The wonders Science

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Summary: A gift to a married couple opens doors and reunites a broken family

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A figure shrouded in a robe like the rest of the Hogwarts students, Strolled up to meet the Maureders plus Lily.

What made this person stand out was the robes they wore had a hood as well, this hood was used to cover the figures features, a curious look was on the groups faces, as the figure went to Lily and nodded in greeting then handed her a hourglass, James felt as if someone was courting his girl and opened his mouth to comment, before he could the figure turned and handed him a hourglass as well with some rolled up parchment. Shocked, James looked at the parchment it said "congratulations to the married couple and hoped they would like the hourglass necklaces" (during this read the figure left) the young couple blushed, after some comments from Sirius... which they ignored a comment form Remus gave them a thought, the comment being "James. Lily you should check these gifts for any... (here Remus [not wanting to offend the figure] ever the Diplomat put the words in a polite way) tampering" James felt it was abit much, bit Lily gave the idea thought {credit}, and announcced she would present the gifts to the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore for inspection.

A few mins later in the Headmaster`s office...

Dumbledore understood the reason for worry what with a certain someone out causing trouble to the Magical World {And muggle one}

Said a few spells at the gifts... the silence was broken by two voices "well?" said James and Sirius.

" They are harmless, you may wear them if you wish, I would advise you do so, it would be rude to the person who sent {gave} you the gifts"

Dumbledore said with a eyetwinkle.

The group left with thanks... well thanks from Lily and Remus, James and Sirius were discussing a game of Quidditch having been bored with the long wait they automatically followed Lily out.

Unnoticed Dumbledore mutters harmless yes, but beneficial that is another matter alltogether, necklaces with mild age rejuvinating energy would be most helpfull.

Timeskip to Halloween {the night they died}

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