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Chapter 1.

"Mr. Schue," Kurt said, "What is in that box, and why is it moving?" He was staring at said box with an eyebrow raised and his mouth twisted into a grimace.

"I'm glad you asked, Kurt," Mr. Schue said, grinning in a way that made Mercedes immediately wary of whatever was going to happen next. "In this box is your assignment for the next two weeks."

Excited murmuring broke out in the group and Mercedes glanced at Kurt again, and he shrugged at her. She rolled her eyes, and mouthed, "He's crazy." Kurt just grinned.

"Alright, quiet down, guys." Mr. Schue, said, chuckling. "You will all be partnered up, and each pair will be given one of the things in the box, and you will have to look after them for two weeks- and don't worry, I've already called all of your parents to make sure it's okay with them."

"Why do we have to look after something, though?" Finn asked, his brow furrowing in confusion.

"Because a lot of you are graduating this year, and you still haven't really grasped the concept of responsibility. By participating in this week's assignment you'll be learning how to-" At this point Mercedes began to tune Mr. Schue out, because really?

Basically, Mercedes thought, this was another one of those assignments that was supposed to have a life lesson behind it, but was really pretty pointless. She sighed, rubbing the heel of her palm against her forehead.

There was a sudden rush of movement and Mercedes glanced about to see everyone partnering up. "Guys, guys!" Mr. Schue called over the ruckus, "We will be picking names from a hat for this, so sit back down please."

There was some grumbling, but everyone complied.

Quinn went first and picked Santana, who just nodded at the pairing and leaned closer to Brittany, who was smiling softly at her. Mike picked next, and got Joe, who had joined Glee about a week ago, and was fitting in just fine, they high fived, and Mr. Schue called Kurt to the front, where he picked Rory, who grinned at him and said, "Awesome."

Finn picked Sugar, who looked mildly frustrated at her partner, then Sam was called to the front and he opened the little piece of paper and smirked, "Mercedes." He said, winking at her. Her heart leapt in her chest and she had to fight back a grin; they hadn't spoken much since she'd told him she needed time to herself, and she wanted to be around him again, even if it ended up being a just friends relationship.

He took his seat, his hand brushing her shoulder as he walked past her, and she bit into her lower lip, and lowered her head to hide her smile.

Mercedes focused again, noting that Puck and Rachel were paired up, as were Brittany and Tina. "I guess that leaves us, Artie." Blaine said, and Artie raised his hand for a high five.

"Now that we've got our partners sorted out, I want you all to pick..." He trailed off and removed the lid from the box sitting in the centre of the room, "A kitten."

Mercedes let out a decidedly undignified squeak, and Tina grabbed her hand, squeezing it tightly. "A kitten." Tina whispered, elated.

Everyone rushed to the box excitedly, scrambling for a peek at them. Mercedes couldn't see past Finn, so she stood back, rocking on her heels, and biting her lip. She'd always wanted a kitten, but her mum had always told her 'no'.

Sam tapped her shoulder and Mercedes jumped. "I got us one!" He said, his eyes bright, cradling the tiny bundle of fur on his arms like a baby.

Mercedes peered down at it, and it blinked sleepily up at her, it's little paws swiping at the air and its tail flicking back and forth. Mercedes awwed and reached down to pet it, rubbing the grey fur between its ears, and cooing.

"It's a girl." Sam said, and Mercedes looked up at him.

"She's beautiful." Mercedes breathed.

"Just like her mum." Sam said, and Mercedes just smiled.

"Can I hold her?" Mercedes asked, and Sam nodded, handing her over gently.

"You're the cutest thing." She told her. "Sammy and I will name you soon, sweetie, okay?" She added, fighting back an squeal when a tiny pink tongue licked her hand.

Sam wrapped an arm around Mercedes' waist, and rested his chin on her shoulder so her could look down at her.

"I like the name Crook-"

"Sam." Mercedes interrupted. "We are not calling our kitten Crookshanks." She said, ignoring his pout. "Firstly, she'd a girl, secondly she's not even ginger, and lastly...I think Mittens suits her, because all of her paws are white, even though she's grey."

"Mittens?" Sam asked, and Mercedes nodded. "I like it."

"Hello, Mittens. We're going take good care of you." Sam told her, reaching around Mercedes to tickle Mittens' tummy.

"We'll have to go shopping for stuff after school," Mercedes said. "We'll have to go back mine to get my car, because Santana was my ride this morning."

"That's fine." Sam said, meeting her eyes and squeezing his arms around her.

Their moment was interrupted by an excited Rachel running up to them with her own kitten cradled in her arms. He was black and white, and fluffy, and very much asleep. "Noah and I have names him Fluffy." Rachel grinned.

"You named him Fluffy." Puck grumbled from the other side of the room, and Sam laughed.

