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Years ago, her journey started. A twelve year old girl, finally taking interest in contests and Pokémon after watching too much TV, eating too much cake and only wanting to sightsee, set off to choose her first Pokémon. But it would not only be her Pokémon, but her best friend and partner, and this was what made the decision so hard. She set off on my bike that day, and made a bad start, but that's okay, because at last, she chose a Torchic, a fire type. I heard an hour after she left, a ferry arrived from Pallet Town and there were a few troubles, but she didn't go back. What would be the point? She was just starting out, so she would of been more of a burden than a help.

Her name? Her name was May Maple of Petalburg City.

So May started her journey alone. She never met anyone of interest.

No one she would want to travel with anyway...

About a year later, I was competing in The Hoenn Grand Festival, and what a privilege it was! During the festival, Torchic evolved into Combusken, and she met her first Rival, Drew. He offered to travel with her, but she refused. Something felt wrong, tugging on her now and then. She would of said no anyway...

Something told her she should have gone back that first day. It sounded silly, but it felt like something might have went wrong, or she could of helped in some way. Maybe something should of happened? Maybe she should have met someone...

May could see Combusken sensed this too, but she never let it bother her. They, along with her other strong and hardy pokemon, placed second in the Grand Festival to an excellent Co-ordinator named Robert. They agreed that next time they met, their battle would be just as competitive. Drew helped her decide to move onto Kanto, and by then, she was Thirteen. Finally a teenager, she started to notice things she wouldn't of when when was Twelve. She was noticing how cute boys were, sometimes it creeped the still young girl out, other times it felt nice. Of course she had never thought about Drew this way, to her he was just a rival, not even a friend.

So, moving onto Kanto with her newly evolved Combusken, May took with her Skitty, Beautifly, Eevee and Munchlax. Drew came too, as May knew he would and she met Harley soon after arriving. Meeting Harley is a memory she would happily erase. All he ever brought her was pain and grief. Thinking about him made May's stomach twist into knots and her eyes to water, but not any more. She had almost gotten over what he tried to do to her. Almost.

Yes, Harley tried to rape May.

... She caught a Squirtle and a Bulbasaur in Kanto. She took them with her to the next region she went to as well. And, as she did in Hoenn, she competed in the Grand Festival, placing fourth, losing to Drew. This didn't upset her at all, because all of his pokemon were grass and she had chosen Squitle. On the way to the ferry she travelled with a Morrison, who was going home after losing to a boy and his Pikachu in the Hoenn league.

Her next stop was Johto, where she would participate in even more contests. Within the first contest, Combusken evolved. Blaziken was very strong, and Eevee evolved to Glaceon with the help of an Ice Pokémon master. She owed him one. May was now Fourteen, and Drew was acting strange. Her feelings for him changed, and she wanted to be around him more. So, they finally travelled together. Of course, she quickly realised that it was a crush. But shenever understood why he was the one? Of course, she didn't care. She felt safe around him, the pulling stopped and she didn't think about my first day back in Hoenn. Like most girls in her school had, she wanted to find her 'Prince Charming'. Did Drew fill all the holes? She was still a little too young to know.

In the Johto Grand Festival, she placed third and Drew came fourth. And this was not long ago. That is what led up to now.


Drew and May sat by the beach, it was a warm Sunday afternoon. The blue from the sky was fading to Orange, blotches of Pink scattered the sky. No doubt, it was a beautiful night. Thinking of all of her adventures, May sighed happily, and closed her eyes, embracing the light breeze with her face. May had just lost the Johto Grand Festival, but she wasn't bothered. She opened her eyes again and looked at the Co-Ordinator next to her, her travelling companion, the green haired Drew.

But Drew was not as happy as May was, as he sat frowning at the sea, throwing pebbles, allowing them to skip along the water before plopping back.

"Drew? Is something bothering you?" May asked politely, noticing his unusual quietness and dismay.

"I've just been... thinking. When we met, it felt like someone was missing. Someone important, more to you than me." Drew buried his face in his hands and sighed. May, however, was shocked.

"Drew, I felt the exact same thing." And She began stroking her chin, causing Drew to giggle. Not for long.

"As we're on the subject of feelings..." Drew began, "... I never really had the courage to tell you this, but..." Drew hesitated and looked to the ground, leaving May confused. She had never seen his this torn before, and she knew him well due to the memories they shared.

"Drew, you know you can tell me anything, anything at all. I will listen." May smiled, trying to give him the confidence to tell her what he felt.

"I've known you for such a long time now, May. It feels like I've known you forever. During the times we've helped each other, and the times we've fought, I've developed... well... I'm not sure how to say it." Wow. Who knew sitting on a beach and talking could become so awkward?

Then May realised what was coming next and her eyes widened at the thought. 'It can't be...'

"Ah, what the heck May, I love you. I have since the start of Johto. He looked for a response. But none came. Words did not come naturally to May any more as she tried to think of what to say. Her heart felt as if it would burst. A lump formed in her throat.

"Drew I... I don't know what to say any more..." May had never felt that strong for anyone, not even Drew. "I'm scared Drew. Of love, and... Words finally came to her. She wanted to tell him, but she was scared to how he would react to the news.

