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Will had walked back into the waiting room to talk to the Glee Club, they were part of Santana's family and her parents had both agreed that they needed to know what Brittany was doing. Carlos and Sandra went off to talk to Dr. Stevens and Molly and James took Kevin to the cafeteria for some food because he kept telling Mike how hungry he was.

"Mr. Schue what's going on? We are starting to get scared, she is awake right?" Quinn asked in a small voice.

"Yes she is awake." he said and there was a general sigh of relief.

"Then what is going on?" Mercedes asked.

"Well Santana's father just talked to Santana's doctor, Dr. Stevens and he said that Santana needs to have the surgery as soon as possible, and that if she doesn't have the surgery then she will more than likely die in the next two months. The problem is that Santana is 18, and she doesn't want to have the surgery."

"Oh my god! Is that were Brittany is? Trying to convince her?" Tina asked quietly.

"Yes, because Santana and Brittany's parents both agreed that Brittany would be the only one to get her to change her mind at this point." Will said.

"Will, Brittany is back." James said sticking his head in briefly.

"I will let you know what is going on in a minute." he said and walked out of the waiting and over to the four other adults and Brittany, who had clearly been crying.

"Well Brittany?" Carlos asked, sounding harsher than he intended.

"She said that she will have the surgery, but she wants time to talk to everyone who is here before she goes in for it." Brittany said, her voice was quite and hoarse.

"Thank you Brittany, I know how hard that was for you." Carlos said giving her a hug. "I'm going to go find Dr. Stevens. I promise I will come and get you once he talks to Santana and everything is set. Sandra, will you come with me?" he said, he was trying to be calm, but if you looked into his eyes you could see he was freaking out. He and Sandra walked away, leaving Brittany with her parents and Mr. Schue.

"Where is Kevin?" Brittany asked her mother noticing the little boy was absent.

"Your Grandmother came and picked him up." Molly answered.

"Well do you think she can bring him back, Santana wants to talk to him before her surgery." Brittany said.

"We will go get him, you go talk to your friends." Molly said and she and James left.

"Are you okay Brittany? Do you want me to do the talking or are you okay to do that?" Mr. Schue asked before they entered the waiting room.

"No, I am okay, I'll do it." she said and then opened the door to the waiting room, she saw all of her friends sitting there.

"Britt? What's going on, is she doing the surgery?" Quinn asked as she saw her friend enter the room.

"Yes," Brittany answered calmly. "she told me, though, that before she goes in for her surgery, but she also said that if any of you are uncomfortable with that then she understands..." Brittany said.

"Was there an order she wanted to talk to people in?" Mr. Schue asked from his position next to Brittany.

"No, but she wanted to talk to you first Mr. Schue, and me and her parents last." Brittany said, "I can take you Mr. Schue and then someone else and then whoever is done can get the next person."

"I'll go," Mercedes said and joined Mr. Schue and Brittany.

"Okay, you guys follow me. And just a warning, I know that you guys just saw her recently, but she is very weak and it shows, she doesn't look good at all." Brittany said to Mr. Schue and Mercedes as she led them expertly through the halls of the hospital. They reached the door to Santana's room about a minute and a half later. Brittany went into the room first to check and make sure Santana was okay.

"Hey San, Mr. Schue is here, and then Cedes, then everyone else will be coming up, my Mom and Dad went to pick up Kevin too, can I send in Mr. Schue?" Brittany asked as she walked up to the bed.

"Ya, I'm ready, thanks Britts." Santana said, Brittany just nodded and walked back out to the hall. "Mr. Schue, she is ready for you."

"Thanks Brittany." he said and he walked in.

Brittany and Mercedes found some chairs that and dragged them over by Santana's room and sat down. Mercedes kept looking at Brittany, who was staring off into space, as if she wanted to say something but just didn't know where to begin.

"How are you doing Brittany?" she finally asked.

"I'm terrified Mercedes, but I can't let her know that or she'll never do this. She's so damn protective, even when she's the one who will...die if she doesn't do the surgery, she still thinks about me." Brittany said sadly.

"I'm sorry Britt, but you know that you can always talk to me, I don't care what time of day it is, if you need to talk to me, I will listen. I promise." Mercedes said truthfully.

"I know Mercedes, and I will, I really will, but I'm not ready yet." Brittany said. There was something in her voice that told Mercedes that their conversation was over.

