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The Capitol

I'm on one of the trains that ran between the districts, watching the world go by mile after mile, second after second. It's the first time I'd been on a train like this. Actually, it's the first time I'd left my home district. I never realized how different each district is until I saw it for myself.

District 3 flashes by. Row upon row of factories, some abandoned, and some still under operation, clogs my view. But beyond that, nestled near the hills, is a small village. Silvery, metallic houses reflect the sun, blinding me for a moment. They seem somewhat abandoned. I wonder where everybody is. Still farther from the factories, lies what used to be the Victor's Village. The Victor's Village is a neighborhood of really nice houses given to victors of the Hunger Games. My mother lives in one. Usually, they're very desolate and empty, because either the district didn't have many victors to begin with or they were killed during the rebellion. This Victor's Village, however, seems to be overflowing with people. There were a few more miles of grasslands and power lines before District 3 was behind me.

District 2 is mountainous and rocky, with what used to be a huge mountain, known as the "Nut", lying crumbled in the center. Layers of dust and ashes cover the area near the Nut like a blanket, a cruel, silvery reminder of the lost battle. A few of the villages near the mountain are ashen and deserted. A few miles away, though, I can see life within this barren wasteland. There is a town center, with crowds of people swarming about. There are huge buildings that remind me of the factories in District 3, except these are more open and from what I know of District 2 from school, these are—were—the training grounds for potential Hunger Games tributes and Peacekeepers. I shudder at the thought of being a small child and being taught to fight and kill. The world can be so sick and cruel. Another mountain blocks my view of the District as the last miles fly by.

I realize, now, how close I'm to the Capitol. My heart starts to beat a little faster. "I can't believe I'm really doing this…" I'm so caught up in my own thoughts that I nearly miss District 1. I manage to catch some bright, clean houses and a lake shimmering like a thousand diamonds before it too disappears behind me.

The sun hits my window, momentarily blinding me. I blink, and when my eyes adjust…I see it. While the districts were beautiful, the next sight takes my breath away. The Capitol. Towering stone and glass buildings dominate my view. Colors too bright for the eyes swirl through crowds of people. Turquoise reflections off windows cast shimmering ripples on cold concrete sidewalks. My eyes widen in amazement. I simply can't believe what I'm seeing. Since the rebellion, most of the Capitol had to be rebuilt. Most of the people from the districts had wanted to "tone it down" a bit, but the Capitol citizens refused.

Still astonished, I stumble off the train and into the center of town. I follow a map I'd gotten on the train to the Communications Center. It's one of the tallest buildings, in the center of town. Its tall, grey-white walls climb nearly a hundred stories high, dark blue tinted windows make waves on the sidewalk in front of me. The waves remind me of the clear, blue waters of District 4. For a moment, I contemplate going back, back to the calm, comfortable life I'd used to live.

"No, I can't then his would have been all in vain. It's too late, no turning back. I've got to move on." I tell myself.

I walk into the building and up to the front desk. A woman with bright yellow hair-not blonde, yellow- hair sat behind the desk.

"Hello, do you have an appointment?" she asks in a perky voice. I pick up traces of the fading Capitol accent.

"Um, no. I'm here to see Plutarch Heavensbee." I tell her. "I think he may want to see me. It's very important."

She pushed a button on a machine. "Hello, Mr. Heavensbee?" she says into it. There's a garbled reply. "There's a young man here, says he needs to talk to you about something urgent."

"What's his name?" the voice, I assume Plutarch's, responds.

She looks at me expectantly. "Theseus Odair," I tell her.

"Theseus Odair, he says." The woman told Plutarch.

"Odair? Ask him how he spells it."

She looks at me again. "O-D-A-I-R. If it helps, you can tell him that my father is Finnick Odair." My chest tightens just saying his name. I wish he were here. Then I wouldn't have to be doing this and we could be home with my mother, happy.

"He says he spells it O-D-A-I-R and his father's name was Finnick."

There's a short moment of silence on Plutarch's part. Then there's a clicking sound like he's hung up.

I look at the woman awkwardly, wondering what I should do. Just before I ask her if I should leave, a dark-haired man wearing a fur-lined purple cape steps out of the elevator. He walks up to me, and his hand rushes to cover his gaping mouth. His eyes grow wide and tears start to form.

