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I clutched her hand in mine after killing the engine of the car. I looked over at her and saw her nibbling her lip in that fuck-hot way that always led to my having issues thinking about anything other than sex. If it wasn't our usual drinking-with-friends-night, I would have turned the ignition and broken OJ's record for flight-speed record to get home, and fuck the shit out of my girl.

"I really don't think I'm ready for this." Bella shifted in the seat and just looked flat out uncomfortable.

"What? Why not?"

She sighed heavily and I couldn't take my eyes off her chest, as wrong as that may have been, I couldn't. "Bella, these are our friends – and my family, too. It's not like you're meeting them for the first time."

"Right, but . . . God, this is so bad, but . . . I would so much rather go home and violate one of the rooms left unviolated."

A deep chuckle rumbled in my chest broke out. "At last count, there was just dining room and the spare bedroom."

She slapped her hand against my bicep and tried to act unamused. It wasn't working. "Exactly my point. Can't we violate those rooms and then tell our friends?"

I gently stroked my thumb over the top of her wrist. "Bella? Are you nervous about them knowing we're together?"

She chewed the inner corner of her mouth and cast her eyes to the cup holder. "Aren't you?"

I let go of her hand just long enough to stroke her cheek. "Sure, but these are our friends and I'm positive they only want the best for us."

Her brow rose high. "Even Rose?"

"She's not a friend."

"She's not even human," Bella said. The tense expression in her brows lifted. "She's Satan's daughter."

"Don't be stupid; Satan never completed the DNA test on that shit. Even he didn't want her."

Bella's light chuckle filled the car and I knew she was starting to relax. There was a slight pause, and then she asked, "You think your sister is going to hit ear-piercing screaming levels?"

I shrugged my shoulder. "Maybe, but if she does, I'll just ask her about the wedding and that should shut her up." I offered her a smile then searched her eyes. "It's going to be okay. You'll see. Nothing to it. It's just you and me and our friends, at our local watering hole, out like always."

"Sure," she started. "Except this time, they'll know we're hooking up."

"Yeah, but now we don't have to hide the dirty texting and filthy fucking looks we want to give each other." I wagged my brows with the campiest look possible on my face, knowing it would make her laugh.

"Oh God. Stop, okay? Just stop. I may never sleep with you again if you keep looking like that." She started to open her door, and then said, "And to think I wanted to take that shit home and violate your grandmother's mahogany dining table. Ugh!"

The bar was much louder than usual. Either that or Bella and I had spent so much time away, it only seemed louder. There were the usual suspects sitting at their usual tables, and a few unfamiliar faces mixed in. I held Bella's hand as we weaved our way through the clusters of people all aiming to press flesh with another body that night. We found our group of friends seated where they always were, laughing, and clearly a few drinks in. Bella's hand slipped out of mine and when I turned to look at her, she smiled nervously and quickly took my hand again. She was more nervous than she was letting on.

"So I said to the girl, 'Honey, if you want to ride something that swells, I've got about twelve inches of wood for you." Emmett slammed his fist on the table and howled with laughter. Jasper laughed along with him, and Alice rolled her eyes.

"Really, Emmett? Do you kiss Mom with that mouth?" she asked.

"Really, Alice? You kiss Mom with the same mouth you blow him with?" Emmett fired back with a gesture to Jasper.

Alice's eyes went wide and for a moment, she looked like she was going to kill him. That is, until she noticed Bella.

"Holy Cristal! It's Bella! Oh, and Edward," she said, dropping her excitement when she saw me. Sometimes I wanted to smack my sister straight upside the head, damn little pixie.

Emmett stood up and clapped his hand on my back. "Nice of you to finally show you ugly mug again. What? Did you have some naughty girl have you chained up in her basement or was it the other way around?"

"You pig!" Alice punched Emmett in the gut and turn to her nature; she shifted gears faster than a racecar driver. "Bella! Who is he and why have I heard nothing about him? I thought I was your best friend!"

"You are," Bella answered with hesitation in her voice. "I just . . . you know, wanted to keep it to myself for a while."

Alice's gasp probably sucked half the oxygen out of the world. "Oh my God! So there is a guy! Okay. I'm going to get us some serious shots and chasers, and then you are going to dish!"

Alice hopped of her bar stool and practically raced to the bar. Bella gave me a look seemed to beg the earth to open up and swallow us.

"Last time I saw Tinker Bell move that fast, there was a sale on Jimmy Choo's at Saks." Emmett started snort laughing, and Jasper joined in.