Mr. Schue came out, red eyed after about ten minutes, Mercedes going in after. Gradually all of the members of the New Directions came up and had their time with Santana, each about ten minutes, some more like Quinn and Puck. Finally after the last person, Rachel, had come out red eyed and sniffling like everyone else, Brittany went in the room. She heard the soft sniffles coming from her girlfriend.

"Santana? Shhh, its gonna be okay, you'll see them all after, your going to be fine Baby!" Brittany said, she climbed onto the bed and sat next to Santana, who buried her head in her neck.

"I'm gonna die Britt, its not fair." she cried, it was breaking Brittany's heart, all she wanted to do was burst into tears, but she knew that for the time being she had to be strong.

"You are not going to die Santana, look at me please." Brittany said, Santana lifted her head and looked at Brittany. "You are not going to die."

"I love you Brittany, and I know that you don't want to hear any of what I am about to say, but please do not interrupt me. You and I both know that odds are, that I won't make it out of this the same way that I was before. I may die, or I may live and have some sort of issues, but promise me that if I do not make it out of this you will move on. You deserve to love and be loved, and there is a chance that I won't be able to be the one for that anymore and I need to know that you will move on and find someone, a woman or a man, that will make you happy. Please Brittany don't push everyone away, everyone in glee club, they are our family. I also want you to stay in touch with my parents, they love you and I know that you love them too. So please if you could just promise me those few things." Santana said, her tears had subsided but now tears were flowing freely from Brittany's eyes.

"I promise, I love you so much Santana." Brittany said.

"Alright, now enough of that sad stuff, were is my Kevin, I needs to see him." she said attempting to lighten the mood.

"I'll see if he's here yet and I'll text your mom and let her know that they can come up now and your done with the glee kids." Brittany said and stepped out of the room.

She didn't have to call either her parents or Santana's because they were all standing outside the room, clearly waiting for her. Kevin was there and he looked tired, Brittany realized that she hadn't checked her watch in a long time and that it was 9:30 at night.

"Santana wants to talk to Kevin and says that you guys can come in now. She talked to everyone from Glee and she will be ready as soon as she talks to you guys."

They all nodded and entered the room, Kevin immediately became wide awake when Molly whispered that Santana wanted to talk to him. He ran ahead of everyone else and plopped down on the bed next to the latina.

"Hola Tanaaaaa." he said drawing out the last bit of her name.

"Hola hermanito." she said copying him.

The two of them talked for a few minutes before Santana whispered something in his ear and he nodded profusely. He whispered something back and then jumped off the bed, whispered something to Sandra then Molly who both nodded. Then Kevin ran over to Brittany and dragged her out of the room.

"Kevin, what are you doing?"

"Tana told me to take you out of the room." he said.

"Oh ya and what else did Tana tell you?" she asked playfully poking him.

"Can't tell you." he said.

"Fine." she said.

They sat together for a few minutes before Molly and James came out, they looked sad, Molly had clearly been crying, James looked like he could at any moment. They told Brittany that they were going to take Kevin home and they would be back in the morning. They also said that Sandra and Carlos were talking with Santana and would come and get her in a little while. Both her parents and her brother kissed Brittany on the head before disappearing down the hallway. She waited about twenty minutes before Carlos opened the door.

"I'm going to get Dr. Stevens, he should be ready by now. Santana is asking for you." he said, his voice thick and he walked away.

Brittany walked in the room, Santana was sitting up in her bed holding her mothers hand. She walked over and stood behind Sandra and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey guys." Brittany said in a small voice.

"Brittany, I need you to do something for before I go please." Santana said.

"What is it San?"

"Come here." she said motioning for Brittany to come closer, Brittany did as she was told and Santana pulled her face close so she could whisper in her ear. "I need you to kiss me one more time, I know my mom is here but I don't care, and she won't either. Please Britt."

Brittany did as she was told, she kissed her as if it were the last time that she would be able to, and it very well might be. After she pulled away she kissed Santana on the forehead and pulled her into an embrace. Santana tried to return the hug with a lot of strength but couldn't because she was so weak. When they broke apart the door opened and Carlos walked in. He was closely followed by Dr. Stevens and other doctors and nurses.

"Its time Santana." Dr. Stevens said.