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"So guys are we all excited for Boston next week?" Mr. Schuester said excitedly as he walked in the classroom and was met with cheers.

"Mr. Schue before you start class I need to say something to everyone." Santana said raising her hand.

"Okay." Mr. Schue answered nervously.

"Okay, so I went to the doctors yesterday," there was a sharp intake of breath after she said that, everyone in the room felt extremely nervous. "And he checked my scans...and I am cancer free!"

"What? Are you serious!" Quinn yelled.

"Santana that is amazing!" Rachel said.

"Yes!" Puck yelled at the same time as Kurt.

"But there is something else." Santana said in a serious voice and the room got quite again. "I asked my doctor about my hair and it isn't going to grow back."

"Screw the hair you're okay!" Mike yelled as he and the rest off the class jumped out of their seats and ran forward to embrace a laughing Santana Lopez.

Five minutes, hundreds of hugs and plenty of tears later the kids were back in their chairs and looking up at Mr. Schue who was trying to discretely wipe his eyes.

"Well Santana that is so amazing, we are all so very happy for you. But please try not to scare us like that. And as for your hair, you are still a beautiful girl." Will said earning an appreciative smile from the latina.

"Thanks Mr. Schue." she said honestly.

"Right now, I was going to give our final set list and this just seems ten times more appropriate now. Even more so than it did earlier." Will said smiling. "Rachel, you will be singing Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now, Santana and Mercedes you will be singing a mash up of Survivor by Destiny's Child and I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. And the group number will be Meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light!" Will said.

"Mr. Schue I must say that I think that that is an absolutely perfect set list!" Rachel squealed in excitement.

"Thank you Rachel, how does everyone else feel about the songs?" Will asked.

There were a bunch of murmured words but no complaints. Santana looked extremely pleased at the prospect of getting to sing a duet at the National's competition. They spent the rest of the class, as well as all their remaining time practicing all of their numbers. They were so determined this year, they wanted this more than they had ever wanted it, more than last year, more than they wanted any competition they had ever participated in before.

Friday morning they were all at school at five am, suitcases packed and ready. They were waiting for the bus to pick them up to drive them to the airport where in a few hours they would catch a plane to Boston. Sugar's father had provided them all with first class tickets and bought out an entire floor in one of Boston's nicest hotels. This meant that they didn't have to shove eight people into one room like they had to do the year before, they could have their own room or share if they wanted to.

"Alright guys! Bus is here grab all your stuff!" Mr. Schue called out as he grabbed his and Emma's suitcases and loaded them onto the bus.

The rest of the kids followed his example and piled their way onto the bus for the quick ride to the airport. Most of them slept because they didn't want to be up this early in the morning. Will and Emma woke them all up when they arrived at the airport. They were checked in rather quickly due to their first class status. After handing over their suitcases they grabbed their backpacks and waited for further instructions.

"All right it is 6:15 right now, our plane leaves at 9:30 and boards at 8:45, so I want to take you all to breakfast before we head to the gate, there is an Denny's in the food court over there." Will said and they all nod excitedly, they were dead hungry.

Twenty minutes later they were all seated at a huge table that took up about half of the entire restaurant. Mr. Schue stood at the end of the table and raised his cup of coffee.

"I know that breakfast isn't the best time to be making toasts but I figured why the hell not? First I want to toast to the New Directions, we have all been through so very much over the past three years and I truly believe that this is our year! We are going to win this time, we are back and better than ever! NEW DIRECTIONS!" Will yelled.

"NEW DIRECTIONS!" the table called back enthusiastically.

"Second I want to toast to all of you seniors, you guys have all been so amazing, and no matter what reason you joined the Glee Club three years ago you still did and you are still here and that is what matters. I am so proud of each of you and I know that you will all go so very far in your lives and I am so excited that I was able to be a part, no matter how small or big, of your lives! To the SENIORS!" he called.

"SENIORS!" they called back again.

"And lastly today I have to toast to one Miss Santana Lopez. You are the epitome of a fighter and a great example of a person. You have grown and changed so much in the three years that I have been your teacher I have seen you go through so much and it has all made you an amazing and wonderful person. I cannot explain how happy I, and I'm sure the rest of this table are that you are okay and healthy and able to be going to sing at Nationals like you promised that you would. You are amazing and you pull of the scarf on your head better than anyone I have seen, sorry Kurt, so screw the hair! To SANTANA!" he called out making his last toast.

"SANTANA!" they all echoed back.

"I think you just wanted me to cry!" she said with a watery laugh.

"Its true Santana, everything he just said is all true." Brittany said wiping the tears from her girlfriends face.

"Who had the pancakes with extra bacon?" the waitress said as she and a few others came over carrying trays of food.

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