"I really shouldn't laugh at my fiancé's expense like that," Jasper added quickly and with guilt.

Emmett leaned into the table. "Dude, if you don't laugh now, you'll never survive marriage."

Jasper looked over his shoulder, and then slowly, a deep and full belly chuckle erupted. "You have no idea the burning desire in me to call her Tinker Bell, Emmett. Every stinking time I see little green flats, I want to buy them for her," Jasper confided through staggered breaths and wheezes. "Did I tell you the joke I played on her? I got my buddy to block the fashion sites on her laptop using some kiddie-internet safety software. She couldn't look at fashion blogs for three days. She was losing her mind!"

Emmett slammed his fist on the table and howled once again. "And you didn't tape that shit? That's classic! Who knew you were so damn devious, bro!"

"I love her, believe me, but there's only so much I can take of freedom fabrics and wedges. It was the best three fashion-free days of my life." Jasper seemed like a kid confessing to stealing the last cookie two minutes before dinner with his confession.

Emmett, not one to miss a beat, immediately started to conspire with Jasper on a prank he'd been thinking about pulling on our sister. I took that moment to text Bella.

All we have to do is tell them, deal with their reactions, and then I can take you home. You okay so far?

"And then we need about six gallons of cooking oil," Emmett added. I was glad I didn't hear the first part of this plan. Plausible deniability was critical in siblingdom.

"Won't that stain the sheets?" Jasper, ever the innocent asked.

"Who gives a rat's fart? You gotta think of the bigger plan here – pranking my sister!"

My phone buzzed in my hand and I didn't waste a second reading the message.

I'm going to need a drink and something stiff. Alice has the drink done, you gonna supply the stiff one?

I didn't bother to hide the smirk. You remember what we did in the bathroom here, don't you?

After setting my phone on the table, I kept my eye on Bella and watched as she read my message. Her eyes went wide for a second before that fucking hot-ass blush crept over her cheeks. I looked at her with hungry eyes that traveled over here body, mentally plotting what I was going to do to her when I got her home later. When she got dress for the night, I was tempted to ask her to wear a skirt, but I know my dick wouldn't survive a night of watching her cross and uncross her legs, her ass wiggling on the stool as she tried to keep her movements fluid and smooth. And knowing Bella, she's go sans panties, which would only add to my frustration and tent situation. No, tonight she'd played it safe and casual and opted for jeans and a simple top, but there was nothing simple about the fuck-me heels she was wearing. I'd always thought women wore animal prints because they thought men found it sexy. James, Emmett, and I spent one summer afternoon getting baked in our old treehouse debating the merits of animal prints on girls versus leather skirts. True to form, Emmett asked why they had to wear anything at all; I was still trying to figure out why we thought sparking up one hundred feet from our backdoor was such a smart idea. James was deep in thought, weighing the merit of both equally before deciding that it probably went back to hunters and gatherers time. If a woman looked like what cavemen hunted, surely we would look at them first. While I'd been a little too stoned at the time to realize it, he was probably right.

Even with that, I'd never personally been a fan of leopard or cheetah print anything. Not until Bella pulled out those ass-jacking, one-step-away-from-stripper-heels shoes. As soon as she put them on, she grew at least six inches, her tits pushed forward more, and her ass seemed rounder and begging to be slapped. And here I was, sitting less than four feet away from her, trying to be good, while she twirled her foot in small circles, drawing my attention to the fucking shoes and the images they made me see – tits and ass.

My phone buzzed against the table and pulled me from my thoughts.

Ever thought about fucking me on a pool table? Corner pockets would be great leverage points.

Holy hard dick in church; what that girl did to me.

Only if you wear those fucking shoes, Bella.

My eyes met hers and through her smoldering gaze, she winked.

"Seriously! Can someone please tell those Valley fuckers to go find their own bar? And really, neon is soooo last season. God, I hate those posers," Alice said as she slammed four drinks down on the table.

"Have a good trip, sis?" Emmett asked, egging her on. "Make some friends?"

Alice growled and her eyes narrowed.

"Easy, Tink. It's only a joke." Emmett's mouth twisted as he tried to hide his amusement.

"Shut it, Peter Pan." She looked at Bella. "Honestly, why God thought I needed a brother that never grew up is beyond me. So—" she shook her head as if to clear it "—we have the drinks, now you need to start talking. Who's the mystery man?"

"Well, it's kind of a funny story, really. Um . . . I, uh . . . I already knew him –"

"You already knew him?"