"Why?" He said sternly, as if he was pulling the answer from her, she told him;

"A year ago, Harley... he..." Her voice turned from normal pitched to a whispered cry, "He tried to rape me." Drew's face turned almost white. Was she serious? "I'm sorry Drew, I love you, but not in the way you're hoping for." May no longer felt shy, she had told him everything. She couldn't pretend any more, the feeling that was inside her pulled her away from him, no matter how hard she fought back, and somehow, she had managed to win his heart without trying. That had to be a good thing, right?

Drew stood up slowly and started to walk away towards the pokémon centre. "Drew..." May held out her arm as if she could stop him with an invisible force, but he kept walking. Slowly, she pulled her arm back in and held her hand to her chest, fists clenched.

"You don't have to say anything." His voice was lower than usual, just loud enough for May to hear, and harsh. He walked away, leaving May sitting alone.

And she stayed that way for a few more hours. A few tears fell, she never meant to hurt Drew like that, but she just didn't feel anything as strong as love. Someone was missing, and she was still waiting for her 'Prince Charming' as she liked to call it. Someone out there was the one for her, and it wasn't him.

When May finally got back to the centre, Drew was already sleeping in one of the single beds, his eyes were red from crying, and he was sort of... half on and half off the bed.

"Oh Drew..." May whispered and pulled the covers over him before going to her own bed.

The next morning, when she woke, Drew had already left. The room smelt of his cologne, so she figured he had left not long ago, so she rushed to get dressed, she didn't even put her bandanna on, and ran. Out of the pokémon centre, and out to the port. She ran so fast, she didn't realise she was capable of such speed. 'Please, still be here...' She pleaded in her head. When she arrived, Drew was on the back of a large ferry, looking right at her.

"DREW!" She screamed, but he looked away. She fell to her knees and began crying, the ship still wasn't far away. "Please, don't leave me!" She cried, aware that he couldn't hear her.

"Please..." She whispered. May wasn't ready to lose her best friend, and now, she was alone again. So very alone. And she hated it.

Later that day, May found a note on the table by her bed, Drew had gone to the Unova region, to participate in contests there. He warned her not to follow him. As much as she wanted to, she didn't want to upset him. So she decided where she should go next...

One of the less important things to May was, the next day was her birthday, too.

Flashback End

That day changed May's life. She decided where she would go next. Something was telling her that this certain place would be the perfect point. May had also heard it was a nice region. Blaziken felt it too, as she was very desperate to go. May didn't disappoint her. After visiting her parents and celebrating her fifteenth birthday, they got on a ferry...

A ferry to Sinnoh.


Ash looked over at Dawn once more, her face hadn't changed in the last half an hour, twisted and sour. Dawn was in a horrible mood and nobody knew why. Usually Brock would be able to figure out, but this time he had no clue. Ash thought maybe he should ask, but decided not to, because as soon as he tried to talk to her she would only scowl at him or not listen. And in the last town she didn't bother entering the contest... Dawn loved participating in contests. Pikachu hopped off his shoulder and sniffed the air, smiling happily. If only Dawn could be as happy as Pikachu. The sun was begging to set as the gang sat on the grass to eat, but nobody spoke a word. Ash (attempted to) set up the tents, and Brock began stirring the stew he was making. Dawn had gone for a walk in the forest, Ash only hoped she was okay... "Hey Brock, what do you think is up with Dawn?" He asked out of the blue.

"Ash, god-damn it I've told you, it's beyond me. We haven't done anything... I hope. Anyway, why do you keep asking about her? Do you like her or something?" He giggled at his own joke. Ash pulled up a lump of grass and threw it at him, making him burst into uncontrollable laughter. Then they noticed Dawn was standing by the trees, just watching them. Ash looked over his shoulder at her, a look of confusion on his face. They stared like this for a while, neither saying anything. Brock was now staring at Dawn too. For some reason, Ash found this funny. But, at the same time, he wanted to know what the hell Dawn was doing just staring at them. She had no expression on her face, and she seemed very pale... He moved just a few inches towards her and she stepped back.

"Dawn... I'm not going to hurt you... You're starting to worry me..." Ash held out his hand for her to take, but Dawn had other ideas. She leaned in and bit his hand, hard. He screamed in pain and pulled his hand back. Brock had rose from the grass and was watching Dawn carefully, in case she made another move.

"Ash Ketchum, the boy who will change the future." It was Dawn speaking, but it wasn't her voice, it was a low hiss. "You will soon learn your purpose, if you go to Celestic Town..." Ash wasn't sure how to answer, because he had no idea what she was talking about. "Go!" she screamed.

"Dawn... I don't know what you're talking about..." He stepped back, as it seemed she was getting closer.

"You and I may make great allies some day. Go see the legends for now." Dawn's voice became feeble and weak. She ran to him, and blacked out in his arms. He was still in shock, and what legend was she talking about? Pikachu shook Dawn's arm, but she was completely out. Ash nodded at Brock and the boys began to run in the direction of the Pokémon centre.

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