Chapter 3


Note: I do not own Wallflower, written by Tomoko Hayakawa. Storyline is mine.

"Kyo!" Hideyoshi beamed, "How've you been man?"

"Hideyoshi," Kyohei said with a whisper.

"Yep it's me, hehe." Hideyoshi looked confused; it wasn't the response he was looking for.

"Hide…yoshi," Kyohei said again.

"Ya, okay then," Hideyoshi pushed Kyohei aside and plopped himself on the sofa.

Still frozen from surprise, Kyohei started to think about why Hideyoshi was there. Why is he here? I bet he ran out of money again or he's running from somebody? Same old Hideyoshi, never growing up.

"So I heard you scored a sweet place to live in, no joke this place is huge! You've been living it big, huh? So whose the hag your with to get this baby, hm?" Hideyoshi questioned. Seeing there wasn't any response, Hideyoshi said, "Yo, Kyo are you going to stand in the doorway forever, or are you going to say hi to your best bud?".

"What? Um, baka of course not, it's good to see you again", Kyohei lied.

"Ya your right, sooo what have you been doing lately?" He stood up and headed for the dining room.

Kyohei thought, there he goes, snooping around probably cozying up to the plac- retracting his early plans, he remembered he was having dinner with Sunako and rushed to stand right in front of his childhood friend. Peering around, to his surprise Sunako wasn't sitting at the table. I bet she went to the kitchen.

"Um, uh, there isn't anything in there, how about we just relax on the couch and talk about what we have been up to." Kyohei nervously said though he was trying to sound confident and tough.

"You know what your right, why not. Yo, I have this insane story about this one time when I was with this old one (lady) who wanted me to dress up-"

"Ya, ya, I bet it was, um hold that thought I have to go to the kitchen" Kyohei tried to say casually.

"Why, I'm fine, I mean I know I'm great looking but you don't have to serve me yet, sir" Hideyoshi said greatly.

I've seen this before, he reminds me of Ranmaru.

"That's not the point, I have to go tell Sun-" Kyohei stopped himself, amazed he forgot what he was doing.

Dammit, Kyohei. You almost slipped. He can't find out about Sunako. Keep quiet until he leaves.

"Sun? Whose Sun?" Hideyoshi caught Kyohei's mishap.

"Uh, um, she- I mean he is…my…cook! Ya my cook, and he's prepared a meal for me so let me go tell him to stop cooking and go out for awhile, so…we can hang, ya!" Kyohei lied through his teeth.

"Wow really, that's amazing! Can I see hi-"

"No! I mean he's really busy and hates to be disturbed, let me go tell him to go ahead and leave." Kyohei said swiftly.

Close to the kitchen, a knock came from the entrance door. BAKA! Who can that be! Kyohei thought.

Hideyoshi, already standing walked to the door and opened it to find three girls, all dressed in bright clothes, their faces drenched with makeup, squeal with excitement but to there dissatisfaction it wasn't their "love" at the door.

"Hello ladies!" Hideyoshi showed his best smile.

"Oh, is Kyohei here?" the middle girl asked, she wore a feathered jacket, black tights, and heels so high, other women wouldn't understand how she could walk.

"Um, ya, but he's busy-"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE," all three squealed once again.

"Can I- I mean we see him", lefty said, her face looked like it was stretched out from her hair being pulled back in a giant ponytail.

"Ya can we?" the last and somewhat decent one said. The pink she wore made her look innocent…and vulnerable, Hideyoshi thought.

"Sure, let me get him for you," displaying a grin on his face.

Seconds later Kyohei finally appeared in the doorway and all hell broke loose. Thinking he could have handled just three girls, he missed understood their strength. When appearing in front them, two girls leaped to each of his sides while the third embraced him from the front, all asking him out to places he's never heard of.

"Wait, what, ah let go of me!" Kyohei ordered. He couldn't understand why he wasn't able to resist these schoolgirls' grips. Probably because he was distracted about getting Sunako out of here before Hideyoshi finds her.

"Hah, Sunak- I mean Sun," Kyohei gasped.

"Oh ya, don't worry I can go tell him, you just stay here and keep these pretty little ladies occupied until I come back, then we can go on a group date." Hideyoshi flashed a smile.

"EEEEEEEEE," again the girls shrieked, "a date with Kyohei, ahhh this is the best day ever!" high heels shouted.