Bella's eyes apprehensively met mine for a second. "Yeah, funny how that happens, isn't it?"

Alice started bouncing in her chair. "Is he hot? Is he good in bed? Oh my God, he has to be! We haven't seen you for weeks! He's got to be a flipping rock star in the sack!" Alice slammed one of the shots and leaned closer to Bella. "Tell me all about him – starting with the sex!"

"Jesus, Alice!" Emmett looked slightly appalled. "Is that all a man is to you? A living, breathing, non-vibrating toy in the bedroom for you?" He shook his head. "Jas, I feel for you, man. Here I thought your biggest issue with her was her never-ending energy level. Who knew you were one step away from death-by-fucking."

Alice shot Emmett a hard look. "So says the man who got caught screwing Lauren Mallory on the bleachers an hour after state championship and 'accidentally' wrecked Dad's a week later because the same said hoe-bag was giving him a 'blowy'," she said as she made air quotes with her fingers.

Emmett started to chuckle again. "God, those were great times. That girl was game for anything. Remember her, Edward?"

With my eyes on Bella, I said, "What I remember was how you tried to convince James to tell Dad he wrecked the car racing for pink slips. Who races for 'pinks' anymore, Em?"

"Brainless dorks like him," Alice said in that annoyed sibling tone I'd heard every day of my life. "Bella, maybe we should go somewhere else so we can talk?"

Bella looked around, then at me, then Alice. "Like where? This place is packed."

"The bathroom is a great place for privacy," Jasper suggested. I swear as he did, he gave me a knowing look.

"Ew. No! The bathroom here is skeazy. Can you image spending any time in there outside of peeing?"

"Personally, no. But I'm sure some people have spent some quality time in there." Again, Jasper looked right at me and I knew, without question, it was intentional.

"Hey, Tinker Bell. How about you shut up and just let the girl talk? Every time she tried to tell you anything, your mouth starts moving." Emmett was in the zone – the pick-on-you-sister-and-make-her-nuts zone.

"For fucks sake. She's back?" Rose snarled out.

"Oh, hello, Satan. Hell give you a night off?" Bella sneered.

Rose glared as she slithered up next to Emmett. "Hey baby, sorry that took so long." She moved to kiss my brother, but as she did, she locked her eyes on me.

"All good, baby. We were just trying to get Alice to shut up long enough so Bella could tell us about this guy she's dating." Emmett, blind to a damn fault, never saw how loaded telling Rose that was.

Rose settled into Emmett and her dead eyes settled on my girl. "Oh really? Get back together with that gutter mongrel you were dating, did you? Seems only fitting. What travels in the gutter stays in the gutter."

"Rosey, come on, girl. We haven't seen either of them in weeks. Play nice, okay?" Emmett asked.

"Fine, fine," Rose said, wiping the air dismissively with her hand. "Please, Bella, by all means; tell us about the trailer trash you're dating."

"Drop it, Rose," Edward warned.

Rose shifted like a snake against Emmett. Frankly, it was the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen. "Really, Edward, I've never understood why you were so soft with this one. You know she's beneath you."

My willingness to deal with Rose was gone. "Rose, what the fuck is your problem?"

She looked shocked. "Excuse me?"

"There is no excuse for you," Bella fired off. "Why do you hate me so much? What? Because I was there for Edward when you fucked him over?"

"Because you exist at all, you whore." Rose's face twisted in anger. "You show up and suddenly, Edward is all over you. The new girl; the shiny new toy begging to be played with. What the hell is so special about you?"

Bella's eyes went cold. "I'm not you, for a start."

Rose moved off Emmett's hip and stood straight up. "That the best you got?"

"I just started," Bella replied coolly.

Rose did some kind of neck-head twisty thing that reminded me of something I'd seen in a reptile house as a kid. My girl didn't move. Not. One. Inch.

The stare down between them was intense and I had a feeling if it came down to a catfight, Bella would win. She was seething, boiling under the surface, and months of hearing Rose's crap had finally spilled over. Rose was out-matched, out witted, and her reign over Bella was done.

"Well? I'm waiting," Rose bated.

Even if I'd planned it, even if all the luck of the damn Irish was on my side, I never, not in a trillion years could've planned what happened next.

A guy, still probably testing out his ID after turning 21 headed, to our table, smiling like he's not only swallowed the canary, he's swallowed an entire cage full.

"Rosalie!" With all the grace of a newborn foal, he wedged himself between Emmett and Rose. Everyone noticed. "I'm freakin' glad I found you. You left my car before I could get your number."

