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"First Kakashi leaves me to the closet perv, and now I have a sadistic Ero-sennin wanting me to use its' chakra. No one believes in me..." Naruto growled as he closed his eyes, a single tear trailing down his right cheek, "I won't use Kyuubi's chakra. Not now. Not ever...Consider yourself 'fired' Ero-sennin...I'll train on my own!"

Leaping into the sky, the human-turned-dragon took flight, his large wings easily carrying him as he flew off, somewhere, or rather, anywhere he knew was quiet.

"I never put it together. NEVER! I'm an idiot! I'm a fucking idiot!" the Sage grumbled as he started pacing and berating himself, "It was right fucking in front of me and I never saw it! Shit!"

"WOULD YOU PLEASE LET ME IN ON YOUR SECRET?" bellowed the Hokage, his voice making the hidden ANBU quietly groan from the ringing ears they had.

Jiraiya stopped and looked at the man with dread on his face, "Sensei...Call me crazy but I think Minato was Salamander Hanzo's son."

He looked up at the sky and mused quietly, "So...the sun is setting and I can see less than four stars. That means, since it's the spring, it's almost dinner time..."

As if on cue, his stomach rumbled loudly and the blonde groaned as he held it before shivering again. He looked down and yipped before covering himself and examining the area, making sure no one had seen him in the nude. Satisfied, Naruto about faced and ran back towards the village, unaware of the small group shadowing him.

You have betrayed me, Danzo...after I constantly told you not to, fumed Hanzo with a scowl under his breather, Once my grandchild is secured, I will ensure one thing...The Root of Konoha will be weeded out before they are obliterated!


Naruto shivered as he walked through the ruins of Uzuoshigakure no Sato, the breeze from the nearby sea air doing the job of freezing him. The young blonde crossed his arms and rubbed his hands over his biceps in an effort to keep warm. His normal resilancy to the low temperatures in the evening wasn't attuned to the cool air that surrounded Uzu no Kuni. A chatter escaped his parted lips as he spoke to himself, "W-W-Why a-am I-I n-naked, a-anyway?"

"Well, normally the Ryuchi user has armor sealed in a tattoo on their skin," A voice answered Naruto's question with a chuckle. The blonde jumped and about faced, instinctively falling into a sloppy fighting stance. An amused orange haired man leaning on a large broadsword watched him with an arched brow. Waving his left hand, the orange haired man lazily offered a kindhearted, "Hello!"

"W-Who a-are y-you?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes. He froze when a cold, sharp edge pressed itself against his throat. The edge moved to rest on the underside of his jaw and tilted his head up. Blue eyes locked with rippled lavender ones and Naruto felt an overwhelming sense of anguish fill him.

"...He has Hanzo-sama's eyes," the owner of the rippled eyes noted with a monotonic voice. Naruto's eyes widened, not at the man's words, but the man's voice. It sad. A chuckle came from the orange haired man's location.

"O' course he does!" the Orange Haired Man chortled out, "He's the man's grandson, after all!"

Wh-What are they talking about? Naruto wondered curiously. A hand touched his forehead and Naruto felt his energy leave him involuntarily. A second later, the hand on his head removed itself and Naruto fell to his knees with a gasp. He felt, like he was gonna die!

"...Strange, his Ryu form has front limbs and they are separate from his wings," the Ripple-eyed Man said to the Orange Haired Man, "Hanzo-sama must be informed of this. His grandson's kekkei genkai has been mutated by an outside influence."

The Orange Haired Man's smile fell and he frowned as he lifted his large sword without strain before sheathing it to his back. Crossing his arms, the Orange Haired Man spoke again, "Do you think that war hawk did something?"

"Perhaps," Ripple-eyed Man replied quietly before he looked to the right. Naruto followed the man's gaze and his still recovering form froze. A very beautiful and angelic woman stood under a tree with large white wings made from...paper? Her hair was blue and cut short, and on the left side of her head was a white rose. She had a single stub piercing under her purple lips and one small silver earring on both of her ears. Over her greyish-amber eyes she had blue eye makeup.

Naruto knew he was blushing, and if her were honest, he really didn't care at the moment.

"We do not have long," the woman said with an equally heavenly voice that matched her appearance. Naruto was certain that he was now in the way was he really a dragon, and there was certainly no way that an angel (as that was the only logical description for the woman in question) stood before him. The woman looked down at him and smiled softly, "He seems to be entranced. I do have to say I'm flattered."

