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Brittany walked through the doors to the hospital, she was picking up Santana from her chemotherapy session. It was Thursday, and Brittany picked up Santana every Thursday after Glee at the hospital because that is when she had her sessions. She was one of the lucky ones and the treatments somehow didn't make her sick, it just made her lose all of her hair. The nurse at the desk waved to Brittany as she pressed the button to let her through to were Santana was, she didn't even stop her anymore.

Brittany walked to the end of the long clean hallway to where Santana's room was. Since her dad was a big deal at this hospital Santana had her own room for her chemo, the same one every Thursday. Unfortunately Santana still wasn't getting much better, and Dr. Stevens was urging her parents to let him perform the surgery. Brittany passed Carlos in the hallway.

"Hello Brittany, here to take Santana away for the rest of the week?" he asked with a smile.

"Yupp, just like every week." she said, every Thursday since Santana had started receiving her treatments Brittany had picked her up and Santana stayed at the Pierce household until that following Monday.

"Alright, have fun. Be good Britt." Carlos said before giving her a quick hug and returning to his work.

Brittany smiled and walked the few feet left to Santana's room and knocked lightly before walking in.

"Hey Britt! What are you doing here?" Santana asked sounding and looking surprised to see Brittany.

"Its Thursday San..."

"Oh is it? I thought it was Sunday! I was wondering why I was here and not at your house." Santana laughed, Brittany tried to force a giggle but it didn't really work that well. "I'll just grab my bag then Britt and we can go." Santana tried to shake off her quick memory lapse.

"Sure, what do you wanna do tonight? We have school so we can go back to my house and watch some Grey's Anatomy or we can watch a movie. Or I can take you out to dinner."

"Hmmm, so many choices Britt-Britt. How about we order a pizza and watch a movie. I need to do my homework from today anyway, since I didn't go today."

"Sure, I'll call my mom while you get your stuff and have her order one that way we can stop and pick up some soda and ice cream and the pizza will be there when we get home." Brittany said, Santana nodded tossing her books and things into her bag as Brittany stepped into the hall.

"Hey Britt, what is the plan for tonight?" her mother answered on one of the first rings.

"Can you order us a pizza, we are gonna stop for some soda and ice cream. We're just watching a movie tonight San needs to do her homework anyway."

"Sure, how is she today?" Molly asked, her tone of voice changing.

"She forgot it was Thursday and was wondering why I was there when I walked in to pick her up, its effecting her mind pretty bad mom, she is forgetting a lot lately."

"I know Britt, but its just what is going to happen. Have Carlos and Sandra talked anymore about the surgery with you?"

"They don't say- ya we will be there soon, love you too Mom bye." Brittany said as the door to Santana's room opened and she joined Brittany in the hallway.

"Santana just joined you I assume? I will call in a pizza I love you too, see you soon." Molly said with a sigh and hung up.

"Ready to go San?" Brittany asked.

"Almost." Santana said as she quickly fixed her beanie on her head and zipped up her jacket. "Ready." she said taking Brittany's hand.

Brittany quickly pulled her hand away and grabbed Santana's bag threw it over her shoulder, and then relaced their fingers before Santana could even protest.

"You are getting quick Ms. Pierce." Santana said and Brittany just smirked.

"I know, now you wait here while I go get my car, its cold." Brittany said as they reached the exit of the hospital.

Santana smiled at her girlfriend gratefully. She didn't know what she would do without Brittany, there was no way that she could make it through this without Brittany. She was what Santana was fighting for, to be able to spend more time with the girl that she loves. And it was the little things, like getting the car or taking her bag that made Santana love Brittany just that much more. After about two minutes Brittany pulled up in her Honda Accord. She leaned over and opened the passenger side door for Santana causing her smile to grow impossibly wider.

"What's with the face Santana? You're creeping me out here." Brittany said, Santana didn't answer she just leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Nothing, just thinking about how much I love you, and how I don't know what I would do without you, B."

"I love you too San, now lets go get some Coke and chocolate ice cream." Brittany said as she pulled into the grocery store across from the hospital.

They got out of the car and walked to the store hand and hand. It only took them about fifteen minutes in the store. They came out with two two liter bottles of Coca Cola, a carton or chocolate ice cream, a carton of vanilla and a jar of hot fudge. They made it to Brittany's house right after the pizza man delivered.

"Hello girls, how are you today San?" Molly asked as the girls walked into the kitchen, she kissed them both on the cheek.

"As good as I can be." Santana answered.

"TANAAAAAAAA!" came the voice of Brittany's three year old brother Kevin, he came sprinting into the kitchen and threw himself around Santana's legs.

"KEVIN!" Santana yelled back and pulled him up into her arms for a hug. "How are you hermanito?"

"Bueno!" he said causing everyone in the kitchen to laugh. "Let me down now or Daddy is gonna beat me at the game!" he said squirming in her arms, she let him down and he ran back into the living room.

"I think his spanish is better than yours Britt, all you know are the bad words." Molly laughed, so did Santana, Brittany just glared. "I'll leave you girls alone now, just remember you have to get up for school in the morning and you have Glee after school so don't be up too late."

"Yes Ma'am." Santana said in fake salute as she took a slice of pizza from the box.

"Goodnight girls. Love yous!" she said and walked into the living room leaving them alone.

"I love your mom." Santana said as she stuffed pizza in her mouth.

"She's alright." Brittany laughed.


"Hello Brittany. Hi Santana, how are you feeling today?" Mr. Schue asked as they walked into Glee rehearsal the next afternoon.

"I'm alright, the chemo sometimes hits me the day after." she said and Mr. Schue nodded.

They took their seats next to Mike, Tina, and Kurt. They all talked until everyone was in there and Mr. Schue started talking.

"Okay so we all know that Nationals are in about a month, I want to start coming up with a definitive set list. So does anybody have any suggestions?" Will asked.

"What about We Are Young, we have killed it every time and I just love that song." Sam said.

"What about an Adele duet with me and Santana?" Mercedes asked.

"We can definitely make them contenders." Mr. Schue said. "Santana are you feeling okay?"

Santana looked about to pass out, Brittany thought, no sooner than the thought formed in Brittany's head did it happen. Santana slumped over in her seat.

"Oh God!" Brittany said. "Call 911 and Quinn call her father and tell him to get Dr. Stevens."