Charm Princess

Chapter 1

I haven't seen a "Charm Princess" in the AT universe yet, so I decided to create her.

It was a totally boring and uneventuful day in Aaa, and everyone was totally bored.

Fionna and Cake, who were among the totally bored, were laying in the grass, staring at the clouds.

Yes, the day was that boring.

"Okay that one's a sword," Fionna stated, pointing at the clouds "and...that one's a diamond, and that one's a dog."

"That one's a fish." Cat said pointing a cloud

"You always find a fish cloud." Fionna said looking at Cake

"Well duh," Cake replied looking back "I am a cat."

Suddenly, the were covered by the shade.

"Huh?" Fionna uttered

It was then Marshall Lee looked down at them while holding a black umbrella over himself.

"Boo." he said

"Oh," Fionna responded "hi Marshall Lee."

"What are you doing out in the middle of the day?" Cake asked

"I'm totally bored." the vampire said

"Yeah," Fionna said "so are we."

"Totally." Cake added

Cake's tail suddenly started twitching.

"I think something's about to happen." the cat said

"Really?" Fionna said

"Yeah," Cake said "can we go check out the Candy Kingdom."

"Okay." Fionna said

"I think I'll pass." Marshall Lee said

"Oh, come on Marshall," Fionna begged, grabbing his hand "come with us."

Marshall Lee twitched and pulled his hand away.

"Fine," he muttered, slightly flustered "touching not necessary."

The only way for something to become interesting is for it to start out boring. If only Twilight were the same way...yes, I know, I'm a die-hard Twilight hater. Sorry if anyone here likes it, I myself just royally hate it.