted!