Harvey Specter had never given much thought to the meaning of beautiful.

After all, pretty women practically threw themselves at him; he was top of this class at Harvard Law with well-known connections to Jessica Pearson, head of one of New York's most successful law firms. He was just days away from starting his work there as one of her first associates.

The fact that he had a gorgeous body, great hair, and excellent fashion taste was just a plus.

So, no, if you asked him what beautiful was, he wouldn't really have an answer. At least, until he met her.

Then Harvey would tell you beautiful was cascading strawberry blond hair, coffee brown eyes, ivory skin, and slender eyebrows that arched in perfectly disdainful contempt.

Because when Harvey met Donna the first thing he thought was 'beautiful'. Of course that didn't stop him from making an ass of himself.

Donna was then in the employment of David Cranford. The guy was a creep, with hands and eyes that always lingered just a little too long on all the wrong places. But first year secretaries were first year secretaries and Donna would be damned if one bad assignment kept her from going somewhere in this firm.

That didn't stop Cranford from being leery and everyone knowing it. Of course, the brilliant Harvey Specter considered himself above the man, even if David held the title of Junior Partner to Harvey's associate. But Cranford was going nowhere soon, while Harvey was on the fast track to success.

If Cranford was below Harvey then his secretary was out of the question, no matter how beautiful she was. It was Harvey's first day and, cockiness aside, he was working his ass off to prove himself. But damn, if the work wasn't hard. Harder because half the Junior Partners hated him for being Jessica's protégé and took their revenge through dumping twice, no three times as much work on Harvey as anyone else. He figured that he could save himself some extra time and maybe even grab some sleep by having a secretary make some of his endless copies for him.

In a flawless suit that he spent half of college saving up for just so he could be far and away the best dressed associate, Harvey sauntered up to an impeccable desk. Donna sat with fingers flying, her eyes never once leaving the screen to eye the nearing associate. He stood at her desk for a full minute, his easy grin not even flickering in response to Donna's chill. He figured she would look up from pure curiosity if nothing else. It was only afterward that he considered she might have simply glanced at him because she had nothing else to do at that precise point in time, having finished her last task of the day (in record time, of course).

"Yes?" Her question was pointed, indicating that he should get straight to the point. Donna hated small talk.

"I was hoping you wouldn't mind running these down to the copy room for me. I got a lot on my plate right now and thought maybe you'd be willing to lend a hand to an overworked associate."

His smooth tone and self-pity did nothing to charm the woman in front of him. Her expression changed not once throughout his spiel, thoughts hidden behind an angular face. She waited until she was certain he was done talking. Then she waited some more, stretching out the silence between them. Finally Harvey shifted his weight from one foot to the other and she knew what was coming.

"So-" He didn't even get the first word out before a perfectly manicured finger snapped up to cut him off. She looked at him for another few moments, and he lost his patience.

"What the hell are you looking at me like that for!" he exclaimed, ignoring the reproachful finger in front of him.

"Searching" she replied, with utmost serenity, just barely lifting an eyebrow in response to his outburst.

"Need glasses?" He regained some of his usual composure.

"No, I have 20/20 vision, but I still can't see a single shred of intelligence that you are rumored to have."

His flash of surprise from her answer didn't show for long. It was soon replaced by a slow grin that looked genuine in comparison to his former smirk.

"You should know better than to listen to rumors"

"Well, I do now. I admit, I was hoping for something other than classic Harvard, but I guess a girl can't have everything."

Prepared this time, he didn't let his flash of disappointment show. Unfortunately for Harvey, Donna wasn't quite done with the confident associate.

He had made the mistake of resting the file in question on the edge of her desk. She leaned forward with grace and, while deliberately maintaining eye contact, blew just hard enough to send the folder tumbling to the ground. Harvey was not yet experienced enough to hide his dismay as his carefully organized papers crashed into disarray. He knelt, gathered them into some form of order, and then rose to meet Donna's eyes a last time before returning to his cubicle.

Donna initially dismissed him as another Harvard robot, with too much confidence and not enough sense. She was slightly impressed with his basic control of emotions, though it was nowhere near her acting abilities. But what struck her, and left her thinking of the young associate, was the way he looked at her before turning back down the hallway.

It wasn't the anger, indignation or fear that she had seen in the other unfortunates who had been stupid enough to try to give her orders. It had been more along the lines of… fascination? Admiration, even? So the boy can appreciate talent, so what? She thought to herself, a little angry at her inability to get him out of her head.

It was admiration in his eyes. Harvey kept his emotions out of Donna's view, but when he placed his back in between her probing gaze and his face, he let a very real smile spread. Sure, that had been kind of embarrassing, but, hell, he had always known to learn from his mistakes. He'd be damned if he made that one again. Humiliation aside, the whole thing had been kinda funny. He enjoyed having someone who would talk back. He needed practice since all the other associates either retorted with nothing even resembling wit, or took his insults like they were compliments. He privately promised himself that next time he would show her what the real Harvey Specter talked like; the eloquent associate who always had an answer, talked just enough trash, and always, always, got the last word.

The next morning found Donna looking down at a fantastic bouquet of flowers. She looked with bemusement at the array of pink and white orchids, wondering who knew precisely what color and type of flowers she liked. It was all very tastefully arranged in an exquisite glass vase that looked to be more than a little pricey. There was note placed in the center, reading: "Don't push this off your desk, it'll take me a bit longer to clean up" in neat but elegant script

Her head snapped up, eyes narrowing as she scanned the hall. He was leaning on a wall casually chatting with a few of the older partners who seemed to be seriously engaged in whatever he was saying. As the two elder men walked off, apparently discussing whatever he had told them, his gaze slowly shifted to meet her scathing glare. He winked unabashedly, grinning like the Cheshire Cat before strolling back to his computer.

Only when he was safely out of sight did Donna let a smile unfurl across her face.

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