As I feel his velvet gloves slip down my side, and across my stomach. The soft fabric on my skin makes me get a sudden chill, then that exciting tingle, like butterfly wings all over inside me.

He strokes my hard on. I try to move my hands, only to find myself bound and cuffed to the wall behind me. He continues to move his hands all over me. I'm getting even more excited. He moves faster. I'm moaning out loud and gasping for breathe by this point. I don't want him to stop, but it's hard to do this while we're standing. I feel him press his hips into mine, giving just the slightest thrust. My body automatically bends as I feel him press into me. He grabs my hips and thrust again. I want him. I feel him remove his hands from me slowly, sliding the velvet past my hips and onto his own body. I shiver. I hear him unzip his pants and I get the tingling sensation again.


"Young Master. Are you awake now? You were screaming, having a nightmare I would assume."

"Th-that...but you're not..."

"Oh no, young Master. You must be confused. I am your loyal servant. Your wish is my command. Please, don't be alarmed or frightened by such a mere dream. This is your reality; I am yours...and you are mine."

I think I remember this person; but then who is Claude, really?

"I am Sebastian."


Sebastian...yes that sounds right.'re my butler. A demon...

But then why am I handcuffed?"

"You were delirious young Master. Screaming, crying, and...other things..."

"How embarrassing..."

"It's quite alright. As long as you're aware of everything now, I'm sure it's fine to let you down. Ready?"


I feel him let me down slowly, carrying me. I realize I'm completely naked. Sebastian sits down, I can feel his hardening cock pressing into my hip, as he lays me over his lap.

"Young Master. I believe you need to be reminded of your true servant."

"I know what you're getting at. But if you're my servant, where do you get off giving me orders?!"

"Allow me to show you."

He grabs me, but somehow in a gentle manner. His soft gloves flutter over my chest. I feel him rub my nipples, not noticing until I look down that he's managed to turn me around on his lap, and set me upright, so that I am directly over his cock.

"I believe you know how to do the rest, Young Master?"

Without responding I place both hands on his crotch, rubbing slowly, feeling his hardness and warmth beneath me. I rub until his cock pops out of his unzipped pants. My job is easy now. I wrap my arms around his neck and shift my weight up to make sure I'm positioned perfectly over him. He takes the quick liberty of grabbing my hips and pressing down. I can't stop myself from making a vulgar loud moan as I feel his hot member enter me, stretching and pressing directly on my sweet spot.


"Oh. Young Master, do you remember already? How does it feel? "

He smiles and I feel him lick the side of my face.

"P-please don't..."

"Is that an order?"


"Then tell me what you want."

I feel him lift me up and then press down hard again, completely filling me.

"Don't cum inside me, Sebastian."

"Oh Young Master. How will I reward you?"

"A-aren't you doing enough?"

I start to breathe hard as he lifts up again and I wait for the filling sensation again. I feel Sebastian's cock on my entrance. He squeezes my ass and then my hips again.

"You can do the rest then, right?"

I hold on tight to his shoulders and I move myself down onto his stiff cock. I feel like I'm about to cum already. I don't waste time waiting for him to make another move. I use my weight to push myself up and then down again. I move as fast as I can up and down on his lap feeling him fill me over and over. I'm starting to lose it. I continue with my quick pace, resting my head on his shoulder as I move myself up and down. I can't control my breathing, or the moaning sounds. I stop quickly, feeling the tingling sensation overtake me. I shudder, pulling on his jacket tightly, making sure he knows I'm about to release.

"Sebastian I'm cumming!"

He grabs my hips and shoves me down hard closing the gap between us. I feel him fill me again and I cum all over him. He pulls me close to him and I hold onto him tightly before closing my eyes and falling asleep.