# Action Pack Issue 10

August 12, 9:15 am-Uzumaki Residence

The summer had moved along smoothly, and as the season started its transition to fall, Kira found this weather strange. It was never particularly cold in Konoha, and while he didn't very much care about the weather, he noticed Naruto spending more and more time in his room.

It was greatly worrying as usually he was the one who spent their time being anti-social. His little friend Kitty called, Naruto having apparently given her their number, but the blonde didn't really feel like talking to anyone.

It was just after July 20 that Kira noticed something was wrong with his brother. He was unusually somber and it looked like it hurt dearly to smile. Then there was his training. Kira had given Naruto a new control exercise to work on called water walking and filled a blow up pool with water, but his brother didn't just seem to care.

Kira loved his brother, and he'd hurt anyone who said otherwise, but he honestly didn't know what to do. Should he talk to him? Whenever he'd been upset he'd had no one to go to and tried to push it all aside and deal with it on his own.

And look how well that turned out.

He didn't want his brother to be like that, like him. He seriously reconsidered leaving Naruto alone, but managed to get Naruto out of bed and eat something with the promise that their mother was finally being released from the hospital.

If only for a moment, Kira thought he saw Naruto smile at the thought of their mother coming to live with them, but it was gone before he could be sure.

The brunet glanced up at the clock and quickly finished up his breakfast as Kushina was going to be ready to leave at 9:45 and it generally took half-an hour to get to the hospital, and while neither liked waiting, their mother was worth it.

He'd always felt so weal when it came to his mother because he couldn't do anything to help but sit there and feel helpless. Kira had always seen Naruto looked up at him with such admiration for being the 'stronger' sibling and never letting anything faze him.

But that wasn't true.

Every time Naruto went outside a part of him wanted to follow and make sure he stayed safe since he couldn't count on anyone else to do it. A part of him wanted so much to keep him away from all the indifferent or nasty glares that people generally only reserved for him.

Yes, it was crucial for Naruto to learn his independence, but every time he hugged him he didn't want to let him go thinking it would be the last time he'd do it. Instead he'd just pat him on the head or push him away.

Naruto didn't seem to mind, but Kira did, and he hated himself for doing it.

But now the brunet worried if Naruto was acting like this because of the fact he was so distant half the time, despite how loving he tried to be.

Kira glanced down at Naruto, who was sitting at the table and slowly eating his cereal as he lacked his distinctive happy mood. "It's time to go." He said quietly.

Naruto didn't answer and morosely nodded as he put his dish into the sink and they both headed for the door, grabbing the bag their mother's clothes were in. The cab Kira had called ahead for stopped at the curb and they both got in, the brunet closing the door behind him.

Kira began to feel distinctly uneasy by how his brother was acting. He didn't like seeing his brother act so much like…himself. That was it, the reason he thought seeing Naruto like this felt so wrong. Kira knew the reason behind how he was, but what made Naruto start acting like this?

The brunet wasn't all that good at communicating with people on an emotional level, even his own brother. He could empathize with him of course, he'd let the boy hug him all he wanted when he was sad, but he just wasn't all that comfortable with actually talking.

Mostly because a hug really was all that was needed previously; but he knew that a simple hug wasn't going to cut it this time.

So Kira resolved with himself to talk with Naruto later, as in all honestly an actual talk was long overdue.

#10 "His World"

"Hi Kaa-chan, ready to go?" Naruto asked in a subdued manner.

Kushina looked at him oddly before smiling nonetheless. "You bet Sochi!" she chimed and took the pile of clothes from Kira. "Just let me use the bathroom real quick and we can go."

"Okay." Naruto replied and Kira tried to think of any reason his brother might be acting like this.

He couldn't use the school excuse because Naruto had actually started looking forward to it after meeting Kitty, and he couldn't blame her because Naruto also seemed to like the girl-in a friendship sort of way thank Kami.

Kira still wasn't ready for when Naruto came to him asking about his strange feelings he'd start having when puberty hit.

The brunet resisted the urge to blink as he thought maybe that's why the 'redhead' was acting like this. It could be puberty; he knew he'd acted worse than he already did back then. But he'd reserve that for later thought.

Kushina walked back out of the washroom wearing her new clothes and smiled at them both, her smiling warming and brightening their respective sullen moods. "Okay, now we can go." She said.

