AN: Wrote this like pure ages ago! Like years ago...guess it's time it got released from the relegation cupboard. Don't expect much, my skills were very remedial back then compared to now...

Summary: Tag for S4:E9 "Scorched Earth". Daniel not only disagreed with but directly defied O'Neill by returning to Lotan's ship. Everything turned out fine, but it might not have and a furious Jack hammers this point home to Dr Jackson. 300 word fragment.


Jack cut him off by stepping overly close. "The fact is Daniel you forced me into making a choice. One I never want to have to make again."

"What choice, what are you talking about?" the archaeologist railed against what he felt was an unjustified accusation.

"You made me choose between you and the Enkaran's. You disobeyed my direct orders and left me no choice but to blow you up along with the ship."

"But Jack you asked me to..."

"Don't you turn this around. You knew the plan. You knew what was going to happen." Jack's throat burned he yelled the words.

Daniel did his best to match his friend's furious tone. "And if I hadn't done what I did their people would be dead right now."

"You don't know that. And don't you take the high road with me. You chose to think of no-one but yourself and high moral...high...high ground." he couldn't think of the words.

"But, but..."

"Ah!" The finger went up. "How do you think I would have felt if I'd blown you up on that ship? Did you consider that? What about Carter, what would it have done to her knowing that she was the one who modified the bomb that killed you? And Teal'c? Don't they mean anything to you?"

Daniel simply wore the rebuke. Arguing would only make things worse and Jack had succeeded in making him feel bad.

"All I'm saying is don't EVER put me in that situation again."

"Jack I..."

The Colonel cut him off with a almost murderous glare and left him standing.

FIN :(

AN: I gotta say I do believe Daniel will get an opportunity to get across his side of the story...eventually! But not any time soon, not when Jack is bouncing off the rails like that. LOL Angry Jack! I love him :) Thoughts on the Jack/Daniel dynamic in this would be good...if you can be bothered that is ;)