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It had been a month. Santana was not doing any better, if anything she was doing worse. She had permanent dark circles and bags under her eyes, she had lost all of her hair, and was extremely thin. They all knew that she was getting worse but no one said it to her. They were sitting in the last glee rehearsal before Regionals and they were all arguing.

"I need to compete!" Santana yelled.

"Santana, you aren't well enough." Mr. Schue said.


"San, sweetie its not a good idea." Brittany said gently.

"I want to kick that evil Sebastian's ass!" she countered looking at anyone for support.

"We will do that for you Santana." Blaine said.

"You don't get it! This may be the last time that I get to the thing that I love with the people that I love!" she yelled, that made everyone go quiet.

"Santana, no it-"

"Stop Mr. Schue! We all know I'm right! I am dying! We all know I am not getting any better! I thought maybe when I started to lose my hair that it was working, but I am just getting worse! Nothing is working, I am going to have to get that fucking surgery and let them cut my head open! And if that doesn't kill me then I will probably be paralyzed or brain dead, there is no happy ending to this story, there is a 15% chance of me surviving that surgery!" Santana yelled. Everyone stood frozen, staring at Santana, everyone of them looked as if they were trying to hold back their tears.

"Santana, you can perform, but you have to be extremely careful." Mr. Schue said after a few minutes of silence. "Do you have a song in mind?"

"If I Die Young." she said simply.

"Okay," he said. "Okay, I will see you all here tomorrow at noon."

Santana ran from the room not saying a word to anyone.

"She's not doing well lately." Brittany said sadly as she watched her girlfriend run from the room. "She won't talk to me."

"She's upset Britt, its not on you." Quinn said.

"I should be able to comfort her."


"Is that you baby girl?" Sandra Lopez called as she heard the door open. Santana entered the kitchen and flopped down into a chair in front of her mother. Her eyes were rimmed red and she had tear tracks on her cheeks. "What's wrong mija?"

"I am dying Mama." she said.

"Oh baby girl, you are going to be fine." Sandra said.

"No Mama, I'm not. Just make sure you come to the competition tomorrow, I'm not hungry I will see you tomorrow after the competition, I'm going to Brittany's." Santana said, she walked up to her room threw all her stuff into a bag and got back into her car and drove the short distance to Brittany's house. She walked up to the door and knocked, she never knocked. Molly came to the door and looked at Santana with a confused look on her face.

"Santana, why'd you knock?"

"I always knock." Santana replied.

"You haven't knocked since you were 11." Molly said, worriedly.

"Oh okay then. Is Britt here I really need her tonight, is it okay if I stay?" Santana asked.

"She's in her room, no problem." Molly said still looking at the latina worriedly. She had been forgetting little things like that a lot lately and that was a very bad sign, she remembered Sandra saying that was a bad sign.

"Okay, I'll just go up then." Santana said and made her way to her girlfriends room. "Hey Brittany!" she called before she entered to give her a warning.

"Santana!" Brittany called excitedly, she appeared in the doorway with a smile on her face. Brittany pulled her in for a hug, Santana clung to Brittany tightly.

"I love you so much Brittany." Santana said as she pulled out of the embrace and placed a light kiss to Brittany's lips.

"I love you too, always Santana." Brittany said. They walked into Brittany's bedroom and lay on her bed watching a marathon of Bones. They fell asleep after a while. They didn't get up again until Mrs. Pierce came in and woke them up at 11 AM because they had to get to school by noon. Thankfully they didn't need to get ready until they got to the theater.

Santana got up quickly but it took Brittany a little longer. Santana decided that the only way that Brittany would get out of bed was if she kissed her awake. Santana tried it and it worked of course, laughing to herself she threw a pair of sweats and t-shirt at Brittany who looked pissed that Santana stopped kissing her. Santana pulled a pair of grey sweatpants on and a long sleeved white shirt. Brittany pulled on the black sweatpants and t-shirt that Santana had given her. She looked in the mirror and smiled at the shirt Santana had given her, on the front it read "McKinley Cheerios" on the back it read, "S. Lopez". Brittany loved wearing Santana's clothes, especially the ones that her name on it.

"How are you feeling this morning baby?" Brittany asked.

"Its a good day." Santana said, she had good days and bad days, thankfully today was a good one. "Come on we really need to get going, I don't want to get bitched out by Rachel because we are late."

"Okay I'm driving." Brittany declared, Santana nodded while she secured a pink scarf around her head, covering her baldness.

A half an hour later Brittany and Santana were walking hand in hand into the choir room, though it was just noon they were the lasts ones there. Everyone looked up and smiled at them as they walked in. All of their outfits were sitting on the piano in garment bags. Everyone was wearing sweats or jeans and sweatshirts. Mr. Schue smiled because Santana was smiling.

"Okay, now that we are all here I want to talk to you really quick before we get on the bus." Mr. Schue said, everyone sat down in the uncomfortable red plastic chairs and Mr. Schue walked to the front. "I want to say that no matter what happens today I am so proud of all of you. You have all matured so much this year, I know some of you have been through a lot these past three years and some of you are still going through a lot but no matter if we win and go on to Boston this year or if we loose I am so proud of you and love you all so much."

"Mr. Schue can I say something?" Santana asked shyly.

"Of course Santana." Will said, Santana stood were he just was and he sat down.

"I really want to thank you guys. You have always been there for me, earlier this year when I was struggling with my sexuality and now with my illness. You guys are my family and I love you all so much, no matter what I have said to you I have always loved being in Glee Club with you guys. I know if we win tonight that I may not make it to Boston with you but I love you all, and I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me." Santana said, tears in her eyes and everyone else's in the room. Puck jumped up and pulled Santana into a hug, a big hug but not crushing because she was so weak.

"Lets go kick some ass!" he yelled everyone laughed, dried there tears and grabbed their garment bags and loaded up onto the bus.