"That's beside the point," Rachel huffed, "Isn't he the cutest thing ever?" She asked, her doe eyes softening as the focused on the sleeping kitten.

Mercedes laughed, and shook her head, knowing Rachel was too wrapped up in Fluffy to really pay attention to Sam and Mercedes' responses.

By the end of Glee everyone had spread out around the choir room floor, all playing with their kittens, or fawning over the other kittens.

Mercedes had been cooing at Cordelia, Kurt and Rory's kitten, who had the brightest green eyes, and shiny brown fur that she seemed to take great pride in, for a few minutes now, and though that she might be her favourite, apart from mittens.

Tigger, ginger and playful, but clumsy, was curled up on Artie's lap; Lady, a tabby, was sitting between Quinn and Santana and staring beadily from one to the other; Sylvester, 'like Sylvester and Tweetie Pie' Brittany had exclaimed, was being tickled by Tina; Bubbles, was having her brown ears rubbed by Sugar, while Finn fretted over how he was going to look after a cat, he didn't even like cats; and little Ollie was curled up, asleep, on top of Mike's schoolbag.

Mercedes scratched Cordelia one last time before making her way over to Sam.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked.

"Yeah," Sam replied quietly, his eyes trained on Mittens, "She's getting tired, and we'll need to feed her soon, though."

"So we'll drop her off with my mum until we get everything we need- I'm sure Santana won't mind giving you a ride to my house." Mercedes told him, and her nodded, standing carefully, so as not to jostle the sleeping kitten.

Santana agreed to give Sam a lift without too much snark, and the four of them filed out of the choir room, Mercedes only just remembering to grab a sheet with the list of necessities for taking care of Mittens on it in time, before being ushered outside and into Santana's car.

"Where's Lady?" Sam asked, buckling himself into the back seat.

"Q took her home- my parents won't allow me to have a cat in the house, and Lady likes her better anyway." Santana said, shrugging as she started the ignition.

After that the drive was relatively silent, and Mercedes hummed quietly along to the radio, staring out the window and watching everything pass by. She caught a brief glimpse of Sam in the wing mirror, of the serene smile on his lips, and those eyes that she loved so much.

Maybe...maybe things could work out between them. She hoped so- she'd spent too much time denying her feelings, and feeling guilty, and then trying to force the feelings away that when she'd finally come to terms with them and felt ready to do something about them she was afraid it was too late, but Sam still looked at her the way he had before, and maybe that meant something.

Mercedes thanked Santana, and climbed out of the car, missing the wink Santana shot her. Sam appeared beside her, and jerked his head in the direction of her house. She nodded and they walked up the path together, and Mercedes wondered that is she just reached out and took his hand in hers would he pull away? Or would he entwine them like he had so many times before? Would he move closer, and smile down at her? Maybe bump their shoulders together?

She shook those thoughts away and opened the front door, calling out to let her mum know she was home.

"'Cedes." Her mum said, peering around the kitchen door frame. "And Sam!" She exclaimed, a grin lighting her face. She moved into the hall and took one of Sam's hands. "I haven't seen you in ages, dear, how are you?" She asked.

Mercedes watched as they interacted, Sam smooth and charming, and her mum happy and bubbly, and questioning.

Before Maria could start into any potentially awkward conversations Mercedes cut in, "Mum, will you look after Mittens for us?"

"Mittens?" Mum asked, her eyebrow raised, her mouth twisted in confusion.

"Our kitten." Mercedes replied.

"Oh!" Maria said, "Where is she?"

"I thought you didn't like cats, mum." Mercedes said, confused.

"Yes, but this one is just for a few weeks, 'Cedes, not forever." Maria said, as though that made perfect sense. "Oh," She gasped as Mittens peered blearily around Sam's arm, "She's adorable, sweetheart."

"Well then you can look after her while Sam and I get the stuff we need, right?" Mercedes said, gesturing for Sam to hand the kitten over.

As soon as Maria had Mittens in her arms she wandered off, cooing to her. "We'll be fine until you get back, kids." Maria called, and Mercedes couldn't help but laugh.

"Everyone's enamoured by her." Sam murmured, and Mercedes couldn't agree more.

"Can she stay here?" Sam asked, "I mean I'll do my part, but the Hummel's will have two other kittens in their house...I'll come over and help out, I promise-"

"That's fine, Sammy." Mercedes laughed, "Now quit your rambling and let's get going. If we get this done fast enough we can be back in time for dinner."

"Spaghetti night?" Sam asked hopefully.


"I love your mum." Mercedes raised an eyebrow and he just shrugged.

"What? It's true.

"Alright crazy boy, let's go." Mercedes half-laughed, grabbing her car keys from the table by the front door.

Sam opened the door for her, and gestured for her to go first, bowing a little at the waist. Mercedes felt his eyes on her as she walked past, and that maybe was looking a lot more likely.

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