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Santana stood up and started to walk over to Mr. Schue to give him a hug. She was about halfway there when it happened, she started to get a splitting headache, she couldn't remember what she was doing or where she was. The pain in her head was just to much, she could hear unfamiliar, yet familiar voices calling her name but the only thing that she could concentrate on was the throbbing in her head. She couldn't take it anymore, she gave into the pain and passed out right there in the middle of Breadstix.


"Santana, wake up. Santana." a voice called to her and she felt someone gently shaking her. She knew that she knew the voice but she couldn't place it, it was a mans voice and she could hear others in the back. She slowly forced her eyes open and saw that there were about twenty five people surrounding her. She recognized the voice as that of her father.

"Santana!" she heard Brittany sigh in relief as she tried to sit up, she had been lying on the floor in the middle of Breadstix. Her father and Mr. Pierce helped her up and sat her in a chair. As soon as she sat down in the chair Brittany was there in the chair next to hers.

"Are you okay San? Mr. Lopez what just happened?" Brittany asked him worriedly. Santana still couldn't seem to form her words so she just half nodded.

"It is a side effect of the chemotherapy it can cause her to experience blinding headaches and those can sometimes lead to her passing out, she will be okay in a few minutes." Dr. Lopez said calmly though beneath his calm doctor voice there was clear worry. "I think that we should probably take Santana home now, and I need to call her doctor."

"Okay, well I hope you feel better Santana, I'll see you soon." Mr. Schue said and was echoed by everyone else who was there.

Santana nodded again, still unsure of her voice, Dr. Lopez helped her stand up. She stood up and her knees were a little weak so she didn't let go of his arm, she hated feeling and seeming so weak, especially in front of her friends, she was not one who wanted sympathy.

"Brittany are you coming?" Mrs. Lopez asked as she approached the door, Brittany had remained sitting unsure of whether or not she was allowed or supposed to follow, she wanted to but she didn't want to intrude.

"Ya of course," she said and jumped up. "I'll call you guys later and let you know what is going on." she said to her parents and friends before following Santana and her parents out the door.

"Brittany will you sit in the back with Santana and I'll drive her car back to the house?" Carlos said, Brittany nodded and took Santana's hand as she helped her into the back of Sandra's car.

"Are you okay baby?" Brittany asked as they drove the short way from Breadstix to the Lopez home.

"I don't know." Santana said, her voice was a kind of croak but Brittany was happy to hear her say something.

"You will feel better soon, we will go up to your room and watch some TV, we can watch the Harry Potter movies, even though I don't understand them." Brittany said as Santana rested her head on Brittany's shoulder and Sandra chuckled at Brittany's comment about Harry Potter.

"Sounds good B. Mama, can Britt sleep over?" Santana asked, her voice still not sounding a hundred percent correct.

"Of course mija, you know you don't have to ask anymore, you haven't asked me if Brittany could sleep over since you were about thirteen years old." her mother laughed as she drove.

"And what makes you think I want to sleep over?" Brittany joked.

"Shut up." Santana laughed.

They spent the rest of the car ride in a tense silence, Brittany kept looking down at Santana, whose head rested on Brittany's shoulder, to make sure that she was still awake. Every time the car stopped Sandra would twist around in her seat to check the same thing. When they arrived at the Lopez home they noticed that somehow Carlos had already gotten there.

"¡Conduce como un loco!" Mrs. Lopez said shaking her head. (He drives like a maniac). Santana laughed and Brittany looked confused, she did not understand spanish at all, the only reason she was passing was because of Santana.

They walked into the house and Brittany led Santana upstairs to her bedroom and sat her down on the bed. She walked up to the TV and put in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, Santana's favorite, before plopping down next to Santana on the bed. About halfway through the movie Brittany looks down and sees that Santana's eyes are closed, she has a mini heart attack for a moment but then sees that she is breathing so she calms down. Brittany carefully gets up from the bed and looks at the clock, it is 8:34 so she decides to call her mother and let her know that she is staying at Santana's.

"Hi mom." Brittany said after her mother picked up the phone.

