Disclaimer: These characters belong to S. Meyer; I just use them for my vivid imagination on the short bus.

All chapters are pre-written. All mistakes are my own, there are no beta's doing miraculous editing.

It seems that some of my greatest ideas appear during the bath time. There's just something about bubble bath, rubber duckies, and water that bring out the ideas in me. Therefore, I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I have during writing it. The entire thing is pre-written, so you won't have to wait around for too long for updates.

Chapters will get longer, I promise!

Please enjoy!


August 12, 1996

Dear Bean;

The joyous news of was given to us today of your appending arrival.

The news comes with the upmost excitement your father, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and I have spent many years trying to obtain. Each attempt was always a fail, as we tried our best to be blessed with a small bundle of joy, but we always knew that if we kept our faith strong, we would one day find ourselves in this blissful moment.

Please know, when looking back on your life, that neither one of us once blamed God for making the road to this occasion long, that we always kept our faith at the forefront each and every day.

I hope by the time you're able to read and understand the words written within these pages, that you know how much your father and I cherish you and all the days spent with you is a blessing from beyond what we, as humans, can fathom and comprehend.

Know that each of us will forever be your shield against life's rocky storms and the guides along the beaten path. Know that we will be standing on each side of you, cheering you on with each of life's triumphs, that you will forever be loved no matter what.



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