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Letter Bee (c) Hiroyuki Asada

Letter Bee: Splash Wave

Chapter 1: The Trip

Aria could not figure out why the director had been smiling so much after Garrard and Valentine visited the hive 2 days ago. Well, it's normal for him to smile, since he's a weird director, but this type of smile was weird. Cheshire cat style.

And after they watched that movie a month ago, Cheshire cat smiles are REALLY creepy.

Well, now her questions will be answered in a meeting that Director Lloyd had conducted between the main characters in the anime:

Lag Seeing and Dingo Niche + Steak

Zazie and Wasiolka

Connor and Gus

Jiggy Pepper and fried chicken (Harry)

Aria Link

Largo Lloyd

And, due to the lack of female members in the Bee Hive, the new female Letter Bee,

Mikurei Vinocair

Everyone gathered in the main office where Director Lloyd was happily waiting for them. Then, just as soon as the last member closed the door behind him, the Director spoke,

" Good news everyone~!" He chimed happily and took out a paper from his drawer, " We're gonna have a vacation for a whole week!"

" All of us here?" Lag asked, " Is it approved?"

" Why yes," He answered and cleared his throat, "You see, when Garrard and Valentines came here, they gave this coupon for a vacation for us!"

" Vacation? Where exactly?" Aria asked suspiciously, pushing up the rim of her glasses.

" In a resort near the Artificial sun. There's, like, 5 pools in it!" Smile again.

" Amberground has a pool?" Connor asked dumbfound,

" Good point..." Jiggy stated, " In all the places I've been in Amberground, I never once saw a pool, much less a beach..."

Zazie gave a scowl, " And how are we supposed to Sunbathe? That sorry excuse for a sun cant even burn a fly!"

" Actually it can, " Mikurei muttered, "you just dont get close to it often, Zazie..."

" BUT IT EATS HEARTS!" Lag blurted out.


" IT'S TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Niche defended him, followed by Steak's 'nununu' noise.

More stares.

Director Lloyd decided to break the silence and raised his hand, " It's decided then! Bring your sunblocks, umbrellas, food, swimsuits and floating devices for our Beach vacation~!"

" S-swimsuits...?" Lag murmured and stared at his dingo, " Niche has to wear a s-swimsuit...?"


" Aria-san too!" Connor said.


" And that thing too," Zazie pointed to Mikurei beside him, who gave a silent glare at him,


Jiggy cracked a perverted smile, much to their surprise and dismay. Director Lloyd laughed wholeheartedly and then dismissed them,

" Oh! The trip will be early in the morning! Better prepare guys~!"

Lag had to ask Sylvette to bring Niche to the mall (they have a mall?) to buy her a swimsuit. And now, Niche is probably complaining. When they got back home, Sylvette completed the arsenal of beach gears, including the sunblocks, extra shorts for Lag and some floating devices (donut?).

Aria had to break her brain in deciding which one will she use. Most of them were not for her age and beauty, so she had to go out and buy. Now she was happily walking back home with a great suit in her bag.

Mikurei barely cared about what she will wear. She took her only gear, her standard innerwear. She walked to her kitchen to prepare her food.

Not much things to tell about the boys, since they only had to bring some shorts.

It was about 7 when everyone had gathered in front of the Beehive with luggage in their hands. Lloyd had rented a carriage that they put all their stuffs in, and everyone boarded in.

The vacation starts today.

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