Okay, what?

"I'm sorry, you clearly think I'm someone else," Rose said, the color draining from her face.

"Really? He said your name?" Bella said pointedly. "Seems like he knows you."

"Are these your friends? Hey, I'm Riley! I just met Rosalie, isn't that right, hot pants?"

Rose wanted to run; I could see it in her eyes, but this kid wasn't letting her move an inch. His hand rested comfortably, and if I didn't know better, familiarly around her waist.

"Rosie, you didn't mention meeting anyone new," Emmett said, trying to break the awkward that descended at our table.

Rose didn't open her mouth as she spoke. "I didn't. He's mistaken."

"Ha! Mistaken? There was no mistaking that we knew each other in my car just now!" Riley said, clearly missing the fact that Emmett, the Hulk boyfriend, was sitting solidly on his flank. He leaned in so his lips were dangerously close to her ear. "By the way, you left your panties on my gear shift. I've got them in my pocket."

Emmett sat up straight and looked at the guy. "Whoa! Hold on, buddy. Did you just say you had her panties – my girlfriend's panties – in your pocket?"

Riley dropped his hand from Rose's waist and took a step back. "Hold up. Your girlfriend?"

"Yeah." Emmett stood up and I swear the man grew a foot tall and wide. "My girlfriend."

Riley went green. "Hey man, she never said she was dating anyone."

"Did she fall and land on your dick, too?" Bella asked referring back to a comment so often made about Rose cheating on me with Emmett.

Rose's chin dropped slightly to her chest and her eyes were on fire. "Buddy, I don't know you. Walk away right now before my boyfriend tears you to shreds, got it?"

Riley looked at Jasper then me to see if he had any form of back up should Emmett attack. Then he started laughing. "Are fucking playing me? You're playing me, right? This is some joke my frat brothers are pulling, isn't it? You totally got me! Totally got me!" His hand pushed into his pocket and he pulled out something that was very pink. "Here's your panties, lady. I hope my buddies paid you enough. No college girl I know can fuck like that – especially in a Mini Cooper." With that, he turned and actually clasped Emmett on the shoulder. "Good work, Hulk. I actually believed you were her boyfriend, too." Then he was gone, disappearing into the crowd.

Rose's eyes went wide and I think she stopped breathing. Hell, I think we all did. I focused on Emmett who remained standing, staring at the underwear on the table. His breaths were slow, his expression unreadable.

"Rose?" He spoke so quietly, I was sure he wasn't aware he was speaking.

Rose snapped out of her trance and turned to him, placing her hands on his chest. "Baby?"

Emmett didn't budge. "You really did sleep with that guy, didn't you?"

"NO! I didn't!" She reached up to touch his face, but he moved away from her.

"You did. I know you did because I bought you those panties for your." Emmett still hadn't looked at her. Instead, his eyes focused on the ball of satin on the table next to his beer.

Rose flashed a panicked look at the rest of us, seeking help that wasn't going to come. "Emmett, baby; let me explain!"

Emmett shook his head then looked at her. "No, there is no explaining. You didn't have to take a call, you had to go fuck some stranger in a bar parking lot. You know, I thought it was wrong what we did when you were with Edward, but I wanted you so badly and thought I was the luckiest man because you wanted me, too. I was too wrapped up in you and your manipulations to see you for what you really are. I'm just lucky my brother forgave me because if the tables were turned, I don't think I could have."

"Emmett! Please, let me explain!"

"No. You're done, Rose. We're done. Over. You used to me to cheat on my brother, you pick on Bella all the damn time, and you just played me. We're fucking over." He turned to me with a look I'd never seen before on my brother – helplessness.

"Emmett!" Rose pleaded. She gave it all of a second before the venomous bitch syndrome kicked in. "You know what? Fuck you. Fuck all of you! You're all so fucking beneath me, it's ridiculous!"

She started to walk away when Bella stopped her. She had gone all of five feet. "Rose! You forgot your panties!" Bella shouted into the crowded bar. "Wouldn't want you to think you left them in another random guy's car!"

Rose's eyes flashed with such fury I was actually afraid she was going to turn into that mutant that can shoot lasers out of their eyes. A few people in the bar heard Bella's comment, started chuckling, and point at Rose as she fought to get out of the bar as fast as possible.

If I had to guess, I'd say a good fifteen seconds passed before any of us were able to speak. The first person to say anything was Emmett. "Well, I didn't know I'd be taking out the trash tonight," he said as he picked the panties off the table with his index finger and thumb and carried it to the nearest garbage can. When he came back to the table, we all sat for a second, unsure what to say next.

