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Naruto and Hinata had been going strong ever since the incident and everything had been fine. They had been closer then ever and Naruto hadn't attended training because the baby would be coming and he would have to give her his undivided attention. He was really excited. Finally another thing to love. He had something he could call his own.

Sakura had been shut out once more.

Naruto was definitely worth it.

She went to go knock on the door and on the way heard constant infantry crying. It was done.



"Naruto!" She began to bang and finally he opened the door after five minutes. She fell to her knees in disappointment.

"I just wanted to tell you congratulations on you're new born…. That's all."

Naruto knew Sakura was a very bad liar. And he could here the sarcasm in her voice as she stood up and straightened her dress.

"Thanks. But ah… I was actually coming over to talk to you…"

He trailed off and his eyes wandered from the ground to her face that was covered in tears. He walked to her and cupped her face. "I know those aren't tears of joy Sakura."

She hated how he could see right through her. Even when she was trying with all her might to hide her emotions from him.

They began walking to the forest and soon came to a stop at a waterfall.

Naruto kept catching secret glances at Sakura as she softly kicked the water. Finally breaking the silence he spoke.

"Why the hell didn't you just tell me you were in love with me before? Instead of trying to burn down me and Hinata's relationship. That wasn't cool Sakura."

Sakura bit her lip. She never even turned to look at him.

"I… I don't know. You shut me out. Kakashi sensei shut me out. I'm finally seeing Sasuke's true colors. But you're so focused on Hinata and you're baby…"

He squinted his eyes.

"Why didn't you just tell me you felt this way before? We could have avoided all the negative… I could have told you I loved you too."

She closed her eyes tightly as she thought over his words. "I could have said…. I could have…"She repeated aloud.

"I could have stayed out you're way. I could have ruined something so perfect… you and hinata are so good together. I mean, she never gave up on you. Ever. Even when the whole village including myself only thought of you as a waste of life. And I don't anymore. I do love you. I have feelings for you and they are killing every time I watch you be with another woman. My feelings kill me because you're happy. But it's not because of me. I've gone crazy. All because of you. And now it's too late. You have you're baby."

Naruto sighed.

"That may be true. Every word you said was absolutely true."

She opened her eyes as tears fell again.

"But that doesn't mean I'll love you any less. Sakura… from the jump I knew there was something special about you. I just had no idea what. And you've matured over the years I have known you. You're a one of a kind. And I don't want to lose you…. I need you. I really need you. And I can't stand to see you like this. Especially since its all my fault." He leaned in and kissed Sakura's cheek gently.

"So you don't love me any less?" She choked out as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Not a bit." He whispered as he began stroking head gently. He rested his back on the log behind him, and slowly, they both fell asleep right there. Two ordinary friends.

Sasuke had came from seeing the mental nurse and saw the two asleep on his way home. And even though no expression on his face showed, he smiled. You just couldn't see it.

Okay. That concludes this story. I am back. I know you missed me. ACCADEMICS. My mom forbid me to g on my ff net account until my important school work was done.