Author notes:ok I thought this was bigger, then again I did write this that is written on paper:) made an error the title of chap one should be "The Wonders of Science"

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Chapter 2 : Clone Recipe :1 part Science power with magic add liquid mix, leave subjects to awaken

We now go to the night of halloween where just outside a... figure has appeared who swiffly hides.

Some figures stroll up to the door of one Lily and James, {one figure seperates} then proceeds to carry out his wrath... unnoticed a figure in hiding whispers a few words fiddles with a watch, activating the hourglasses they gave Lily and James about a minute ago then they vanish into the night leaving an area of chaos and green flashes as first James then Lily fall the true function of the hourglasses activate after Voldemorts defeat, {his followers run for it,the hourglasses flash}, the flash from the hourglasses was abit of magic {and science} that unnoticed {had} scan{ed} James and Lily from head to toe while they were alive.

With Voldemort out of sight a strange thing happens James and Lily`s bodies glow then the glow vanishes and the hourglasses shatter as energy leaves them.

The Energy travels to a [house] {building/Mansion} with some storage tanks, it settles in the liquid inside the tanks, two bodys form inside one James and Lily.

The figure walks in and after checking life signs and the like, the figure drains the tanks, coughing up water James and Lily wake up to the sight of the cloaked figure.

The figure speaks informing them thatthe hourglasses were devices which had the function of cloning, James is baffled, {Lily explains then} Lily exclaims that the hourglasses were checked for magic, "yes" the figure says "but this is Science", Lily looks around and says "Harry, where`s Harry?" the figure states "Harry`s back at the house", at the alarmed looks [of James and Lily] the figure quiclky explains Harry`s survival and the defeat of Voldemort, James and Lily are quite happy about Harry`s survival, confused but happy, the figure informs them that infortunatly thet died and [states that even tho they are clones they will have to] then points at a mirror where both James and Lily discover they are both the same age as Harry meaning toddlers... "Oops"