"Don't tell me I'm old news!" The Orange Haired Man said with a smirk, "Are you a cradle-robber? I could always Henge if you want me to."

The Angel sent him a glare, making him throw his hands up in a placating and surrendering manner. While this was going on, Naruto was looking back and forth between the two with furrowed brows. How did Orange Hair Man know the Angel, and why was he talking rudely to her?

"You guys act like your married or something..." Naruto mused aloud. An exasperated sigh was heard and the blonde swore that Ripple-eyed Man muttered, "Thank you!" as if he had been pointing that same thing out for years. Which, not that Naruto knew this, he had been.

The two in question now had red faces and looked at the boy, before looking at each other, and then quickly averting their attentions. The Orange Haired Man grinned and scratched the back of his head, "We're-We're not married! Uh, well...that is yet, anyway. Ow! Why'd ya hit me? What'd I say this time?"

"Baka..." Angel muttered before smiling down at the blonde, "I apologize for my...friend's antics. I'm still teaching him manners. My name is Konan."

Naruto blinked several times before giving a small smile. He was about to jump up and introduce himself when he remembered something. Blushing heavily, the blonde kept himself face-down on the ground before he mumbled out, "I'm Uzumaki Naruto...Can you please give me some pants?"

Konan sent a glare at the Orange Haired Man, who laughed nervously, before pulling a scroll out of his back pouch. The woman snatched it from her 'friend', unsealing the contents with a quick pulse of her chakra. In her hands was now a pair of grey slacks, a light wool shirt, combat sandals that were standard issue in Amegakure, and a grey cloak.

Placing the articles of clothing in front of the boy, Konan then grabbed the ears of her two acquaintances and dragged them out of direct sight into the brush, ignoring their whimpers and apologies. Naruto slowly looked up before sighing in relief and grabbing the clothes in front of him. The blonde pulled the slacks on, scowling when he saw that the legs were far too long for him. Rolling the legs up, he then pulled the combat sandals on before grabbing the shirt and cloak. The shirt was warm and comfortable, and the cloak helped with keeping the chills away.

Once he was presentable, the three adults reappeared and introduced themselves. Konan was still Konan, the Orange Haired Man was now known as Yahiko, but it was the Ripple-eyed Man who surprised him with his name, which was Uzumaki Nagato. Weird...

"So...are-are you my...?" his what? Father? Brother? ...Uncle?

"I may be a distant cousin," Nagato admitted with a shrug, "The Uzumaki family tree spread far and wide after our village's fall. That is a story for another time, though. Come. We must return to Hanzo-sama."

"Hanzo? Who's Hanzo? I gotta get back to Konoha, Jiji's probably really, really mad," Naruto muttered as he rubbed his arm. It was then he realized something. Reaching up to his head, Naruto's blue eyes widened as he failed to feel the familiar steel plate belonging to his headband.

"No...nonononono!" Naruto shot past the Ame Trio back to where he landed in an effort to find his headband. He clawed along the skid from his impact to find his most valued item. Tears were appearing in Naruto's eyes as he frantically searched for his headband.

"No! NO! Where is it? Where iS ITTT?" Naruto roared, sending debris flying over the cliffs of the island nation into the water. Falling to his hands and knees, Naruto shuddered as he realized he had lost his headband. The one gift he had gotten, the one piece of evidence that someone had acknowledged him as a person, was now gone.

Naruto couldn't help it: He cried.

Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko all shared an uneasy exchange as they watched their leader's heir burst into tears. They assumed he was looking for a headband when he couldn't find something around his head, but to cry over it was a bit much...right? Nagato took the initiative to get the blonde while Konan and Yahiko whispered amongst themselves.

"He said he was from Konoha, wasn't that where Jiraiya-sensei came from?" Yahiko asked. Konan nodded.

"Yes, but Nagato's parents were also killed by Konoha shinobi," she pointed out, " you think...?"

"Naruto's a lost brother? No way," Yahiko dismissed her guess, "Hanzo-sama's genes are more dominant than the Uzumaki gene. My guess is one of little Naruto's parents was an Uzumaki and the other was Hanzo's son. Besides, the kid's way too young to be related to the Crybaby."

"Please stop calling me that," Nagato groaned out as he approached with the now unconscious blonde in his arms, "Thanks for helping by the way. It appears that he's extremely attached to this...headband for some reason. I knocked him out with a forced-sleep seal."

Konan frowned, "That's not safe, you know how those work, right?"

