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The Winter War was finally over.

Aizen was defeated and sealed, never to be released.

Soul Society was finally safe from the arrancars under Aizen's control.

The Vizards, finally redeemed, either returned to Soul Society for the first time in decades or stayed in the human world to continue living as they had.

And where did this leave Ichigo? The one who actually defeated Aizen by learning the final release of his Zanpakuto? It left him standing in front of his family's clinic, watching as his shinigami friends faded from sight right in front of him, his soul reaper powers disappearing. That was the price he paid for saving the world of the living and Soul Society, his powers.

He could no longer see spirits or feel any form of reiatsu. He was normal now. For the first time in over a year. He was just like everyone else, and he hated it.

All he had wanted was to protect people. Protect his loved ones. And what was the result of wanting and succeeding in saving his friends and two worlds? He had his powers taken away from him. The very thing he had worked so hard for. Gone.

He had even lost his hollow. Though not as much as everyone thought. The shinigami didn't know what happened when his reiatsu disappeared. Ichigo wasn't feeling inclined to tell them, not that he could tell them if he wanted to; he couldn't see them after all.

But he had done something that day, the day he completely lost his powers. He had dove into his inner world for what he was sure to be the last time. He had looked around and seen the familiar skyscrapers but something was wrong. The buildings were damaged, rubble falling from the top of the buildings and into the dark water below. Ichigo turned when he felt the familiar presence and came face to face with his hollow.

The hollow wasn't smiling. He looked resigned. He knew what was going on and didn't like it one bit.

Ichigo walked up to the remaining part of his powers and held him in a crushing embrace. He didn't care if the hollow was all he had left, he was still his power. Without him Ichigo would go back to being weak. Strong for a human but still so weak compared to what he had once been.

He knew his hollow was surprised. Ichigo had always been very straight forward about his hatred of his hollow. He had never even offered the inner demon a slightly friendly expression, never trusting him in the slightest. The hollow looked into Ichigo's face when he released his demon. He must have seen something he liked for his face split into one of his patented maniacal grins. "don' worry King. I ain' goin anywhere." With that the hollow sunk into the glass of the skyscraper they were standing on.

Ichigo was confused at first, his hollow had never done such a thing. Then he noticed it, a darkness spreading out from where the hollow had disappeared. It spread to cover the huge building of Ichigo's mindscape. Where it spread the buildings changed, they repaired themselves and the windows turned black. The windows were strange, sometimes seeming to reflect light but then also absorbing light, as if they were sustaining themselves off the light. The sky darkened, grey clouds drifting through the air, partially covering a blood red moon. Ichigo looked around his new mindscape and felt strangely comforted by the dark environment.

When Ichigo left his mindscape he felt reassurance from his hollow, as if telling him he was not going to be completely weak for long.

Ichigo began to notice what the change of his mindscape and his hollow's melding into his mind had done to him. He started acting differently. He would bore incredibly easily, not finding any sense of enjoyment in the menial things he had used to enjoy. He became colder, going for days on end where he just did not feel anything at all, no feelings at all. His temper worsened, even worse than his already bad mood. He would snap at the smallest things but be perfectly fine with other things. He was amused at the actions of the people around him, how menial and worthless they were.

It wasn't until he had seen Karin take out their father and he laughed that he realized what had exactly happened to him. His sisters had looked at him with fear when he laughed, even his father looked uneasy. His laugh had been cruel, dark, sinister. Like his hollow's laugh. He raced up to his room, feeling strangely giddy as he looked into the small mirror on his dresser. He looked different. His perpetual scowl was gone, a look of cold disinterest replacing it. His eyes were not those of his hollow, rather a combination of his own chocolate color and the unnatural coloring of the hollow. The irises of his eyes were still brown but a darker color with flecks of gold in them. His eyes would turn completely gold if the light hit them right or if he was in one of his rages.

He learned to hide his changes but knew he was not completely successful. He could see it in the faces of his friends; the confused look on Tatsuki's face when she saw his eyes, the way Chad would look at him longer than necessary, how worried Orihime was when he venomously refused to let her heal his old scars, how Ishida tried to avoid his eyes as if he knew, even Keigo when he had heard Ichigo laugh and backed away slightly.