Kira nodded, having already paid the hospital bill and signed the release form; he decided not to tell either of them just how much the bill had been as he didn't want either of them to worry. He'd always been the 'parent' and that wasn't going to stop now that his mother was awake.

He knew she'd still need time to adjust and wasn't going to push her to accept her new role as a single parent to one teenager and one pre-teen. So until then he'd remain in his current stand-in parent duty that he'd had for the last 12 years of his life.

Not that he'd ever trade those years for anything of course.

"Kaa-chan, will you be teaching us anything?" Naruto asked, though it sounded more like he just wanted to hear her voice than anything she was going to say.

Kushina though just talked in stride. "Of course I am, Fishcake." She said and Naruto cringed at the nickname; it was the most normal reaction he'd had all morning. "Do either of you want to try and see what your elemental chakras are?"

Kira felt slightly guilty about that. "We already tested ourselves to see what we both had."

Kushina's smile faltered, but it returned brighter than before. "Then what do you both have then?"

"I have wind, fire, and lightning chakras." Kira replied and when no answer came from Naruto, he nudged him in the side with his elbow.

The blonde blinked before answering as well. "I have wind, earth, and water chakras."

Kushina looked proud of this fact. "Well Fishcake, it seems that you take mostly after me in that department; you're chakras are suited to most of my jutsus." She paused and looked at Kira with a nervously repentant smile. "Uh, Kira-chan, it seems that…uh…"

"It's okay, it'll give you and Naruto time to spend together; just be sure to include me when it comes to something I can actually use." Kira replied before turning on his heel and making his way to the door.

Kushina paused as she stared at Kira's retreating back for a moment took Naruto by the shoulder and pulled him along with her to the exit as well.

The brunet felt a slight grimace on his lips before pushing it down as the three of them got back into the cab and he saw the cab driver look at Kushina from the rear view mirror before seeing Kira's glare and averted his eyes and started driving down the street.

Kira saw Kushina start to nervously wring her hands, and he really did feel bad, but he himself had no idea what to say right now. And Naruto was just looking out the window blankly, not in the talking mood either.

So that's how it went, because he was too uncomfortable about what to say, Kushina was too uncomfortable to speak, and Naruto just didn't want to speak. It stayed that way all through the drive back to their house.

When they arrived, Kira paid the cab driver and he watched Naruto run into the house, ignoring Peter as he was outside to get the mail for his aunt. "Is he okay?" Peter questioned as his hand that was posed in a wave fell to his side.

Kira tried to ignore the way the other brunet's eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he answered. "I'll have to check in on that."

"Right." Peter replied dazedly before a bright red flush came over his face as he gazed at Kushina. "Are you their sister or something?"

Kushina blinked, her purple eyes having been hidden behind a Genjutsu to make them appear green. She smiled as she realized what he was saying. "Aren't you sweet, but no, I'm their mother."

Peter's eyes went even wider. "Their mother, but…but…"

Kira rolled his eyes as he wanted to let out a frustrated sigh, but that wouldn't be necessary. "Yes, she's very young looking, but she is our mother, so deal with it." He said coldly.

Peter flinched and Kushina frowned. "That wasn't very nice, Kira-chan."

Peter made a move to say something, but Kira glared at him, and he wisely kept his mouth shut. "I-I should be getting back inside now." He said before nearly sprinting back into his house.

"That is not how we treat neighbours, Kira-chan; he was just trying to be nice." Kushina chastised.

Kira turned up his nose. "Kaa-chan, you wouldn't be saying that it if you knew how our old neighbours treated us." He felt guilty when Kushina winced, but she still needed to be reminded of why he was acting the way he was as the last time she'd seen him he as just a little kid.

He sighed though as he realized that she wasn't used to seeing such a stark contrast to how she remembered him. "Come on, we set up your room; and you can also use the shower to clean up." It amazed him that people still thought his mother was attractive even while her hair hadn't been washed in 12 years and she smelled rather bad, but of course he wasn't going to say that.

Kushina narrowed her eyes momentarily before nodding curtly and headed inside, obviously having figured out what he was implying too.

Kira followed her up the stairs as he needed to talk to Naruto now; it was as good a time as any. He walked over to Naruto's room as Kushina went over to the only other bedroom on the second floor. "Naruto-kun?" he questioned knocking on the door.

"Hn?" Naruto groaned from inside despondently. "What is it?"