Nagato faced his friend with a blank look, "Of course I know how the average sleep seals work. Those are not Uzumaki-made seals, though. He'll be fine. Nice and quiet for the journey home."

"If you say so," Konan replied unsurely before the three began their journey back home.

"Looks like two is your limit, Sasuke," Kakashi said with a sigh. He really hated teaching this kid sometimes. It was almost like training Naruto, but at least Sasuke had some potential. That blonde idiot, while smart at some times, was too...he didn't want to say 'bad', but Naruto wasn't his first choice. He was chosen because: A) he was a rival to Sasuke, and rivalries would keep pushing the Uchiha Heir; B) because it kept Team 7 in the 'balance' that Kakashi liked; and C) because it was more or less a way to repay his sensei.

Sasuke panted and growled, "I can go again!"

"That would be the dumbest thing you could ever do," Kakashi drawled, getting a glare from the younger boy. The jonin sighed and rubbed his one eye as he elaborated, "If you tried to force the technique, either one of two things will happen: First, the technique would work but you'd be unable to control it and thus ruins the purpose of the technique. Or, the technique would fail completely and you'd die because you strained your chakra coils and tenketsu too much. So for now: Stick with two. Now go rest, the finals are in a week and we're gonna finish up with going over your taijutsu."

Sasuke growled and went off to rest, leaving Kakashi to pull his book out and start reading. Before he could turn the page, the man sighed and put the book away. Turning around, he frowned when he came face to face with a scowling white haired shinobi, "Jiraiya-sama? What's wrong?"

"Aside from the fact you're teaching a genin the Chidori? What isn't wrong," Jiraiya asked. Kakashi lifted a finger and prepared to speak when he was cut off, "Save it, Hatake. Jinchuriki or not, that little pissant wouldn't win with or without it."

"You don't-" "Who's the expert here, Hatake?" Jiraiya countered with a smug smirk. Kakashi scowled under his mask before crossing his arms.

"Fine, what's your real reason for being here?" the man asked quite rudely. Sure, he loved Jiraiya's work, but damn the man got on his nerves, always looking down on him like he was a lesser ninja because he used Obito's eye. That and they argued over who should have trained Naruto when he first returned in the village, after seeing the crappy chakra control. It wasn't Kakashi's fault that Naruto didn't practice tree climbing...

"Not like you care, but I'd thought I should inform you that Naruto has gone M.I.A."

This made Kakashi's eye widen. Naruto...MIA?

"What do you mean, MIA?" Kakashi asked, his eye narrowing out of suspicion and poorly hidden concern. He still liked the boy, but like stated before, Naruto was not Kakashi's first choice for a student.

"I mean just that," Jiraiya said, "He's gone MIA. Just thought I should inform you because you're his Jonin sensei."

Ah, that's why he came out here! Condescending disapproval and suggesting that Kakashi was showing favoritism towards Sasuke. Time to nip that in the bud before the Gama Sennin pulls a fast one and makes Kakashi look bad.

"Alright, let me grab Sasuke and we'll-" "Oh, don't worry about it," Jiraiya interjected, "I've got the Toads on it."


"Just enjoy teaching your student, Kakashi," Jiraiya said before exploding in a poof of smoke. Despite himself, Kakashi's fist clenched and he growled.

Sending a Kage Bunshin...dammit! I should've seen that one coming! The jonin thought. Kakashi leaned back against a boulder and looked up at the sky, stewing over the Sanin's words silently before scowling under his mask. I'm not showing favoritism...I'm just...ensuring that Sasuke stays alive. Yeah, he's got a bigger problem than Naruto and I'm sure that the number one knuckleheaded Konoha-nin is just tucked away in his apartment planning a prank or something...yeah...

Naruto groaned as he awoke, a hand shooting to his head as he sat up on a strange yet comfortable piece of furniture. His eyes widened as he realized he was missing a vital object around his head, but before he could have another meltdown, Naruto remembered what had happened before he blacked out. Growling in anger, Naruto didn't know his eyes had become similar to those of his draconic form, slit pupils within two cerulean blue orbs.

"DAMMIT!" He exclaimed, fire spewing from his mouth at his loud, vocalized anger. Fanning the taste of the embers from his tongue, the blonde went wide eyed when he realized the edge of the bed he lay in was aflame. Before he could attempt to douse the fire, he heard a chuckle to his right.

Looking over, Naruto felt his jaw slacken as he saw what had to be the Yondaime Hokage standing in his doorway, only with broader shoulders and a taller frame.

And wrinkles?

