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"You never told me," said Connor to Cutter three weeks later, as they stood watching the rapid construction on what was becoming the Anomaly Research Centre. "About what happened inside the Permian anomaly. Exactly."

Cutter gave the younger man a rueful look. "That camp we discovered the first time around, it was actually ours. We'd created our own past. Ryan and his men were killed, and the predators all died. Helen... well, you know the rest."

Connor nodded, biting his lip. "Are you angry with him? Stephen?"

"He slept with my wife, Connor."

"That doesn't mean you're angry with him. We've seen him a lot since what you'd probably prefer me to call 'the incident', and you haven't even looked at him funnily."

Cutter raised his eyebrows, "He slept with my wife, Connor." he repeated.

The two men stood in silence, watching people hurring around with papars or replacing windows and railings. Claudia was scaling the platform overlooking the main room, talking to one of the builders.

"I know what you have been looking at, though." Connor pressed on, grinning, as he noticed the figure in Cutter's line of vision.

Cutter averted his gaze from Claudia, "What?"

"You know what I mean."

"Why do you insist on-"

"Ladies," Lester said, appearing behind them. "Unsurprisingly, setting up this operation has cost rather a lot, and in order to keep it going I do need some actual co-operation amongst every member of staff."

Cutter nodded. He gave Conner a pointed roll of his eyes and left, leaving the younger man at the mercy of Lester's temper.

"I should be..." Connor said, eyeing one of the other means of exit.

"Yes you should," Lester let him go with an emotionless smile. "And do stop trying to be the living version of Smooch-dot-com."

Connor chuckled, "Whoa! Who says I am?"

"Everybody, Connor," Lester sighed. "Now get back to work."

(I put the dot in Smooch-dot-com in words because every time I just typed the dot, the whole word didn't show up)

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