Just a Secret:.

In a summer night everything could happen, after all hormones could feel free due to the feeling flying through that time.

That night was hotter than others. The sweat adhered the sheet with his skin as a transparent tattoo. He felt his hair sticking to his forehead and heard an awful sound. When he looked up, the white haired man didn't hold back his words. That fucking ventilator just threw hot air to his face!

His eyelids felt heavy, victims of the sleepless night. After a lot of attempts to sleep he could only mess up his futon so, without too much agreement Shirogane jumped the traps put by Akira-kun and made his way through the darkness.

When he touched the wall, he followed the right line formed with his hand until he found a switch. The blades started going slower until their movement ceased and the silence seemed to rule again.

That very moment a sound caught his attention. The first time Shirogane heard it, he thought it was a bastard cat standing at the window and he prepared a book of Akira-kun in order to frighten it off but the second time he changed his mind with the melody that turned its volume up.

The white haired man stopped as he saw a light coming from the bathroom. He put an ear on the door, listening carefully the sound and it made him shiver.

Shirogane saw the doorknob very temped. If something could drive Akira insane it was the violation of his personal space but if something killed the cat it was curiosity. He turned the knob slowly, trying not to make any sound and looked at his reflection in front him, where Akira stood.

The corners of his mouth were waterfalls where a white substance flowed freely, drawing a perfect shape that disappeared in some unexplored place in his neck while his groan of pain filled the air as music.

The pajama slipped from his shoulders as it was tempting him to rush towards Akira. His snowy skin looked like a winter storm where snowflakes had drowned in the warmth of the earth.

When Akira threw the liquid and then looked at the mirror, he found a silhouette behind him. He turned totally frighten to death while his shadow sent chills down his spine.

"What were you doing, A-ki-ra-kun?" He asked, walking near him and pointed at Akira's nose with a fingertip. "Ah~! Your groans are so sexy mmm."

Akira blushed notoriously, his cheeks were dyed in crimson and he hid his face with a few hairs. Shirogane keep his smile intact; it seemed he was having the time of his life.

"I get up every night to brush my teeth," he said, avoiding his glance, "I have gingivitis so it turns painful," he stretched, reaching a thin object from the washstand. "Do you see? Here's the toothbrush, you hentai pig!"

Shirogane raised an eyebrow and his eyes shined in the middle of the darkness.

"And why I never noticed it?"

"Because you're a fucking fat lump that snores!"

"You're so cruel, Akira-kun!" Shirogane felt a few tears falling down to his cheeks while he was exiled from the bathroom. The door slammed in his face.

He gave up; his mind had defeated his common sense.

Shirogane returned bed, satisfied for discovering the secret of his loved roommate.

Akira sighed a few seconds while he leaned against the door, letting all the air come out with the tension on his shoulders. He had completely forgotten to lock the door and it would never happen again.

He opened the mirror, admiring a little photo deep inside. It wasn't the best but he couldn't complain either. After all, a picture of Shirogane wearing a swimsuit caused something else than just admiration.

A pressure between his legs made him look down. He smirked perversely.

Yes, this time Shirogane almost discovered his embarrassing secret.

Originally I wrote this fiction in Spanish but I decided to translate and here I am. Hope you liked as much as I did. Please, leave me a review :)