"Oh my god." He gasps. "You look just like him." He stares at me for a few more moments, then ushers me to the elevator. "Forgive me for staring, but, wow. You're his spitting image."

He leads me up to his office and shows me to a seat in front of his desk. "Oh! I've forgotten to introduce myself! I'm Plutarch Heavensbee. I worked with your father during the rebellion."

I nod. "My name is Theseus Odair; my mother is Annie Odair, or Cresta. That's her maiden name."

"Ah, Annie, I remember her. How is she? You know, I was there when she and your father were married? I coordinated the whole thing. It was lovely! Anyways, why are you here, Theseus?"

"My mother's doing very well, actually." I smile. It's not often people as how my mother is. Usually they just gape and mutter about Finnick. "And I'm here…well, I'm here because I want to learn more about my father. And I think you may be able to help me."

"Oh, it pains me to tell you this, boy, but I never really knew your father all that well. True, we worked together a lot during the rebellion, but I think your mother will know more about him than I." Plutarch says. You can hear the disappointment in his voice. "I'm afraid I can't help you."

I nod. I had feared this. "Do you know who might be able to? Maybe some of the surviving victors? Anybody?" I look at him, silently pleading that he might be able to help me.

I can give you the names of the remaining victors and which district they live in, but I'm afraid that's it. I truly am sorry, Theseus."

"Thank you, Plutarch. You have no idea how much even that is helping me." I smile. I stand up and shake his hand.

I go downstairs, and in a few minutes, Plutarch rushes over to me with a folded piece of paper. I thank him again for all his help, and leave to go catch the next train.

According to the paper, there are six remaining victors, not counting my mother. The closest one is in District 2. Her name is Enobaria. I hop on the streamlined white train and sit down in one of the black leather seats near the back.

In a few minutes, a familiar looking ash ridden mountain comes into view. When the train stops, I get out and get my first real look at District 2. Huge warehouses clutter the streets, with small stores and offices laid in between. They look so out of place among the gigantic metal buildings, like small fish among a pod of whales. It's barely visible, but you can still make out the faded writing on the warehouses. One is labeled "Archery", another is labeled "Weight Training", and so forth. These were the places used for Hunger Games training. Its haunting imagining how many people trained here, hoping it will mean their safe return home, only to be viciously murdered during the Games. Never able to see their home again.

I walk up to an older looking woman and ask her if she knows where Enobaria lives. She gives me an address in the Victor's Village. I find the place, and hope she can help me.

"Well," I think, as I rub my new bruise and climb back onto the train. "That could have gone better." As soon as I'd told Enobaria who I was and that all I wanted was some information on my father, she'd grabbed a knife and brandished it at me, screaming that she didn't want anything to do with "those rebels or there ghastly offspring". I'd tried to apologize, but she literally slammed the door in my face and given me this horrid bruise.

I climbed back on the train for what seemed like the thousandth time, slide my bags in next to be and start staring out the window at the slowly darkening sky. After about an hour, I vaguely notice a man staring at me.

He sits in the seat across the aisle from mine. He has thick, dark brown hair that falls down to the tops of his shoulders and intense grey eyes. He looks to be about forty years old. I try to ignore him as best I can, but he keeps staring at me. I focus my gaze outside, at the stars, trying to find a familiar constellation. Suddenly, I notice my reflection. Only, it isn't my reflection.

It is in a way, it has the same bronze hair and sea green eyes, but there's a more serious look to those eyes and a bit of scruff growing along his jaw. I'd just shaved this morning. It wasn't my reflection. Is it crazy to say that it looks like my father? From the look he was giving me I knew what to do.

I turned to the man beside me, and I caught him staring at me again. "Yes?" I ask.

"Oh, um, nothing. I'm sorry, it's just…you remind me a lot of someone I knew a long time ago." He says. I think he was embarrassed that he'd been staring.

"Finnick Odair?"

"Yes! How'd you know?" he asks me with a surprised expression on his face.

"I'm his son. My name is Theseus Odair."

"Really? Oh, wow…"

"How did you know him?"

"He was in my unit during the rebellion. He was also a good friend of Ka-another good friend of mine."

"Really?" This guy just may be the answer to my prayers. My father had told me to talk to him. That was him in the window. He is a blessing. "What's your name?"

"Gale Hawthorne."

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