Perfect decadent cobalt eyes. I could drown in them. I look down at him, the sweet innocence I now possess as my own. He is perfect, an intoxicating presence, the purest soul in the world. I'm swallowed by his exotic gaze, intrigued and annoyed by the glowing of the seal in his left eye, a symbol of his contract with the crow. Even as a demon, with no need for human emotions or desires, it isn't hard for me to get caught up and indulge my very hunger for him. I have to take my time, and ensure that my plan works to the very end. He must feel at home with me, he must believe that I am the one he made the contract with.

I know Sebastian will do anything to get him back.

Ciel appears sleepy, and annoyed that there wasn't much of an agenda today. He's peering over the bed covers, clutching them to his chin, in an out-of-character childish manner he has never displayed to me before. I haven't had him for very long, but I am well aware of what his personality is like.

"Young Master, are you ready for sleep already? We haven't even fulfilled toni-"

Ciel reaches up and covers my mouth.

"D-don't. I know. I know, it's just..."

He looks away from me, and closes his eyes.

"D-Do we have to do this every night?"

He won't look at me at all.

"Of course, Young Master. Your contract with me, is very specific. In exchange for my services, you've agreed to give yourself, freely, to me."

He opens his eyes slowly, and looks back at me, giving me a determined glare. I know exactly what he's thinking. Ciel views everything as a task. He is extremely competitive, and must win at any cost. He views our so called "contract" the very same way. I love the look he's giving me. His attitude towards my former advances were downright annoyed, but upon learning that they are part of our contract, he's become more open to fulfilling his side of the deal. I sit down next to him on the bed, slipping off my gloves, folding them and setting them on the floor, where I fully intend to leave the rest of my clothing momentarily. I've noticed Ciel is very sensitive to any type of human interaction concerning intimate skin-on-skin contact with anyone other than a family member. He shivers as I touch his face with my bare hands, and shuts his eyes tightly. I can't help smiling, his expression is so delicate, but it's also deliberate; it's delicious.

I pull his hands off the bed covers and toss the covers aside, pulling his hands above his head. I begin kissing his face and down his neck. I pull back, just long enough to see the look on his face. He surprises me. His eyes are open and he's looking up at me. For a fraction of a second, I imagine Alois, instead of Ciel, lying beneath me. Their eyes were once the same. The fleeting moment passes and I forget all about that awful tainted blue, looking at the sparkling sapphire eyes before me. I begin kissing him again, working slowly down his neck to his chest moving my right hand down his chest and body, still holding his hands above his head with my left hand. I unbutton his night shirt and move down to lick his chest. I lick him slowly and nibble lightly with my teeth on his nipples, stroking and pinching one as I bite the other.


Ciel moans. I'm instantly hard. It's time. I remove the rest of my clothing quickly. He leans upward so that I can remove his nightshirt. I move over him and grab his wrists, he shivers.

"Hold your legs, here"

I pull his legs up and move them back towards his chest, and pull his hands underneath, forcing him to hold them up. I grab his ass and squeeze, feeling his soft, full flesh in my hands. He's warm, and I can't wait any longer. I grab my hard cock, and move in front of his hole, waiting. He closes his eyes and breathes out. That's my signal. I thrust in, deep, all the way in. He's so tight, and I can barley control myself.