Once again, Emmett broke the ice. "Well, now that that shit is over . . . back to the guy Bella's balling."

Alice almost spit her drink out, but this was classic Emmett. Roll with the punches as they happened and deal with their consequences later.

"Emmett!" Alice spluttered.

"What? Not like we're going to spend the night rehashing what just happened with . . . what did you call her, Bella?"

Bella snort laughed. "What didn't I call her?"

Emmett smiled and pushed on. "So out with it. Alice won't stay stunned for long. Clock is ticking."

Bella blinked blankly, trying to get her verbal footing would be my guess. "Uh . . . okay. Um . . . where was I?"

"Bella, stop!" Alice interrupted. "Emmett, don't you want to talk about what just happened?"

"Oh for Sam Houston's sake, darling!" Jasper said. "You need to give your brother some space and give Bella the chance to tell everyone she's seeing Edward!"

Bella's eyes looked as wide as mine felt. "I'm sorry?" I questioned.

"What?" Bella echoed.

"Noooooo." Emmett looked like this was the best bit of gossip he'd heard in years. He also looked like he'd completely forgotten what just happened with Rose.

"Jasper! That's not true," Alice said, not believing him.

Jasper gave me an apologetic look. "Alice, darling, I love you, but sometimes you gotta let people talk."

"But Edward and Bella?" Alice questioned. She looked between the two of us for confirmation.

Bella smiled shyly. "It's true, Alice."

I felt Emmett's hand land on my shoulder a second before he started jostling me side to side. "You dog! You and Bella? For how long, man?"

"A while," I said, purposely trying to be vague lest I let them know how things really got started between us.

Alice looked hurt. "And you never told me? What the heck, Bella?"

"Darling, when would you have given her a chance to? You've had your mind consumed by the wedding." Jasper knew. That son of a gun knew.

"But . . . but . . . ." she spluttered. "Oh my God! This is huge!" She threw her arms around Bella and gave her one hell of a bear hug. "Wait a second. Jasper? How did you know and I didn't?"

Jasper shared a conspiratorial look with me, then Bella. He knew. He'd known since that night in the bathroom here at the bar and never said a damn word. Talk about circle of trust. For the first time since I'd met him, I understood him. Jasper was a man of few words but nothing slipped passed him. He was a quiet observer, taking 100% of the world around him in. He was the balance to Alice's constant talking and constant movement. Yup, he was perfect for her and I'd just realized how much.

"I'm not without my ways, sweet girl. And if I'm being honest, I'm picking up on some vibes from you lately that maybe this wedding has gotten a bit bigger than you'd wanted." He put his arm around her, and placed a kiss on her cheek. "I'm all for a quiet little wedding back on my family's ranch, right by the lake. Maybe at sunset. Just us and a preacher."

Alice's eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Jasper! It has, it really has. I wanted something special and small and those damn magazines fill your head with all sorts of stuff that just isn't needed. Can we do that? Just us at the lake? Really?"

My God. How did the man do it?

"Absolutely, darling." Jasper's smile was as big as Texas itself as Alice threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

"Does this mean I don't have to wear a monkey suit now?" Emmett deadpanned.

I closed the front door and turned the lock. Bella sat on the couch and kicked those incredibly sexy ass jackers off. "Was it just me or were you expecting something . . . more?"

I joined her on the couch. "You mean about telling them about us?"

"Yeah! I mean, how often do you find out that your friends are dating –let alone your best friend and brother?" Bella didn't seem annoyed, but she did seem stunned.

"Well, maybe it's like Jasper said. Maybe they all could sense it but didn't see it. Frankly, I'm more shocked at how fast Alice canned the idea of her mega wedding for something so . . . rustic."

"Right?" Bella scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, then ran her hand over mine. "Think they made it out of the bar? They seemed like they were headed to the bathroom or a backseat when we left them."

"Holy shit! Rose!"

"Bella, dumbass, and don't you dare call me Rose again," Bella teased.

I slapped my hand against my forehead. "Shit! I always forget that. Where you the one that slept with my brother or was that her, I can't remember."

Bella's elbow landed firmly and swiftly in my ribs. "Ass. See if I sleep with you ever again."

"Huh. I think you really might be Rose. She said the same thing to me once." I had to turn away from her to hide my smile.

I heard Bella growl as she got up. "Screw you, Cullen."

"Babe! Where are you going? Don't go away mad," I teased.