"I'm coming in." Kira replied and opened the door, finding Naruto lying on his side on his bed and staring out the window. Had this what he'd been doing up here for all this time? Kira suddenly felt a sense of worthlessness come over him as he realized he hadn't been very attentive at all during the last weeks with his job.

Well, it was time to change that.

"Naruto-kun, what's the matter?" he asked sitting on the edge of the bed near him.

"Don't want to talk about it." Naruto replied softly.

Kira wondered how he should proceed, as this was turning into something incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. Again, he was just used to previous problems being resolved by letting Naruto hug him for as long as he needed to.

The brunet wanted to smack himself. A hug might not solve this, but maybe it would at least get his brother to feel secure enough for him to try and get out of him whyhe was so upset.

Naruto looked at him in confusion as Kira grabbed a hold of his arms, turned him around and lifted his upper half up before dragging him towards him. "What…?"

Kira pulled Naruto up to his chest and wrapped his arms around him securely, feeling the blond stiffen. "What's the matter? You can tell me you know." He said quietly and really tried to make his voice sound as comforting as possible.

If possible, Naruto went even more still and soon his shoulders began shaking. "This isn't fair; you can't just…" his voice started to waver, "you can't just hug me anymore and expect to tell automatically tell you."

"It's working though." Kira pointed out and he saw Naruto's jaw clench, but Kira was willing to remain like this for him. "Just let it out, Kaa-chan is cleaning herself up from her stay in the hospital so she won't be able to be see you cry."

Naruto let out a sound that sounded suspiciously like a growl mixed in with a sob. "Not a cry baby."

"I know you're not." Kira said in agreement. "But it's okay to cry."

"You don't." Naruto retorted.

Kira remained silent on that. "I'm so messed up I can barely remember what it is to even cry anymore. You still have a chance to be normal; I want you to have a normal childhood."

Naruto went still again as the shaking stopped abruptly and Kira felt the blond shift in his arms. "But…but I not normal."

"From my perspective you are; you don't hate humans with a passion, you still try to be nice and friendly with people; you're everything I'm not." Kira explained quietly. "And trust me; you don't want to be like me."

Naruto knew all too well how Kira was, but still…no, he could trust Kira no matter what. "I'm…I'm Black Fox," This Naruto felt Kira stiffen around him, "and I killed someone."

Airport Washroom, 11: 12 am

Kurotsuchi stared down at the Bingo book in her hands and at the face staring emotionlessly back up at her. The picture was supposed to have been presumably close to how this Uzumaki Kira looked. The younger Uzumaki's I.D was somewhere further in the book, but she didn't bother with looking at his; already knowing all that was needed to know about him.

To be honest, seeing as the blond boy was supposed to be the Yondaime's son, he wasn't all that impressive, especially considering he was also a Jinchuuriki.

No, her attention was solely on the 'bigger fish' so to speak. The more important one in the long run; though that pesky bond they seemed to have would be a problem at worst and could be exploited at best if need be.

Oh, she hated the blond Uzumaki solely because of who his father was, but the other one wasn't related by blood. And looking down at the outfit she'd been fitted in for her new assignment was quite simple. Lure the older one out and try to convince him to turn himself over to Iwa allegiance.

Of course she wouldn't tell him that that the condition would be to give up his brother. So yeah, first things first then: try to get him to listen.

And since the older Uzumaki would be less inclined to listen to anyone from any nation then trying to get to him as 'someone else' might be a better angle to work at.

And so the need for this ridiculous costume in the first place. Her eyes narrowed as she thought about what to call herself before it came to her. Quake.

Uzumaki Residence, 12:39 pm

"You did what?"

Naruto cringed at the tone. "I killed someone."

"Not that," Kira retorted and the blond looked up in surprise and shock, "what do you mean you're Black Fox? You mean you've been sneaking out of the house when you're supposed to be sleeping?"

Naruto felt torn between shock and relief. Shock at Kira's blatant disregard over the fact he'd killed someone and relief that he wasn't being pushed away in disgust. While his brother always managed to maintain a higher standard for himself, he made it also blatantly clear that he didn't care about whether people died or not.

He really should have realized sooner that Kira would be angrier with him sneaking out than about this. In a way though, it made him feel even worse because Kira had never killed anyone before despite his obvious disdain for human beings.

