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Chapter Two: Okay

Roy felt like he'd just been hit by a bus, trampled by it and left with the tire stabbing him in the gut, robbing him of all of his oxygen. The ground beneath him suddenly didn't feel all that stable, and he was certain that he'd misunderstood what Jade had just said to him. Because there was no way in hell that she could be pregnant. It was completely outside the realm of possibility, so far outside in fact, that Roy would have bet money on it. Because they were always careful, had always used a condom despite the fact that Jade was on birth control.

He swallowed, his mouth feeling dry. "Um… did you just say…pre—"

"Yes, pregnant, Roy," Jade sneered, yanking her hand out of his. "As in with child, knocked up, expecting, I have a bun in the oven. Whatever the hell you want to call it."

So he hadn't misheard then.

Oh god, Roy thought miserably. Ollie was going to kill him for sure—after Dinah castrated him of course. This was going to be a disaster, one that Roy would never be able to live down. What would the team think? They didn't even know that he was associating with Cheshire, and no doubt once they found out what he'd done, he'd really be in for it. How would the League react? Would they force him to leave Cheshire, put her in a prison? There were so many things that could go very, very wrong if anyone found out.

"But. . .how?" Roy managed to get out.

He just couldn't comprehend it, a baby, him being a father, Jade being a mother. It just didn't seem quite right, looking at Jade, imagining her with a baby in her arms rather than a sai in her grasp. She was many things—incredibly sexy, mysterious, sometimes ruthless, stubborn, amazing in bed—but motherly wasn't one of them.

"I don't know, okay?" Jade snapped, sounding incredibly angry and scared—maybe—as her voice cracked. "But it doesn't matter because I'm getting rid of it."

Roy's head snapped up, recognizing the unnatural tone of hurt in her voice. He'd never heard her sound so dejected, look so scared in her life—hell, he'd never even gotten this much emotion out of her. Jade was always so closed off, so hard to read, which had made it hard for Roy to actually feel something other than lust for her.

But right now, Roy felt a lot of things towards Jade Nguyen that he wasn't accustomed to feeling. He had been worried about her before after not hearing from her for days, and now he realized it had been justified. He was worried, confused, angry, but also a part of him was feeling sorry for her. She didn't look anything like the cocky, playful assassin he had chosen to share his bed with; no, right now, she looked like a scared nineteen year old girl who had just found out something earth shattering.

He needed to try a different tactic. Asshole Roy Harper wasn't going to get anywhere at that moment.

"Hey," he said softly, and squeezed her thigh gently, hoping to get her to look at him. "Chesh. Look at me. Please." She finally turned her attention towards him and he tried to smile at her reassuringly. "I'm not angry, okay? I mean, I'm confused, sure. But I don't think this—" he gestured to the abortion clinic, "—is the answer. So let's just—"

"It's not your choice."

"—go home and talk about this," he finished, ignoring previous statement.

"It's not your choice," Jade repeated after a moment of silence. Was he even listening to her? Did he want to listen to her?

Roy's expression seemed to darken. "It may not be completely my choice, but I do have a say in it."

Jade shook her head and stood up from the bench, gesturing wildly with her hands at nothing in particular. She was just so angry and—although she wouldn't admit it—scared. This was quite possibly the worst case scenario of all the earth shattering scenarios she had imagined when making the decision to stay with Roy.

She couldn't have a baby. She just couldn't. There was no possible way for her to stay pregnant, give birth, and raise a child. She didn't want to, and even if she could, it would be a complete disaster. The Shadows were going to have her head if they ever found out about her little indiscretion. Or worse, they'd capture Roy and torture him, make her watch until they finally killed him, make her suffer until she reached her breaking point and would beg for them to end her life.

And what was worse, she couldn't even tell the father of her child that she had developed something akin to romantic feelings for him. He could never know that her decision to abort the pregnancy was protecting him as well.

"You have no idea what I'm up against," Jade said, keeping her voice low. "The League of Shadows do not tolerate traitors. Or washed up and pregnant assassins." She locked gazes with him. "Do you understand?"

Roy stood up then, a determined look on his face as he grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. "We can fight them Jade, run away, disappear and—"

"You think it's that easy don't you," she hissed, her tone acidic. She roughly ripped his hands from her shoulders and turned away, folding her arms. "You think it's that easy to just give the most comprehensive assassination network in the world the slip. Well guess what, Harper? It isn't. Because if it was, I would've gotten myself out a long time ago."

"There has to be some way," Roy said, his tone sounding no less determined, "between the two of us we can figure something out. And we have time Jade—we have at least a few months before you start—" he paused to swallow "—showing. Just please don't do this today. Let's just go home and—"

"You may have a little less time than you think, Arrow."

Sportsmaster, he thought, his upper lip curling in disgust.

Roy whipped his head around, quickly stepping in front of Jade out of instinct. The thought that she was carrying his child now automatically made him feel more protective of her. And now with the sudden appearance of her father, he knew that he couldn't count on him to think of her safety.

