Chapter 1

Note: I do not own Wallflower, written by Tomoko Hayakawa. The storyline however is mine.

Kyohei and Sunako have shared one of there most precious kisses to come. Sunako is stunned and is frozen from feeling Kyohei's warm and luscious lips. Kyohei pulls back to see the one he has confessed his love to. Tracing her beautiful face with his eyes, he waits for her response.


"Sunako?" Kyohei asks "Sunako...hellooo?"

Still nothing

"Oi, quit spacing off" he thumped her on the head.

His voice awoke her from her daze and soon thoughts rushed into her mind instantly. What happened? Did he just kiss me again? But why? What do I do?

"" Sunako stuttered looking up at him, catching his bright beautiful features, his round gazing eyes, his light brown hair, and warm and tender lips. He's gorgeous, Sunako thought. He's more radiant then the sun. After saying that things became uncomfortable, his looks began to beam at her. Bright...bright...bright.

"Br-...bri-..." she said

"Oh no, don't do that bright thing. If you head bump me, I'll pound you." Kyohei said

"I...need..." Sunako began to say.

"Hm? Ya, what do you need?" he said, leaning forward.

"I...need...Hiroshi-Kun!" she screamed and ran past Kyohei.

"Huh? Oi get back here, what do you need him for?" he said then sprinted after her.

Sunako raced across halls and around corners flying by as her cape fluttered after her. She was to fast she didn't realize she passed Yuki, who was on his way up to see how the "lovebirds" were doing.

"Oh, hey Sunako-chan," Yuki beamed, "what are you and Kyohei do-"


"ing?" he finished, "SUNAKO-CHAN WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Aww, never mind" Yuki pouted and turned as Kyohei was now around the corner and coming down the hallway, dashing after Sunako.

"Kyo-kyohei! What's wrong with Sunako-chan?" he yelled "Did you do something to her?"

Yuki sadly though didn't get his answer as Kyohei glided past him without a word, but turning around the other end of the hall Kyohei yelled:


"Whatever, haha those two are made for each other. Ooo I'm craving cookies!" Yuki trotted down happily.

Swiftly down the stairs, Sunako reached the entrance door and strongly pried the door open. Half way opened Sunako heard sounds and quickly looked to see Kyohei jump from the stairs and hit the floor hard losing his balance but at the same time he looked up to catch her gaze towards him.

"Where are you going anyways?" Kyohei winced while standing up.

Sunako frozen once more, staring at an injured Kyohei limping towards her, his face expressing anger. No...wait...not anger, his eyes showed another feeling. Hope. Loosening her grip on the doorknob, Sunako slowly inched herself towards him.

That's it, go to him, a voice in her head said. She desperately wanted to go along with it but there was another voice, more like a whisper, that told her to find Hiroshi-kun and find comfort alone.

"You didn't answer my question, Sunako" Kyohei's soft tone interrupted her thoughts. "Why are you running? Isn't this what you wanted? I confessed I like, no... I love you."

Tears again streamed down Sunako's face. Step by step, closer, she tried to speak but her voice wouldn't budge. It felt tight and she thought she was suffocating but hearing his soft voice somehow loosened the grasp and only inches away from each other she said:

"I...I didn't...mean to run. I guess I got a little scared."

"But why, tell me why," Kyohei's tone becoming annoyed and angry. He stopped himself, seeing Sunako beginning to panic.

"Because I like you" she said.

Those words quiet but still being able to here them, Kyohei's heart jumped and paced faster. He began to blush but couldn't turn or walk away because, first, he hurt his ankle, and second, he was afraid if he looked away she would be gone in a blink of an eye. Instead of looking away, Kyohei walked forward, his right foot dragging along. He made sure he stood in the shadows, so she couldn't use the bright delusion to run away again. Feeling her breath on his face, Kyohei looked at her.

Wrapping his arms around her and embracing her delicate body, he felt at ease. She allowed him to hold her for awhile, but soon Sunako became embarrassed and shy again, she began to pull away, but he didn't want to let go so he strength his grip around her.

" you let go" Sunako uttered, pushing against Kyohei's chest for release.

"I won't ever let go" he whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her body.

"Kyohei, what if Ranmaru or Takenaga see us, besides I need to go see-" Sunako's words were cut off by Kyohei's lips, pressed against her's passionately but with gentleness. At first she felt shaky but started to calm down and slowly Sunako raised her arms over his shoulders and awkwardly held them. Kyohei was surprised but paid no attention to the thought and enjoyed the sensation of their kiss.

Freeing each other for a gulp of fresh air Kyohei relaxed his grip but still held Sunako, caressing her head on his chest.

Sunako could hear his heart beating rapidly. It didn't surprise her as her's was doing the same thing. Nuzzling her head on his chest Kyohei tighten his arms, embracing her more. Sunako enjoyed the feeling but the feeling was beginning to slip away when…

"Kyohei," Sunako whispered.

"I'm here," he stroked her long black hair "You're my Sunako, my precious one (he repeated).

"Kyohei, I-"she said but more quietly.

"Your, mine"

"Mmmm" muffled a now smothered Sunako.

"Ya…" a happy Kyohei replied.

Then with a full thrust, Sunako punched Kyohei in the gut, and every last breath of his leaving his body.

"UH!" Kyohei fell to the ground with Sunako standing above him shielding herself in her cape.

*cough, cough* "Why the,*cough * hell did you *cough, cough * do that for?" he choked out.

"Uh…um…I tried to tell you I couldn't breath" Sunako spoke nervously under her cape.

"You didn't have to knock the wind out of me, baka"

"Sor- sorry"

"Wait until I catch my breath, then you'll get it" Kyohei said.

Sunako realized that when he'd get up, she'd have to deal with the hugs and kisses again, though she didn't mind them, she just couldn't handle anymore of it. It was too much in a day.

"I, uh, got to go bye!" Sunako dashed outside the door to go see Hiroshi-kun.

"O-,oi, wait!" Kyohei yelled still sitting on the ground. "Man, what a nuisance." He muttered under his breath, sprawled on the ground, closing his eyes and thinking about his chaotic day so far.

Then something heavy leaned on him, and pecked him on the mouth. Kyohei opened his eye's to see who, when the person bolted out the door.

"…YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE!" Yuki hopped out behind the kitchen counter and munching on rabbit shaped cookies. "It's just a like a comedy slash horror slash romantic movie."

"Shut it, or I'll beat you to a pulp." Kyohei said.

"Ahh, Kyohei why do you got to be so mean" Yuki moped.

Though he didn't see their face, he did manage so see that pure black cape disappear outside the door, knowing who it belonged to, and it made him glow inside more then out.

This is my first fan fiction story. Enjoy!