And upon Kira realizing he had the emotional depth and morality for that matter of toast, he suddenly understood why Naruto would be upset about killing someone. "I'll admit that I don't really know the baggage that killing someone can bring," he admitted, "and I don't plan on ever doing that, but I'll pretend for a moment like I care about the life of a worthless-" he paused and his nose turned up-"of a human." He added with a deadpan.

Naruto supposed that even for his sake that Kira's ingrained hatred wasn't going to go away and this was as close to sympathetic as he was going to get. "I left that night to stop that Iron Maiden woman and with Spider-Man's help I shoved a cable into her armor on the shoulder and she disappeared in a flare of electricity."

"She just…disappeared?" Kira questioned as though he gears in his head were turning.

"Yeah, and the lightning shot out of the hole in the sky." Naruto replied.

Kira frowned thoughtfully and got off the bed, making hand signs and soon a clone of himself appeared and Naruto looked up curiously before Kira unceremoniously made another hand sign and a blast of fire shot out and hit the clone, the result being it disbursing in a flare of electricity towards the ceiling.

"Now, did the woman disappear like that?" he asked crossing his arms.

Naruto stared. "How…? What…?"

"That Naruto-kun was a lightning clone and they do that when they get dispelled." Kira explained.

Naruto was still staring, his expression frozen before he let out a shaky laugh. "You mean…that I've been feeling guilty over dispelling a clone?"

"That's right, you haven't killed anybody." Kira replied nodding.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to go back to normal straight away. "Oh man, I've got tell Kitty I'm sorry for ignoring her, and making such a bad first impression on her."

"Trust me, it's not as bad as mine or the one Kaa-chan left on Parker." Kira replied.

Naruto let out another laugh, but it faded as he frowned. "I should have realized sooner Iron Maiden was a ninja; she's not dead, so she knows that we live in New York."

"But how would she have found us in the first place?" Kira muttered to himself before he grimaced and saw Naruto mirror the expression. He was thinking about the Bingo book that Snapdragon had and the only possible reason that his brother would be uneasy at this moment is…

"Let's cut to the chase, we both know that there's a bounty on our heads." Kira deadpanned.

Naruto reeled back in shock. "Seriously, how did you find out?"

"I…" Kira hesitated briefly before deciding to get it out in the open. "I went after another woman that had come after the bounty and found it in the Bingo book she had. Konoha put up the bounty."

Naruto was silent on that momentarily. "I can't believe-" he saw Kira narrow his eyes and he averted his own-"okay, I can believe that."

"I need to go to work soon, but you can take this time to spend with Kaa-chan." Kira said before briefly hugging Naruto again and heading toward the door.

"Hey Kira-nii," Naruto called and Kira paused at the doorway and glanced back over his shoulder at him, "I know how uncomfortable about talking you are, so thanks, I appreciate it."

Kira smiled slightly and nodded before continuing on out the door.

New York Mall, 1:00 pm

"Cutting it kind of close, aren't you?" Sharon asked as Kira waked into the store and clocked in.

Kira glanced at her, the girl's scent still leaving him vaguely suspicious. It just didn't sit well with him and he wondered if she was something else. He knew she wasn't a ninja as even the Inuzuka's didn't smell like dogs, so she wasn't one that worked with cats.

It made him think about if she was a cat. But that sounded crazy, didn't it?

The brunet didn't dwell on this until he could gather more information, though vetoed that too as it meant he'd have to spend more time with the girl. "I suppose." He muttered.

"Aw, why so down, someone so cute shouldn't look so down." Sharon replied and grabbed a hold of his arm, not even letting him jerk his arm back on reflex. She had a grip on her he'd admit. "How about later we go hang out? Get you interacting with people then maybe you won't be such a frowny face all the time."

"More time with other people, or is that more time with you?" Kira retorted and jerked his arm free.

Sharon didn't look deterred nor did she miss a beat. "Let's call it both."

"Let's not." Kira replied and walked over to the first customer he could find just to get away from the girl. He'd never felt any attraction to anyone before and he didn't exactly want to since if he never fell in love then he wouldn't risk losing anyone else.

The notion that while Kushina and Naruto were going to be living for a very long time thanks to the Uzumaki longevity, he knew that eventually they would die. It weighed heavily on his mind all the time and had only added to his fierce protectiveness.

