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Letter Bee (c) Hiroyuki Asada

Letter Bee: Splash Wave

Chapter 3

"Water, Lessons...and SLIDES~!"

Director Lloyd had Mikurei by the edge of the pool, her legs dipped in the water, and her hands clutching the cement below her. She glared at him.

" What is it now?" She hissed.

" Well, me and Aria-kun were discussing about your phobia..."

" It's not a phobia!"

" ...And we thought that, to help you conquer it, we will teach you how to swim!"

On cue, Aria went over to them, followed by Lag, Zazie, Connor and Jiggy.

" No. No no no no ..." She chanted, inching away from the waters of the pool, but they blocked her from behind.

" You're probably the only one who can't swim, Mikurei-chan," Aria said, holding her shoulders tightly, " All Bees need to learn how to swim.."

" REAL BEES DONT SWIM! THEY DROWN! YOU SHOULD TOO!" Mikurei wailed, pointing an accusing finger at them, " HA! I am following them WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than you guys!"

Everybody sweat dropped.

" Right. " Director cleared his throat, " Zazie will help you swim, is that okay?"

The girl's head shot to the grinning boy behind Lag.


" I may be a cat lover but that doesn't mean that I will REALLY follow their habits..." Zazie rolled his eyes and extended a hand at her, " Let's get in the water."

" NO!"

Zazie grinned again and suddenly leaped towards her, pushing her backwards into the water. Her cries soon died down in the ripples of the liquid. Everybody else watched for a while until they both surfaced, Mikurei clinging to Zazie as if he was her life line, and the cat boy holding her waist up.

" YOU! I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!" She screeched into his ear.

He scowled at her and lightened his grip on her waist, making her arms tighten around his neck.

" Director said that if I teach you, he'll let me go Gaichuu hunting without delivering any letters." He smiled at her.

She glared, closed her eyes, and exhaled. Making up her mind, she nodded and loosened her arms around him. He slowly lowered her in the water until it reached her collarbone. Handing her a float board, he grasped her hands and inched away from her. She watched him insecurely as he held her an arms length away from him, her stomach being supported by the board below her.

" Try laying flat on the water." He instructed, motioning for her feet, " Now move them while I pull you, okay?"

She did as told until her legs were above the water. Slowly, she started swinging them with minimum force as Zazie swam backwards, lightly pulling on her arms. She closed her eyes and tried to keep her chin above the pool water, gasping in the process.

" That was fast." Aria whispered to Lloyd, who was smiling beside her.

" She was willing to learn after all!" Chimed the overjoyed man as he snapped his head towards the kids behind him, " Anybody else who can't swim?"

Lag gave a sloppy smile as he eyed on Connor.

" What? Don't think I can swim in my body size?" The chubby kid retorted and crossed his arms.

" Th-that's not it, Connor! I was just...uh..." Lag stuttered, until he noticed him sigh.

"You're right….I CAN'T!" Wailed Connor in defeat.

" I never said anything!"

Out of the blue, Niche, followed by her fellow Dingoes entered the scene.

" LAG! I saw something really long in the other pools!" Niche pointed in the distance.

Wasiolka, Gus and Steak nodded their head in response, looking over to where she was pointing at. Director and Jiggy gasped in unison and held each other's arms.

" Could it be?"

" What?" Connor asked the pair.

" A SEA SNAKE!" Jiggy shrieked.

" THE LOCHNESS MONSTER!" Lloyd yelled.

" Her imagination." Aria muttered under her breath.

Niche tugged on Lag's arm, pointing, " Let's go, Lag! Maybe it's a Gaichuu!"

" Hai hai Niche…."

" Se-sea snake?" Mikurei gasped, shaking at the words she managed to catch from the group leaving them,"WHAT SEA SNAKE?"
" Amberground has a sea?" Zazie retorted.

" NOUUUU! LET GO!" She started trashing around in the pool, trying to pry away from Zazie's hold on her wrists, " Th-there's a se-sea…snake in h-here…!" She cried between breaths.

" There isn't! This is a pool not a sea!"


Suddenly, he yanked her hands towards him, pulling her with it, and he grabbed her shoulders. She gasped and tried to give him a glare, when she noticed him glowering at her. She bit her lip and stared back at him, hoping to pull him out of that mood. And she succeeded when he gave a sigh.