He knew he was different but found he really didn't care what others thought of the new him. Because he was a completely different, he had merged with his hollow even without his powers. He had yet to gain the power his hollow promised him but he would wait, his hollow wouldn't lie to him, they were one mind now, there was no point.

It happened one day after he came home from school. His father was launching himself at his only son as usual and Ichigo sidestepped him, swinging a hand in his direction as he passed. He turned at the sound of a crash. His father was on the steps, the door bent in the middle with a huge hole in the middle. Ichigo just stared down at his hand, wondering what had just happened. It wasn't because of his lost shinigami powers nor was it any hollow power he was aware of. His father shot up, his eyes sharp, and ran upstairs muttering something about letters. Ichigo ignored him and went to his room, he didn't have much appetite anymore, unless he went for a longer run than normal. He started working out, not wanting to lose any of the strength he had spent so long building up. He had to deal with the usual street punks who had an issue with his hair but they had not been as persistent lately, as if sensing the change in him.

Ichigo quickly forgot about the door incident, figuring his old man must have been going faster than normal. He finished his last day of school for the year, glad he finally had a break and walked home by himself. He was wary when there was no attack at the front door and made his way silently to the kitchen.

He was surprised by the sight of his father sitting and speaking with an older man with a long white beard and hair. Isshin actually civil for once, talking quietly with the old man. "Oy, what are you doing? Who's this?" The pair startled at Ichigo's question, they really must have not heard him. For an ex-captain his father was very lax.

Isshin looked up a tad nervously at his son, "This is Dumbledore Albus. He is the headmaster of a school in England. We were talking about you attending next school year."

Ichigo turned a skeptical look on the man, Dumbledore, before looking back at his father, "Why the hell would I want to go to England?"

"Because you need to be trained, my boy." Dumbledore answered, his eyes actually twinkling over his half moon glasses.

"Trained? For what?" This didn't make any sense.

Dumbledore smiled at him, "So that you do not cause harm to yourself or others. Magic can be very dangerous if not handled properly. You are a bit old to not know how to control yourself, your father and I were just discussing this."

"Magic? Are you screwing with me?"

"No he's not Ichigo. Magic is real. Those who practice magic, wizards and witches, are hidden from those who do not, they call them muggles. Your mother was not a witch but both of her parents were very good at magic. They come from a very good family of magic users. That is why you are going to be attending Dumbledore's school Hogwarts in September." His father looked serious for once. Maybe he was telling the truth.

"So what if my grandparents were magic users, that doesn't mean that I can do it." He pointed out.

"Yesterday with the door? You threw me without touching me. That is called accidental magic. You need to learn magic so that it does not happen again. If you learn magic you can use spells and other kinds of powers."

Power? Ichigo perked up at that and felt a mental smirk from the remaining bit of his hollow in his mind. "Alright, let's say I agree to go to this school, how am I going to pay for it? And I don't know anything about magic, how am I gonna fit in with the others my age?"

Dumbledore gestured for him to take a chair and he sat, "You will study over the summer to catch up with the students entering the third year. I fear trying to catch up with the students your age would be very difficult so you will enter the third year class. And about the fees, I am aware that your grandparents were rather well off and left you their vault in Gringotts."

"What is Gringotts?" He felt Dumbledore had a point about the age groups, he didn't want to try and cram several years worth of school into one summer.

"Gringotts is the wizard bank in Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley if the main shopping center for wizarding goods. You can get all the things you need for school there. You will be staying at an inn just outside of Diagon Alley until you leave for school on the first of September. We can leave as soon as you gather any things you will need for the next few months."

Ichigo stood and nodded once at the old man before heading for his room to pack. A small part of him was protesting, saying that this was happening too fast but the rest of him silenced it, saying that this was his chance for power and he wasn't going to hesitate. He was done hesitating; he would take what he wanted and deal with the consequences later.

He pulled out his suitcase and began packing, clothes, toiletries, everything he thought he needed to live his life away from home. He packed away his life into his suitcase and carried it down the stairs. "I'm ready, let's go."

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