Author's Note: More Roy/Jade from me. This is probably going to be a chapter fic, and hopefully I'll be able to update it fairly frequently. First chapter is a bit short, but the next few will be longer. I was inspired to write this by Mat Kearney's song Sooner or Later which is one of—in my opinion—the best song's ever written. You should definitely listen to the song, because honestly, it's fantastic. Anyways this fic is partially dedicated to Omnipots, my tumblr lover and soulmate 3

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Chapter One: Discovery

Jade felt sick to her stomach. The white walls of her dingy little apartment's bathroom were starting to spin. Her head started to pound as thoughts of her now very bleak looking future filled her mind.

Her breaths came in short gasps as she slid, back against the wall, down to the floor.

She now knew that her death was imminent. She would be dead in a matter of months. She was so dead that picturing herself with cold, pale skin and lifeless eyes wasn't even an issue.

Oh god, she thought, closing her eyes.

That little pink plus sign, on that stupid white stick said everything.


There was really only one thing that Roy hated about having a double life.

And it was the fact that he had to do something other than patrol Star City. Of course, Roy had to keep up appearances in order to maintain his secret identity. It simply wouldn't do to see the adopted son of billionaire Olive Queen, staying holed up in his penthouse apartment for the entirety of his life. It just didn't make sense to those god awful press people.

Hence the reason, that Roy had a job working at Queen Industries—he only showed up twice a week, if that—courtesy of Ollie. And it was also the reason that he was currently attending some old bitty socialite's birthday party.

Roy could see Oliver standing across the room from him and gave him and Dinah a slight wave.

He inhaled slowly through his nose. God this is pointless.

And before he could stop himself, Roy was pulling out his phone and dialing her number.

Turning away from the crowd as it rang, he waited until:

"It's Jade. Leave a message and if you're lucky, I'll call you back."

Roy furrowed his brows, hanging up. She usually always answered the phone when he called. And it had been quite some time since she'd come over.

Roy hoped she was okay.

Jade was so not okay.

She was still locked in the bathroom, sitting on the floor, hyperventilating. She knew she was acting crazy, but maybe that was just her hormones.

Dear God, she moaned, letting her head fall back against the bathroom wall. She was already starting to sound like a pregnant woman.

She had to do something. She couldn't just sit here forever. She knew what the consequences would be for her if the Shadows found out.

She had to get rid of it. She would go tomorrow, Jade decided.

Too many unreturned phone calls and almost three days later, Roy still hadn't heard from Jade. And he was starting to get worried.

Roy was used to usual check ins from Jade, sort of a little courtesy to let him know that, yeah she was still alive. It didn't have to be a call, it could've been just a text, or an email. Hell even a cryptic not on the fridge would've worked for him.

But he'd heard absolutely nothing from her. And in their line of business that was definitely not good.

He sent her a quick text to let her know he was on his way, before setting off for Jade's apartment in downtown Star City.

Jade couldn't understand why this was so difficult. She was currently seated outside of the Women's Health Clinic, simply staring at the door.

She'd seen countless women come in and out of the place, since she'd been sitting there.

She didn't understand why she couldn't just go in there and do it. Jade had killed before, and by her definition, that thing inside of her stomach wasn't really a kid yet. So it wasn't technically murder.


Jade sighed, wondering why the hell she felt so awful about this. She had come to this stupid clinic every day for the past three days and just sat, watching the door. She hadn't found the courage to go in, for some strange reason.

No, she amended, it wasn't for just some strange reason. It was definitely because Roy had left her several voicemails inquiring about her over the past three days.

Roy deserved to know. He really did. But for Jade, saying it out loud would make it real. And she couldn't deal with that.

Her solution? Avoid him at all costs.

Unfortunately, she realized as she looked up at the approaching footsteps, avoiding the ginger-haired archer was going to be next to impossible.

When Roy had arrived at Jade's apartment, he'd found it empty. Which, he relented, it usually was. The few times he'd stopped by to return the odd article of clothing, or earring left behind—any excuse to see her again—she'd never been home.

But considering he hadn't seen or heard from her in three days, it worried him slightly. And, maybe, just maybe, finally activating the GPS tracker he'd put in her phone, was a little bit creepy…

But when he stepped out of his car and found Jade sitting on a bench outside a women's clinic, her eyes red from what looked like lack of sleep and—had she been crying?—Roy was glad that he had found her.


The mere sound of his voice made her flinch. She didn't dare look at him, for fear of seeing something that would push her over the edge. Rage or disgust, maybe.


She closed her eyes, willing herself not to break down completely. She couldn't, she wouldn't. Not in front of him.


The ginger-haired archer knelt down in front of her, placing a hand on her knee. She recoiled, almost as if it had burned her, and Roy furrowed his brows.

"What's going on? Where have you been? And why—"

"Isn't it obvious what's going on?" she snarled, glancing furtively at the door to the women's clinic.

"I—" Roy exhaled and knelt down in front of her. "Just tell me what's going on Jade. I've never seen you so—"

"If you know what's good for you, you won't finish that sentence," Jade snarled, glaring as his hand sought out the top of her thigh.

"What are you—" he glanced at the door and back to her "—doing here?"

Jade swallowed and folder her arms. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

Roy narrowed his eyes and gripped her hand in his. "Jade. Whatever it is. I can handle it. Come on."

"Fine," Jade snapped. "I'm here to get an abortion. I'm pregnant with your child Roy."