"Hey Britt, how is everything going? Are you staying over for the night?" Molly asked.

"Everything is okay, she is asleep now, we were watching Harry Potter, and I'm going to stay tonight, she wants me to stay."

"Okay thats fine."

"You know what's weird?"

"What is that hun?"

"Santana asked Sandra if I could stay the night. She hasn't done that in years." Brittany laughed and Molly was silent on the other line. "Mom, are you still there?"

"Let me talk to Sandra, Brittany." she said, her voice now different.

"Why?" Brittany said as she started to walk down the stairs to the living room where Carlos and Sandra were sitting.

"Just give her the phone."

"Umm okay, Sandra my mom wants to talk to you, San's asleep." Brittany said as she entered the living room.

"Okay," she said taking the phone from Brittany. "Hello Molly, what's up?"

"Brittany told me that Santana asked if she could spend the night, and that hasn't happened in years."

"Yes, I thought that it was weird but it was probably because she fainted."

"Well, I just thought that I would let you know that the last time Santana was over, she knocked and she hasn't done that since she was about 11, she has her own key..." Molly said on the other line, she was clearly concerned.

"Come to think of it she has been forgetting a lot of things like that lately..." Sandra said, her voice now laced with the same worry as Molly's. "I'm going to have Carlos call Dr. Stevens and ask him about this and I will call you back, thank you Molly."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later Sandra." she said and hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" Carlos asked as Sandra handed Brittany back her phone.

"Molly and I have both noticed that Santana has been forgetting things that she has been doing for years. She asked if Brittany could sleep over, she knocked at the Pierce's she couldn't remember where she hung her car keys...I think that you need to call Dr. Stevens and tell him this." Sandra said, Carlos nodded and left the room. "How far into the movie did she make it?"

"About halfway. You know I have watched those movies so many times with san and she has tried to explain them to me so many times but I still don't understand them at all!" Brittany said and Sandra laughed.

"Just read the books Britt, it will make so much more sense then, I promise." Sandra said.

"Have you seen the size of those books?" Brittany asked, as if Sandra had suggested that she read the Art of War in chinese "And plus the last time I read books that you two suggested to me it was about a bunch of kids killing each other, it was horrible!"

"Well we both agreed that we really shouldn't have had you read the Hunger Games."

"Ya, maybe I'll read them, it may take me a few years though." she said seriously.

Sandra was about to reply but Carlos walked in, he had visibly paled.

"What did Dr. Stevens say?" Sandra asked.

"He said that he thinks that the tumor in Santana's brain is pushing down on the cerebrum, which is the part of the brain that controls memory, and is effecting her long term memory. He said that the surgery cannot be avoided for much longer." Carlos answered.

"How much longer did he say until she absolutely has to have the surgery?" Sandra asked fearing the answer her husband was about to give.

"A month and a half to two months." Carlos said sadly.

Before anyone could say anything, Santana's voice croaked down from upstairs.

"Britt? Are you down there?" she called down.

"Ya, I'll be up in a minute!" Brittany called back.


"Brittany, don't say anything to her please, I don't want to stress her out at all, that is the last thing that she needs." Carlos said and Brittany nodded before leaving the room.

She quickly ran up the stairs and entered Santana's room. Santana had changed into a pair of gym shorts and a tank top and had a pair on the bed for Brittany as well. Brittany walked over to the bed gave Santana a peck on the lips before quickly changing into the shorts and tank top.

"Where did you go? I woke up and you weren't here, I thought maybe you had gone home." Santana said as Brittany sat down on the bed to fix her hair.

"Just went to call my mom and talk to your parents, I thought you were out for the night. The movies over, ready for the Goblet of Smoke?" Brittany asked finishing her ponytail and walking to the DVD player.

"Goblet of Fire, Britt, Goblet of Fire." Santana laughed. Brittany walked back to the bed and Santana rested her head on Brittany's shoulder as she watched the movie. Brittany really didn't watch this one, she watched Santana. She was watching her because she wanted to make sure that she saw her as much as possible before Santana had to have the surgery. She kissed the top of her bald head and then focused on the movie, really trying to understand it.