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Dear Katniss,

I'm doing what you said, milking Lady and selling her cheese. But it's tight. Gale still brings game, to make sure we don't starve, he says. He's struggling too, like us. Not without a hunting partner, but I think he feels lonely. You two have always had eachother, and now you've been thrown into this. The news bulletin before the Games today told us about a riot in District 11, just after Rue had died. Please, please, be careful. President Snow won't like it.

I'm so glad you and Peeta are ok. I thought we might lose you both. I know I have to have faith, but it was so close. Peeta's leg, and what happened with Clove. I was sure that was it, but thankfully it wasn't. . . I'm glad you stayed strong. But you have to continue. When you wake up, I'm sure there will be anough medicine for the cut on your eye. Just please, stay strong until then.

You're nearly there,


I'm not sure whether or not the riot after Rue's death happened in the book, but I loved it in the film and had to encorporate it here.

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