Summary: a drabble about Ten recalling Donna.

Disclaimer: I borrowed them and then put them back immediately.

A/N: written in response to the Travellers' Tales prompt #62 – 'recall' at doctor_donna.

A/N2: I've not felt like writing lately, so this will hopefully ease me back in.

Just Someone


He looked up and gasped. She was there, standing like a ghost from his past, as if she could see right into his soul. He knew she couldn't; not without touching him.

And like a ghost, she glided along as she walked towards him; almost as though her feet hadn't made contact with the ground. A weird sensation crept through him as he watched in stunned silence.

Only at the very last moment, at the point when she drew level with him, did she attempt to speak to him. It was a soft voice devoid of accusations that reached his ears. "You tried, Doctor, and you failed," she said.

"Donna! Come back to me!" he cried out in vain as she faded away.

It was only when he woke up that he recalled why she would never be able to come back; and only then did he allow the tears to fall.