And he was also bitterly reminded of the fact his own life span would be even longer than theirs and even now he could start to see the aging process slowing down on him. By the age of twenty he'd still look something like a teenager.

Kira though found some irony that their mother was older and still looked to be in her early twenties. No wonder Peter got so confused, but that still didn't excuse him for staring at her.

The brunet reached the woman at the stand where the shirts were displayed and noticed with dismay that this woman also had whitish hair. What was with that anyway? "Hello Miss, do you need any assistance?" he asked mechanically.

The woman didn't even look up. "No, just browsing." She said smoothly and even vaguely irritated.

Kira raised a brow, feeling slightly intrigued as anyone he asked was always having him go fetch something from the back or pointing out more things for them. "Very well." He said and turned away, but didn't notice the woman look up in surprise.

"On second thought, there is something you can help me with." The woman called and Kira turned to look at her, noticing her also green eyes and with a sense of dismay wondered if she was related to Sharon.

But since she wasn't showing any recognition of the woman standing behind him, Kira thought this was incorrect.

"Yes?" he questioned.

"These blouses, do they come in any other color than pink? Like black or purple?" The woman queried.

Kira nodded curtly. "I'll go look." he said and the woman made a move to follow him. "May I help you again?"

"It seems like such a bother to make you do that yourself." The woman said coyly, a stark contrast to her earlier irritated tone. It was as though his initial brusque brush off had intrigued her; so Kira figured this woman was used to having to having to tell people to get lost and not be on the receiving end.

Even though Lara had emphasized to him about keeping the customer happy when he'd made another woman particularly angry with how bad his attitude was, this was still a customer. "You can't go in there, customers aren't allowed."

"Surely you could make an exception." The woman said batting her eyelashes.

Kira didn't know what she was trying to pull, but it clearly wasn't working. "Rules are rules; now wait out here while I find what you are looking for." He didn't pause as he walked into the back and started to look around the boxes for any other blouses in the colors black and or purple.

The brunet finally found one way in the back, but when he came out, the white-haired woman was nowhere to be found. He walked over to the register that Lara managed. "Where's that woman that was just here? I found the blouse she wanted."

"She said to put it on layaway." Lara replied and pointed at the list of items and names on the clipboard beside the register for him to see. "See? 'One black blouse to be put on layaway for Felicia Hardy.'"

Kira nodded and went into the room behind the woman where the layaway clothes were put. When he came back out, Sharon was waiting for him, but before she could speak, Lara did.

"Shouldn't you be doing inventory, Ms. Smith?" she said coolly.

Sharon colored before nodding and walked away, though not before giving Kira a glance.

Kira felt almost grateful, but he couldn't let himself show it. "I could've handled that." He said neutrally.

"I'm sure you could have, but if you both made a scene then the customers would be driven away." Lara retorted and gestured to the store.

Kira saw the people in it and knew what she meant. It was time to go back to earning some commission, though before he could, a great rumble moved through the floor and the skylight in the center of the mall was smash through and the sounds of people screaming rang out.

He made his way over to the exit slowly as the customers and staff in the store ran out to get to the exits of the mall. A figure in a black costume and yellow headgear landed on the ground before looking directly up at him with her pink eyes and smirked.

Kira felt his hands clench into fists as he glared back at her on default and knew that if this woman was attacking for no good reason, then she wasn't just a super villain, she was here because she knew that he'd be here. It was another bounty hunter.

The brunet glanced around, and while he had no problems with taking her down now, he couldn't do it because someone might recognize him later on and it would ruin everything for his brother and mother. Kira took one more glance around to make sure no one was looking at him or in his direction before he did a quick Genjutsu and hopped over the rail, using his chakra to soften his fall in his legs.

The woman looked him over appraisingly as she saw what he looked like at the moment and in the gleam of her pink eyes he could see his reflection staring back him, tanned skin, orange eyes, and bright red hair, his clothing looking too bright and cheery for his taste with the red and orange, but the point was that no else was supposed to know it was him.

There was no mask or anything covering his face in the illusion, but he couldn't really be bothered with that now.

"Was it really necessary to get the humans involved, their police are going to be here any minute presumably." Kira growled out.

The woman smirked. "But that's not why I'm here."

"You're here for the bounty, aren't you?" Kira snarled.

