Summary: So, what if The Lion King 2 were to happen in a world more like our own? Takes place in the early twenty first century, in the city of Priderock, in America. Simba is the owner of a prestigious private academy known as PRSA. Kiara is the rebellious teenage daughter. Kovu is a badass kid from the trailer park. Zira is the poor drunk lioness left without a soul; only a drive for revenge.


the ultimate TLK2 anthro parody

Rated M for language, violence, and sex.

Disclaimer: I do not own the original Lion King characters. They are property of Disney.



It was late at night in the dead of winter. Zira was serving dinner to her three cubs: Nuka, who was four, Vitani, who was one, and Kovu, who was still an infant. They were just sitting down when the doorbell rang.

"Did you lock Daddy out again?" asked Nuka, in his cute voice.

"Stay here, Baby." said Zira getting up. Kovu started crying, so she grabbed him in her arms on her way.

Out the foyer window of their large house she could see red and blue lights flashing in the driveway. Zira nervously opened the door to find two cops standing on the porch. They looked grave.

"Zira, we need to talk to you." said one of them.

Zira nodded. "Come in." she said, "We were just eating, but I suppose I have a few minutes." she led the cops into the living room and motioned for them to sit down.

"Zira, are you married to Taka Farwell?"

" yet at least" replied Zira nervously, "I am his girlfriend and we are engaged...What's this all about?"

The cops paused for a second to confirm who would tell her.

"Zira...we regret to inform you that Taka is...dead."

"Oh my god!" Zira gasped in shock.

"It was either a murder or a suicide. But we have pretty conclusive evidence that it was a suicide."

Zira shook her head in disbelief. "There is no way! Oh my god! Scar would never..." she gulped, "He wouldn't commit...commit suicide!"

"We're sorry, Miss, but after all we've uncovered about your beloved Taka, we think he would have had good reason for suicide..."

Nuka walked into the room with a paw full of mashed meat loaf. "Who come over visit, Mommy?" he asked.

"Go! get out, Baby!" yelled Zira. "Mommy'll be back in a minute!"

Nuka stuffed some of the meatloaf into his mouth, spilling some onto the floor before returning to the kitchen.

"...Zira," said the cop, "We know this is all hard to take, and it's hard for us to tell...but Taka would have been in a lot of trouble. We think he killed himself because he knew it would have been life in jail for him. We've uncovered that he is, indeed, responsible for Mufasa's death. Yes, the conspiracy theories were all true. Simba was alive all this time. He has returned to Priderock. He has reclaimed his rightful position as owner of all Mufasa's administrations and businesses."

Zira shook her head, still refusing to believe them.

"Since this house now belongs to Simba, you will have to leave. We are giving you two weeks to pack out, find a new job, and get your life back in order."

Zira blinked back tears. "Get out." she snapped at them.

When the cops didn't move right away she raised her voice so that she was screaming "I said, get the fuck out of my house you bastards!"

"We will go, Miss." said the cop, maintaining his calm, "We are sorry to bring you such bad news. We will keep you informed of any updates." Both cops stood up and walked out. "Good night, Zira." said the other one.

Zira slammed the door on his back.

The young lioness went back into the living room. She set Kovu down on the floor before throwing herself onto the couch in a fit of tears and anger, pounding her fists on the cushions.

Nuka came over to her side. He noticed right away that she was crying.

"It okay, Mommy." he said, attempting to comfort her. "Daddy be home soon..."

Zira stood up. She shoved Nuka out of the way, enraged. She noticed a framed picture on the coffee table. It was one of her and Taka taken the day they had gotten engaged. Zira picked up the picture and threw it as hard as she could. The picture crashed into the huge mirror that was hanging above the fireplace. The mirror shattered into a million pieces before falling to the floor.

"Damn you, Simba!" she hissed. "I will kill you...If it's the last thing I do...I will destroy everything about you and your fucking life!"

Through her tears, Zira began singing a song she used to like.


Every thing in my life...


into despair...

Hate and pain...

No it won't be the same...

I'm sinking into a pit...

of rage...

I won't forgive...

I won't forget...

What you've done to me...

I will always resent...

Till the day you die...

I'll be after you...

I'll get my revenge...

if it's the last thing I do!

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