"Wait, no, Hideyoshi! No don't go in there," Kyohei's stomach was flipping, he felt restraint once again, the feeling that he couldn't protect Sunako for what was about to come if Hideyoshi saw her.

Sunako watched Kyohei dash from the table into the living room. Deciding this was her chance; she leaped from her chair and sprinted in the kitchen. She crouched behind the counter and flipped her cell out. She only knew one person to call.

"Yes, Sunako-chan?" Yuki sounded a bit disappointed, possibly from the fact that Sunako called within an hour distance from there last conversation.

"Oh, sorry for calling, I just…I…um" Sunako stuttered.

"Yes, what is it? It's ok Takenaga and them aren't around, they went with Takeru to get some ice cream."

"I just wanted to call and say things are going okay here, but are you guys going to eat out or do you want me to make you guys dinner-" Sunako blabbered.

"Never mind us, we'll go out for sushi, you just focus on your date!" Yuki said happily.

"Date! Oh, um ya a date."

"Okay bye-bye…aww I said I wanted chocolate not vanilla," Yuki said on the other line.

Hmph! Okay Sunako Nakahara, you can do this, she thought. Standing in a champion stance, Sunako had an idea. Yuki and them are having ice cream, maybe I should make desert.

"Um, let's see maybe we have something sweet. I should have bought something sweet for dessert. Oh, no," Sunako said nervously.

While searching for the ingredients for dessert Sunako heard the door knock again.

Who could be here again? More radiant creatures! She thought, No stay out! She ducked behind the cabinets. A minute or so she heard footsteps, and to her relief it was just the footsteps of one person. Relaxing and adjusting herself, Sunako popped up from behind the counter and challenged herself to stare into the eyes of the one she cared most about. Finding the radiant creatures eyes she realized it wasn't her Kyohei but someone completely opposite of him.

"Oh hello, who are you?" Hideyoshi asked.

"I'm Sunako, uh, Sunako Nakahara," she bowed her head to block her face.

"Sun..ako?" Hideyoshi was confused but then caught on to what was happening, "Sunako, oh alright, well Sunako would you like to hear something?" Hideyoshi walked to the counter and leaned over, his face a couple feet away from hers.

"Uh, um, ok," she stuttered.

"I can honestly say you do look like a cook, in fact, one that dresses uniquely but you…are not…a guy." He flashed his best smile once more, but Sunako was able catch something behind his smile; something that was wicked, and not in a good way.

Kyohei realized Hideyoshi wasn't back and he wasn't coming back, so with his full strength and releasing all his anger on them Kyohei pushed and yelled at all three of them.

"LET GO OF ME, AND GET LOST!" His arms and body were free.

"Aww Kyohei, please don't be like that" stretched face said, she leaped for his arm again but was disappointed when he blocked her grip.

"Nuh uh, not again, so why don't you…LOOK WHAT'S THAT!" Kyohei pointed in the sky. Looking down he saw all three heads turn around and looking up. He slowly and quietly closed the door.

"What is it a plane or a GIANT BIRD! Eeeeee! I hope not," Pinky said. Seeing nothing in the sky they turned their attention back to their prince but instead saw a wooden wall that was their gateway to him.

Kyohei leaned against the door to hear if they were still there, but with satisfaction he heard the school girls arguing about who should have kept and eye on him or they wouldn't have left without their prince.

Dashing through the dining room bumping the table, Kyohei knocked over glasses off the table but caught them quickly, his movement fast paced so he can get to the kitchen faster. Reaching his destination, Kyohei caught the sight of Hideyoshi leaning across the counter his face near Sunako's whispering to her gently about something. Before he could jump in, Yuki, Takenaga, and Ranmaru (holding a bouncy Takeru) emerged in the back door. They thought if they took the back way then they couldn't have possibly interrupted the date in the dining room, to their fault the date had already ended.

The joyful quartet saw Kyohei's frame turn from confusion to jealousy, and traced there eyes to the reason. Who's that in front of Sunako? Everyone thought.

"Well I think things just got interesting don't you think Sunako Nakahara?" Hideyoshi questioned.

"Uh, uh, sure." Sunako replied.

Kyohei, forgetting his plan, lost his temper and marched right next to Sunako grabbing her from the side while facing Hideyoshi. Keeping her close, Kyohei said harshly, "What are you doing with my Sunako?"

Sorry, I know it's been a veerrry long time since I wrote something, but what can you say summers are quiet busy. Here's the next chapter hope you enjoy it!