"I don't recall opting to make this a family gathering," Jade drawled, stepping out from behind Roy.

"Jade—" Roy warned, putting an arm out to stop her.

Sportsmaster's expression turned from taunting to disgusting in a millisecond. "Hands off of my daughter, Arrow," he growled. "I think you've done enough."

Underneath his grip on her shoulder, he could feel Jade's body tensing. "Leave now," she snarled at him, "and I may consider letting you live."

Sportsmaster chuckled and took a step towards them, and Roy immediately compensated for the movement. Lawrence Crock was a psychotic, cold-blooded killer, and Roy couldn't be certain that he was above maiming his own daughter, especially if he deduced why they were standing outside of a women's health clinic.

"Jade, are you really going to deny me the pleasure of one day getting to see my grandchild?" he asked, grinning sadistically.

It took all the strength Roy had to stand his ground and not reach forward to wipe that shit-eating grin off of his face.

"This is none of your business," Roy snarled, clenching his fists tightly to quell the urge to make the first strike. "So leave. Before I get tired of this and force you to leave."

He wouldn't be the one to start the inevitable chaos that followed when you tangled with Sportsmaster. It wasn't the place or the time, especially when Roy thought about how Jade was much more vulnerable to an attack because of her condition. Anything that happened to her could affect the baby, and even if Jade was dead set on getting rid of it, Roy was going to fight it.

"Kid, I'd like to see you try," Sportsmaster snorted easily, his eyes darting between Roy and Jade. His eyes flickered down to Roy's clenched fist and the older man's lip curled up slightly. "Relax, Arrow. I didn't come here to fight."

"Like I've never heard that before," Jade said blackly, folding her arms. "But I'll humor you, Pops. What is it you want?"

"To help you," he answered quickly and Roy couldn't help the short, bark of laughter that bubbled its way to the surface.

"You don't help anyone unless there's something in it for you," Roy said, his eyes narrowed.

Sportsmaster grinned slightly, his lips curling up to reveal just a sliver of his pearly whites. "This is a unique situation," he spared a pointed glance towards Jade's stomach, before reaching around to grab something from behind his back.

Roy's first thought was that Sporstmaster was reaching for a gun, and he immediately burst into action, launching himself towards the older man, knocking him to the ground.

"Idiot," Sportsmaster growled, placing his hand on Roy's chest and shoving. Roy hit the ground a few feet away with a loud thump. "I was reaching for a package."

With a sigh, Jade reached down and grasped Roy's hand as he got up from the ground—grumbling about it of course—although Roy did not release his grip on her hand, even as she tried to pull away.

Sportsmaster shot Roy a glare as he reached again behind him and pulled out a yellow, manila envelope. "Here," he tossed it to Jade.

She eyed it suspiciously, felt around the edges of the package and glanced up at her father. "Is this what I think it is?"

He nodded, his expression solemn.

She tossed it back to him, wrenching her hand back as if she had been burned. "Not necessary," she said, her eyes flitting back to the women's health clinic.

Sportsmaster frowned and threw it back, only this time Jade let it fall to the floor, her expression unchanging. Roy, confused by the exchange reached down and picked it up.

"What is this?" he asked, looking at Jade.

"A brand new identity for me," Jade explained, her eyes still trained on her father, "which would be necessary if I were planning on trying to evade the Shadows for some reason or another. However," she growled through her teeth, "I'm not keeping it so I'm in absolutely no danger from my employer."

"They know, Jade," he insisted and she widened her eyes.

"They can't," she countered. "I covered my tracks."

"Not well enough, Little Girl," he shrugged. "Now take it. You don't have time—" he nodded towards the clinic, "—for that. Shadows are already inbound to this location."

Roy's head snapped up at that, despite his lingering suspicion towards Sportsmaster. He seemed to genuinely want to help them, which was completely out of character for someone like him. For all they knew, he could've been the one who tipped the Shadows off about their relationship.

But Roy wasn't willing to take a chance if the Shadows were already en route.

"That's not—" she started to argue, but Roy silenced her.


"We can't trust him," she ground out, her eyes flashing as she turned towards Roy. "We don't know if he's telling the truth."

"We can't take—"

Sportsmaster slowly began to back away from the couple silently. Roy turned his head to observe and caught the older man mouthing the words, make her. Make her? As in make her go with him?

"—that chance," he finished lamely, as Sportsmaster disappeared from sight.

"Roy it's my father," Jade insisted. "He can't be trusted."

"We can't take the chance Jade," he said harshly, closing his hand around her wrist in an iron grip. She opened her mouth about to protest, but Roy cut her off, by pulling her close so that their faces were just a few inches away. "I know you think you know what you want to do about our. . .situation. But we're not making this decision here or now. Especially not when the League of Shadows could have a price on your head."

He started pulling her towards his car, and he was at least partially placated by the fact that she wasn't attempting to break free.

"I am not taking that chance with you."