A strange look made the woman pause, but she grinned back at him. "You could say that." She said before her hands flashed through hand seals and Kira was on the ready as he felt his chakra start following through him as he whispered 'Lightning armor' and a crackle of electricity crossed over his skin.

"Earth Release: Rising Stone Spikes!" she shouted and Kira had to move quickly to avoid the spikes that shot out of the earth to avoid getting impaled.

The teen used one of the spikes to send himself straight at the woman and punched her clean across the jaw, sending her flying back into the mall walls.

The woman rose back to her feet before spitting out the blood in her mouth. "My, my, you certainly like to play rough, don't you?" Kira didn't rise to her bait and she shrugged before her hands flashed through another set of seals and a green reflective glow danced across her. "Rock Armor; now where on an even playing field here."

Kira narrowed his eyes shooting himself over at her and started to rapidly try and hit her, though the woman was good as she matched each of his hits, but she was one step quicker as she feinted and knock him clean across the jaw. He spat out the blood in his own mouth, but didn't comment.

The woman on the other hand seemed to get angry with this. "You can making a quip if you, hell, you can even scream if you want, I don't mind."

Kira felt vaguely disturbed about the fact she implied she was going to try and make him scream. Whether she was just being creepy or not, he didn't really care and needed to bring her down now. His hands flashed through another set of hand signs and knew that using a lighting jutsu would be ineffective as her armor would just absorb it. "Wind Release: Pressure Damage!"

The air picked up and it barreled into the woman, who stood her ground and covered her face with her arms, her short hair whipping around in the wind before Kira took the distraction to speed forward again and spin-kicked her back into the wall, the wind pushing on her making the crater she made on impact even deeper and the armor 'broke,' with the green 'shards' dissipating onto the ground.

Kira made his way over as the wind died down and narrowed his eyes when he saw the woman lying unmoving against the wall and he still knew better than to assume she might be unconscious. Kira still kept his own armor on as he kicked her foot, but there was no response.

He still didn't believe she was unconscious though. "Genjutsu binding." He muttered and the woman's eyes snapped open in surprise, her muscles locking into place in her mind and she couldn't do more than give the teen a slight glare.

"Yeah, yeah, that look has no effect on me anymore." He deadpanned before feeling her pockets and pulled out a roll of ninja wire and opted to tie her up in it as even she wouldn't be able to tear it off herself without a kunai, and upon checking more, he disposed of those.

Kira stood up as he picked up the sounds of people that he could only assume were the police and he put the rest of the ninja wire in his own pocket, his lips twisting into a smirk. "Nighty night." He hissed before bashing her head against the wall and letting her slump to the ground so she wouldn't be much of a problem for the police to handle when they took her in.

The teen let the Genjutsu drop as he made his way out of the mall, not even feeling a bit curious as to what the woman's name was. But then again, he wasn't going to get her real name so why did it matter?

Idly he wondered if work would be called off for the rest of the day, or even the week while the damage was being repaired. He knew his wind attack and her earth jutsu must have caused even more damage.

Kira smirked again. Oops.

Uzumaki Residence, 2:36 pm

"Kira-chan is rather…different than I remember." Kushina said tentatively as she helped Naruto with his water walking exercise.

"I know it can be kinda hard for other people to feel uncomfortable around him…" Naruto started off, but Kushina shook her head.

"It's not that I'm uncomfortable, it's just that…everything's changed since I can remember." She said smiling sadly. "Why, the last time I saw you was when you were just an hour old."

Naruto got out of the pool after his failed attempt and hugged the woman. "It's okay Kaa-chan, we're together again, that's all that matters."

Kushina hugged him back and nodded. "I just hope I can manage to be a mother to you both."

"Well now that you're out of the hospital you can be." Naruto said trying to make her feel better.

The sound of the front door opening reached their ears and Kira came in through the back door. "Work ended early." He said in lieu of a hello.

Kushina grimaced. Though Naruto she could be around easily enough, it would always be Kira she'd have to get used to as his attitude was severely different than what she remembered.

Though a strong sense of rage came over her as she remembered exactly who was to blame for this and knew it was time to get this straightened out once and for all.

Watch out Konoha, Uzumaki Kushina was not happy.

(# Action Pack Issue 11: The Uzumaki's go back to Konoha, only to be brought into the midst of the Chunin Exam finals and are forced to help the village that betrayed them so from the Sound-Sand Invasion.)