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"We can definitely make them contenders." Mr. Schue said. "Santana are you feeling okay?"

Santana looked about to pass out, Brittany thought, no sooner than the thought formed in Brittany's head did it happen. Santana slumped over in her seat.

"Oh God!" Brittany said. "Call 911 and Quinn call her father and tell him to get Dr. Stevens."

Brittany quickly laid Santana down flat on the ground, she clearly knew what she was doing, everyone else just watched for a few seconds before snapping into action. Mr. Schue called 911, Quinn called Carlos and let him know what was going on. Puck, Mike, Tina and Mercedes all crowded around Brittany, the others standing just behind them. Rory was on the phone with Brittany's parents as well.

"Santana, you need to open your eyes. Come on San, fight it, just like always fight it babe." Brittany said shaking her lightly.

"Britt, how often does this happen?" Mike asked, Brittany however wasn't the one who responded, it was Rory.

"Well Santana stays with us every Thursday til Monday and since that has ben going on I have helped Britt with six of these. They are getting more frequent." he said and everyone looked shocked. "Santana didn't want us to say anything, she didn't want you guys to worry, she said that you have already been treating her differently enough."

"Rory are my parents coming?" Brittany asked.

"Ya, their gonna meet us at the hospital, so they are." Rory said.

"Right in here." Mr. Schue said as he lead the paramedics into the choir room, where Santana was still unconscious on the floor.

Within fifteen minutes they were all at the hospital, Santana was wheeled away and they all briefly caught sight of Carlos running in the direction that the medics had taken Santana. Brittany's parents and little brother, Kevin, were in the waiting room with Santana's mother. The entire Glee Club was there as well. They waited only about a half an hour before Carlos came out to talk to them.

"She is awake." he said to a general sigh of relief. "Sandra, James, Molly, Will can I speak with you for a moment?" Carlos said catching them all off guard.

They four followed him without a word, leaving the kids wondering. Brittany sat with her younger brother in her lap staring as the door closed after her father.

"Okay so I have just spoken with Dr. Stevens and he says that we have no choice anymore, we either do the surgery or Santana will...die within the next two months. But we have a problem, Santana doesn't wan the surgery." Carlos said.

"Oh God," Sandra, and Molly said at the same time. Will and James looked about to be sick.

"Well make her!" Sandra said.

"Sand, she is 18, she makes her own decisions now." Carlos said sadly. "I need Brittany to talk to her. She is the only one that Santana will listen too when she gets stubborn like this." Carlos said staring at Molly and James.

"This will kill her..." Molly said quietly. "But I know, I agree, Santana is stubborn and Brittany is the only one who can get her to change her mind. But Brittany isn't very on board with the surgery in the first place."

"Thank you. Thank you Molly. Will will you go get her please?" Carlos asked.

Brittany and the rest of the Glee Club were sitting quietly in the waiting room. The adults had been talking for a while.

"Are you okay Britty?" Kevin asked, in his cute little three year old innocence.

"Ya, I'm just a little upset." she said.

"Why? Is it because Tana isn't feeling good?" Kevin asked, even though his words were so simple they made everyone look at him, he was smart for a three year old.

"Ya buddy, she isn't feeling well lately, I am gonna go see her in a little while, do you want to come with me?"

"YES!" he said excitedly, jumping off her lap. "Hey Mikey guess what?" Kevin asked running over to Mike, he knew all the kids in the Glee Club, but he loved Mike, Kurt and of course Santana the most.

"What bud?" Mike said, pulling the kid into his lap.

Kevin and Mike began talking as the door to the waiting room opened and a very pale Mr. Schuester appeared. "Brittany, can you come with me please."

Everyone looked nervous at the way Mr. Schue had just acted and the way he asked Brittany to come with him.

"Sure, Kev, stay with Mikey okay?" she said and he nodded happily, oblivious to the tension that had just seeped into the room.

"Brittany, I need to talk to you." Carlos said once she and Will had returned to where the rest of the adults were gathered.

"What is going on? What's wrong?" she asked nervously.

"Dr. Stevens says that Santana needs the surgery, or she will, she'll die in the next two months." Carlos started.

"Well then God, I know I don't like the idea but have her have the surgery, she can't die!" Brittany said, eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

"Well there is a problem, Santana doesn't want the surgery and because she is 18 it is up to her. We all think that you are the only one that she will listen to at this point. You need to convince her to have it." Carlos said.

"I will do the best that I can, but you all know how stubborn she is." Brittany said softly.

"You are the only one who can get her to change her mind Britt, please, I'll take you to her room." Carlos said.

Brittany followed him down the hallways quietly. They went to the familiar room that Santana always had at the hospital. Carlos gave Brittany a quick hug and walked away. Brittany took a very deep breath before she entered the room.

Santana was laying in her bed, staring out the window. The TV was on but she wasn't watching it. Brittany walked over and sat on the edge of her bed and took her hand. She kissed her forehead softly and Santana spoke up.

"Sending in the big guns huh." Santana laughed humorlessly.

"I don't have any guns." Brittany said quietly.

"Its an expression Britt. Did they try and get you to come convince me to have the surgery."

"Santana, hun, you need to have this surgery, if you don't you are going to die. And I cannot have you die, I can't live without you." Brittany said bluntly.

"Brittany, if I have this surgery there is only a 25% chance that I will be back to normal. The other 75% would include me dying, ending up in a coma, not being able to walk, talk, see, hear, eat or do anything." Santana said, trying to make her point.

"But if you don't there is a 100% chance you will die in the next two months Santana, and I can't have that." Brittany said, she was crying now.

"Brittany, but that would be two more months that I could spend with you. If I get this surgery, we don't know if I'll ever be able to be with you again."

"Santana, please, get this surgery, I know it will work, please. I need you, I can't live without you, I can't live knowing that there was something that could have been done to save you and I didn't do everything I can to make you do it." Brittany pleaded.

"Britt..." Santana whispered.

"Please, Santana, Please." she begged her girlfriend.

"Okay, okay I'll get the surgery."