"Just go away, right?" she said through a giggle. "I'm getting some water. You want anything?"

"I'm good, thanks."

As soon as she was out of the room, I started to turn the lights out. I had her alone, in my house, and our friends knew we were a couple. What had started out as a friendship moved into something so much more. I'd fallen in love with my best friend and life was perfect.

Well, Almost.

I looked into the kitchen and saw Bella filling the water pitcher. She'd be there for a while waiting for the water to pass through the filter into the pitcher. She stood at the sink, looking at her phone, probably checking her email or texts.

"Seriously, though, that bitch had it coming. I feel bad for Emmett," Bella said, getting back to why I'd brought Rose up.

"He's a tough guy; he'll survive. I'm thankful he finally saw her for what she was, even though it was harsh."

"True, but can you imagine if it hadn't happened? God, it would've sucked if he'd married her."

"I would've stopped him before that happened." I grabbed my phone and started typing.

What the hell is taking so long?

"I'm just glad the cow is gone. Fucking Medusa. What a bitch. Can you believe she hooked with some Captain Random in the parking lot? I guess I can believe it; bitch never had much class."

My phone buzzed and I knew she'd been texting me back while talking.

My dumbass boyfriend loves to leave the filtered water pitcher empty and was too lazy to buy bottled water. I'll be 80 by the time I'm done in here.

I stifled my laughter at her text, and replied.

He sounds like a real winner. You should ditch him.


Well, mostly I keep him around because he's killer in the sack.

Damn right, I am. I

Seriously though. I have a question for you.


I think I've already said yes to sleeping with you, Eddie. :P Done it before and will do it tonight.

Oh, Bella. If only you had a clue. Which you don't, because you'll never have seen this coming.

Really? Alert the papers! Edward Cullen Is Getting Some!


Seriously? Did you just type that? Was that really your question? You knew I was going to spend the night tonight, dork.

"Here goes nothing, Cullen," I whispered to myself.

How about every night?


Every night for what?

I pulled in a deep breath as I typed.

Move in with me.

I expected to hear a buzz from my phone, or a comment from the kitchen. Instead, I heard nothing. I closed the text screen and opened it again, then checked to make sure the sound was up on my phone. All systems go except she was fifteen feet away, and not responding.

"Are you serious?" Bella whispered breathlessly from the doorway.

I turned to face her and she looked so fucking stunning, it stole my breath straight from my lungs.


She didn't move and it looked like she wasn't breathing. I crossed quickly to her and took her hands in mine.

"Bella, I love you. The best part of my day is seeing you and the worst is saying good night to you. I can't fucking sleep if you aren't next to me." Bella's eyes softened and her smile warmed every part of me. "I know you have your own house, and I know you might be worried about losing it but I swear on my life, if you say yes, I'll never give you a reason to need that place – to need any place but one with me."

A tear slipped down her cheek and I wiped it away with my thumb. She still didn't say a word and my heart was in my throat from anticipation.

"Bella? Throw me a bone here. Did I rush this? Are we not at this place yet?" A fucking terrifying pain gripped my chest and I couldn't breathe.

Bella blinked, swallowed hard, and then lightly shook her head. "You want me here? All the time?"

"All the time, yes."

Another tear slipped down her cheek. "Edward, I've wanted nothing but you for so long, I can't remember not wanting you."

The breath that filled me was so deep, it felt as though my lungs would burst. "Exactly."

She eyed me playfully. "You really want me and all my girly things to move in?"

With one look and one sentence, I knew the stunned state she'd lapsed into was gone. Snarky Bella was back, standing in front of me and making me weak in the fucking knees. God, I loved this woman.

I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me. "Hell yes. I want all your girly things."

"Mmm, really?" Bella said as she brushed her lips over mine. "That's good because my girly things really like you, Eddie." I closed my eyes as she started to kiss my jaw and neck. She slid her hand down my chest and hooked her fingers in my belt loops. She lightly bit my shoulder and I couldn't help the shudder that passed over me. "Looks like you've got yourself a live-in. What do you say we go to the bedroom and celebrate?"

She'd said yes, albeit not without her trademark sass, but she'd said it. She was moving in with me and I couldn't imagine life being any better. I placed my hand on the back of her head and kissed her hard. My hands moved over her back until both hands cupped her ass and I lifted her up and held her against me. Bella quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and threaded her fingers in my hair. "I've got a better idea," I said between heated kisses.

"What's that?" she asked breathlessly.

"Let's break in that mahogany table like you wanted earlier."


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