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Jack Shepard opened his eyes and gasped in surprise. Sunlight shone down, illuminating his surroundings. He was lying on the ground, surrounded by tall green bamboo that swayed slightly from a light breeze. His eyes darted back and forth as he thought, 'what happened? Where am I?'

A snap to his left caused Jack to look over, trying to find the source of the noise. Only an endless expanse of bamboo was all that he saw. Then a dog emerged from the shade, a white lab. 'What's a dog doing here?' The dog gave a small whine and ran past Jack, quickly vanishing from sight.

Jack tried to sit up, but as he did, he felt a stab of pain on the left side of his stomach. Grunting in pain, he tried to ignore it as he slowly got to his feet. Taking a breath, he pulled back his black suit to examine the source of the pain. A small red stain was visible on the white undershirt. Leaning against a bamboo stalk, and taking a moment to catch his breath, Jack followed his instinct and began moving forward.

The trip was tiring, pushing past numerous bamboo stalks, and his injury wasn't helping but after a few minutes he emerged out of the bamboo grove and found himself on a beach. He didn't have long to look at his surroundings, as a women's screaming was audible somewhere to his left, followed by a high-pitched whirling sound. Running towards the source of the noise, Jack arrived at a larger beach clearing and saw a scene of chaos. The fuselage of the plane was in the middle of the clearing, with many different sections of it scattered about. The high-pitched whirling was coming from one of the jet engines that had been separated from the wing. People were all around the smoking wreckage, shouting for help, lying on the ground, rubbing about, or helping others in need.

Jack stood there in complete shock until one person's call for help called him to action. Looking over he saw a man, lying next to one of the jet engines, pinned under a large heap of metal. Jack made his way over and tried to lift the heap off of the man, but it was too heavy. Luckily, two other people were nearby and came to aid. Together, they managed to lift the metal heap while Jack dragged the man out from under it. The man's right leg was bleeding, where he was pinned. Taking off his tie, Jack wrapped it around the leg above the wound.

Another shout for help reached him. Looking up, Jack saw a blond-haired woman crouched on the ground, her stomach showed that she was obviously pregnant. Jack gave commands to the two helpers, telling them to get the man out of here and away from the engine, before sprinting off to help the woman.

She grabbed him as he approached, "please help me. I'm having contractions!"

"How many months pregnant are you?" questioned Jack.

"Eighteen months," she replied.

Suddenly a huge explosion went off behind him as one of the engines exploded. Flaming chunks of metal whipped thought the air and many people ducked to avoid being hit. Things were getting worse and another persons needed his help. He called to a large man, with curly brown hair, telling him to watch the woman. As he ran off, the man shouted after him, "Hey! What's your name?"

Jack stopped and turned to look back at him before replying, "Jack!"

He reached a man, who was performing CPR on a woman. It took awhile to get her breathing again, considering the man had been performing CPR incorrectly. Jack sighed in relief when he saw that she was going to be fine, but it was cut short as a loud creaking came from behind. Looking back, he saw the wing of the plane, barely kept in the air by a few strands of metal, was getting ready to snap and fall right on top of where he had left the large man and pregnant woman. He got up and ran towards them, shouting at the man to get her out of there. He reached them and together, helped the woman get away, just in time to avoid being crushed as the wing hit the ground and exploded with a force that knocked them down.

Once making sure that the two were ok, jack got up and wandered back to the plane, looking around at the destruction in disbelief.

The storm winds pounded against the S.S. Minnow as Gilligan, who was at the wheel, tried to maintain control. Coming up behind him, Skipper shouted, "Gilligan, we can't outrun this storm. So go below and batten down the hatches."

"Aye, aye sir," saluted Gilligan as he made his way down below deck. It was not easy, what with the waves splashing water over the bow and the ship violently rocking back and forth.

After securing the hatches, Gilligan got back above deck and grabbed a hold of the wheel. "Gilligan, the storm is getting worse. We'll have to turn about."

"Aye, aye sir," said Gilligan, giving a quick salute, as he let go of the wheel and turned around to face the Skipper.

"No Gilligan. Not you, the boat." Gilligan, without replying, grabbed a hold of the wheel again and tried desperately to maintain control.

"Skipper, the storm's starting to get worse now," said Gilligan as lightning flashed and thunder boomed.

"Gilligan, we're starting to take on water. Man the pumps, I'll take the wheel."

Gilligan saluted, "aye, aye sir," but the rocking of the boat caused both of them to start to lose their footing. Grabbing the wheel for support, Gilligan looked up and gasped, "Skipper we're headed straight for the reef."

"I know," replied the Skipper. Gilligan cried out something that Skipper could not make out. "Gilligan, we've got to maintain our position in order to avoid the reef. Heave ho at the anchor!"

"Aye, aye sir," replied Gilligan, without saluting this time, as he waddled over to the anchor. Reaching it, he grabbed the tangle of rope and, tossing it aside, grabbed the anchor. He picked it up and tossed it over the side. Then he made his way back to the Skipper and grabbed the wheel.

"Something's wrong Gilligan, we're still moving."

"Yeah, and we're headed right for the rocks. Right for the rocks Skipper," exclaimed Gilligan as he wrapped his arms around the Skipper. The rocking caused them to stagger back and forth across the deck. The rocks got closer, the waves got larger, the lightning and thunder continued, and then the Minnow wrecked.