" Look, There won't be a sea snake anywhere in this place because they have the staff to monitor the…you know….the whole area! And just in case there will be one, then I'll…uh….get us away from it as far as possible." He said, rubbing the back of his neck and looking away,

"…really?" Came the soft whisper of the girl he was holding.

" NO." He stuck his tongue out at her, snickering, " That's why I'm teaching you how to swim- So that you can swim away from sea snakes!"

" REALLY?" Mikurei asked happily, " If that's it, then I'll do my best to learn how to swim away from sea snakes!"
" Yeah, that one."

Meanwhile, in the group who went to investigate Niche's complaints, arrived in a medium sized pool adorned with different sorts of slides.

" SEE! IT'S LONG!" Niche pointed at the slides.

"…oh, that…yeah, it's supposed to be long…" Lag muttered, half-smiling at his clueless Dingo, " It's called a slide, Niche. People go in to…uh….slide down…"

" Really?" Niche stared at him for a while, before pointing to the slides once more, " Let's try it Lag!"

" Sounds fun. Everybody should try it. " Jiggy gave a shining smile at the group and walked over to the stairs leading to the porch where different choices of slides were.

Connor followed, then Aria and Lloyd, and finally, Lag being dragged by Niche. Wasiolka and Gus stayed on the ground, laying around lazily, watching the humans climb into the top of the slide tower.

" I'll meet you in hell!" Jiggy exclaimed as he disappeared into a red tunnel coiled around thrice until the opening showed the blue waters of 'hell'.

" Not if I get there first!" Director and Connor yelled as well and leaped into the openings of the slides.
Aria sighed and slid down the normal slide. Niche watched her from above and saw her splash into the waters below. Then, she faced the white-haired bee with an overjoyed expression.

" Let's go, LAG!" She wailed, tugging on his arm.

Lag suddenly slipped, and fell into a random slide, which was coincidentally built like a roller coaster with lots of twist and circling turns. He landed inside, sliding, head first, with Niche being pulled behind him.

At the bottom, the group reunited in 'hell', laughing, and heaving.

" I got here first." Aria stated, smirking.

" No fair, you went down the fastest slide…." Jiggy pouted at her.

" Nuni nuni~!" Came Steak's cries from the side lines, looking around.

" Oh, hey, look…Steak is there!" Connor pointed to the white creature

" Wait, where's Niche and Lag?"

After a whole 10 minutes of searching the clear blue waters of the pool and peeking into the holes of the slides, they found no signs of the Bee and his Dingo.


" UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Came a familiar voice echoing from the exit of a slide until two figures splashed onto the water.

" Lag! Niche!" Everyone waded over to the duo to find Lag's face and chest bruised red and Niche happily swinging her hair blades around yelling, "AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAAAAINNNN!"

Everybody was happily walking over to their main pool, with Lag being dragged by Niche and the other Dingoes lazily following them.

" Back so soon?" Zazie's smug tone greeted them, followed by his smug expression.

" Oh? Is the lesson over?" Director smiled for a while until his expression changed to doubt, " Where's Mikurei-chan? I want to see her swim."

" She's resting by the pool side."

Mikurei's head shot up at the mention of her name and saw them approaching her. She stood up and greeted them.

" You seem tired. Does that mean you worked hard for the lesson?" Director asked, smiling.

"…yeah…" She muttered somewhat worn out.

" Would you show us your improvement?"

She was silent and unmoving. Zazie walked over to her and helped her go into the pool. Everyone watched. Then suddenly…


"NOUUUU! NO NO NO NO NO NO!" Mikurei screamed and she instinctively started thrashing around the pool, surprisingly skidding around the water like a jet boat, attempting to escape from an imaginary predator.
Everybody sweat dropped.

" Okay, it's gone." Zazie stated blankly.

Automatically, her arms and feet stopped flailing and she slowly sank to the bottom of the pool. Hurriedly, Zazie hauled her up and into the safety of the cemented ground.

" What kind of training…?" Director Lloyd muttered, eyeing on the sleeping girl drenched in water.

" Apparently, she hates snakes….sea snakes…so, I used that to train her."

" You're a cold-hearted brat…"

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