A/N: Inspired by Pilko95's 'Letters To The Doctor', these are the letters Prim wrote to Katniss while she was in the Games.

Dear Katniss,

In school today, we learned about people who wrote letters for no reason other than to vent out anger. It seemed like a good idea, and there's nobody here now who I can confide in. Except Buttercup. But as you always say, he's just a cat. He won't listen.

I. . . I miss you already. It's only been a day. We - me and mother - watched the bloodbath. Both you and Peeta survived, which is obviously good, but. . . now that means we have to watch you do well. I know you will. Now we have to watch you do well, for it to maybe be a waste.

I know I asked you to try and win, and I'm never going to stop hoping you will, but there's always the chance, isn't there?

Your little duck,


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