"Hm. You've managed to unlock yol. Impressive, youngling, most impressive indeed," the older Yondaime look-alike praised before taking a small breath. He spoke quietly, before a chilled wind blew the fire out, "Fo..."

Naruto looked from the place where the fire was, before looking to the man with wide eyes, "WHOA! Who are you? Can you teach me how to do that?"

The man smiled, his eyes shutting, before he snapped his eyes open and solid golden orbs locked onto Naruto's own. Before the blonde's eyes, the man's clothing hardened and changed from light robes to a light brown, plated armor like that of heroes he had seen in children's books when he visited the Hokage as a child. The man smirked as he saw the gleam of want in Naruto's eyes, though as brief as it was, it was there nonetheless.

"Ah, to be able to show my armor and not worry," the Yondaime Look-Alike said with a chuckle, making Naruto look up, "This is my Ryuban Yoroi. I wear it at all times because I feel naked without it. It is made from my own bone and scales."

"Huh?" Naruto asked with a blink of his eyes. The YLA sighed and shook his head.

"Never mind, boy, I will explain it at another time," the man replied before giving him a small grin, "My name is Ryuko Hanzo, and I am the Amekage."

"A-Ame...kage?" Naruto repeated in uncertainty, furrowing his brows in an attempt to recall where he had heard the name. The blonde's blue eyes widened and he snapped his fingers in recognition, "Hey wait! You're the guy Nagato-san works for! Can you take me back to Konoha, Ryuko-sama? Huh? Please? I gotta get back before Jiji suspends me for...*sigh* losing my headband and temper..."

Hanzo blinked several times before scowling, "Who is this...'Jiji'?"

"Jiji's the Hokage, Ryuko-sama!" the blonde boy replied innocently and happily, "He's a nice guy, but he's getting too old for the job! So I gotta hurry up and get stronger so I can be Hokage!"

Hanzo's eye was twitching out of irritation. Danzo not only managed to keep his grandchild away from him, but Sarutobi Hiruzen was apparently in on this as well. Oh, Konoha would burn.

"I'm afraid that's not an option, boy," Hanzo replied, making Naruto's smile fall, "Your place is not within the walls of Konohagakure no Sato. Not anymore."

"W-What do you mean?" Naruto asked hesitantly, slowly sliding out of the bed and scanning the room as discreetly as he could. The older blonde had to repress a smile of amusement.

"I mean you are to remain in my village and become my heir," Hanzo said, getting Naruto to stare at him incredulously, "Yes. You and I both share the same DNA, the same blood within your veins first flowed through mine, and the Ryuchi kekkei genkai belongs to Ame!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed before he took in a lot of air and shouted, "NO!"

The blonde felt his eyes widen as the older man remained where he was, his armor unscathed and the look on his face being one of annoyance. Hanzo shook his head before he spoke again, a stern gleam in his eye as he did so, "Kaan drem ov!"

Suddenly, Naruto felt all desire to leave or fight for his 'freedom' vanish and he slumped forward, his hand shooting out to grab the edge of the bed and to keep on his feet. The blonde shinobi panted and looked up through now drooping eyes at the disappointed elder. Hanzo tisked in disapproval as he walked towards the drowsy blonde.

"If there's one thing I despise the most, it's disobedience. I will beat it into you if I must," he said, picking the preteen up around the waist and dropping him back in the bed, "I take no pleasure in this, Naruto-kun. But as your grandfather and superior, it is my duty to ensure my bloodline stays in my lands. Sleep well, mago. We have a lot of catching up to do in the morning..."

Before succumbing to whatever sleep-inducing genjutsu Hanzo had to have used, Naruto's last thoughts were: H-He's my...G-Grandfather?

Hanzo sighed sadly as he shut the door to his grandson's room. Of course the boy would be a least he wasn't a ROOT. The loyalty he showed was admirable, but if what Nagato said was true, there was something wrong with his grandson. Whether it was from his offspring's mother or the boy's other parent or even some other influence, Hanzo was unsure, but he did know one thing.

Things were going to get very, very loud in Ame no Kuni.

AN: Sorry it was shorter than the last chapter, but I didn't want to rush too much too fast. So, in case most of you hadn't noticed, Hanzo knows Thu'um. This is because I wanted him to be a very knowledgeable elder later on, someone Naruto could turn to when he was in need of advice. And Naruto's ability is purely basic, like when you first get the shout in Skyrim and randomly shoot it off whenever you want. Why? Because you have nothing better to do and it's fun.

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