Hi everyone! I've been working on this multichapter GaLe story for awhile, and I'm finally at a point that I feel ready to start publishing it. I'm currently at about 11 chapters, but only about half way through the plot. I'll try to keep updates regular, probably once a week. For now I'm going to upload the first two chapters so you all can get an idea of what the story's about.

This does take place after the 7 year time skip and the guild tournament, but, again, since I don't know what's going to happen with that arc I'm not going to elaborate on it (especially since chapters 274 and 275 have created a lot of questions about where it's going). This will be rated M, there is an explicit LIME in chapter 11, and I may or may not put in a lemon... still debating that.

SUMMARY: Mirajane comes across a mission that gives her the ultimate matchmaking plan that she's sure will finally get two of her favorite dragon slayer pairs, Gajeel and Levy, and Natsu and Lucy, together. Main pairing is GaLe, NaLu is secondary. MiraxLaxus and GrayxJuvia hinted at.

Disclaimer: As always, I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, they belong to Hiro Mashima (the ultimate troll with that GrayLu 'scene' in chapter 275).

It was on a strangely quiet afternoon at Fairy Tail that Mirajane found herself sorting out new mission requests. Glancing around the guild the eldest take-over sibling giggled as she realized the reason for the peace; a distinct lack of male dragon slayers, only young Wendy was left out of their resident dragons. Going back to her work, Mira sighed at the few high paying jobs they were receiving.

After the guild games, though their rank improved significantly, the guild was still finding it difficult to once again garner the work they had in the past. Then again, their tendency to destroy more than absolutely necessary could be a factor in the lack of jobs. With a sigh, Mira ran through the last few requests, noting them in the mission book for records.

'Escort a noble… take care of some bandits… find a lost watch… solve an ancient riddle… settle a bet between friends,' Mira frowned at how mundane these requests were. 'Really, they need a mage to find a watch… Wait a minute… what's this?'

The white haired woman couldn't help but jump in glee as she came across a request that would be perfect for a certain group of wizards. The possibilities of what could occur on this particular mission had her eyes shining with hope. Granted it was quite dangerous, but the pay was good, and the mages she had in mind for the job could handle just about anything. Shining brightly in her enthusiasm, Mirajane made her way over to the red haired Titania, Erza Scarlet, and the half naked ice mage, Gray Fullbuster.

The two mages looked up from their conversation to see a sparkly Mirajane smiling down on them. They knew she was plotting something and could only pray for whoever she had her sights set on, and hope it wasn't them.

"Ahhhh, it's good to be home, Plue," the blonde celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia sighed to her canine stellar spirit as she unlocked the door to her apartment.

"Puu- puu~n," said spirit purred in agreement.

Upon entering her apartment, though, the young mage fell back in shock with a scream. She was used to her teammates breaking into her apartment, Natsu Dragneel more than anyone, but her newest surprise guests were two of the last people she'd think would break in. Sitting in her living room chair was her best friend, and fellow book lover; Levy McGarden. The solid script mage was giggling uncontrollably at her friend's reaction while cuddling with a smirking Pantherlily on her lap. More shocking than the bluenette's presence was the sight of the scowling, fearsome iron danger slayer, Gajeel Redfox, sitting comfortably at her dinner table.

"What in the world are you guys doing in my apartment?" Lucy asked as she picked herself up off the floor. "Do I have a 'welcome Fairy Tail mages' sign over my house?"

"Heehee, come on Lu-chan," Levy began once she stopped giggling, "You've been gone on that mission with Natsu for two weeks and I wanted to see you. I was hoping you might have a new chapter of your book."

"Couldn't you have just waited until you saw me at the guild, or at least until I was actually home?" Lucy whined as she made her way to the desk, intent on finding her most recent work for her friend despite her annoyance at the uninvited entry.

"Well Natsu and the others said you don't mind it when they break in," Levy admitted with a small laugh. "Natsu even told me the locks on your windows are loose, so it's easy to get in."

"They're loose because Natsu broke them!" Lucy exclaimed as she handed the other mage a stack of papers. "Anyway, I guess its okay, but that doesn't explain why Gajeel is here."

"I was bored and thought it'd be funny watching the shrimp break into your place," the iron dragon said with a shrug before mildly glaring in his cat's direction. "At least it would have been funny if someone hadn't helped her by flying her up."

"I'm not a sadist like you, Gajeel," Lily began in a deep voice that did not seem to fit with his cuddly appearance, "I did not find the idea of Levy possibly falling and injuring herself amusing."

"Tsh, I woulda caught her," Gajeel grumbled before laying his head on the table to sulk, missing the slight blush creeping up on the blue haired mage's face.

With a sigh Lucy just accepted the presence of the guild's strangest pair of friends before walking towards her bathroom with the intent to take a relaxing bath.

"Levy, I'm gonna get cleaned up; make sure Gajeel doesn't eat any of my kitchen utensils."

"Okay, Lu-chan," the bluenette responded distractedly as she intently read through her friend's latest work.

"Humph," Gajeel grunted from his seat, "I don't need a baby-sitter."

"Yes you do," was Lily's amused remark from his comfortable place on Levy's lap.

"Shut up, cat!"

After a few minutes of sitting and watching Levy read, the large dragon slayer began to get bored and hungry, and decided the other mage needed to know. As much as he enjoyed watching her study her magic, watching her read for pleasure got boring unless he had some good iron to munch on.

"Oi, Shrimp," Gajeel called out to the small girl across the room. Not getting an immediate response, the man growled before repeating himself louder. After trying unsuccessfully five times to get the woman's attention, only succeeding in having his cat laugh at him because of his obvious annoyance at being ignored, the man stomped across the room and put his face between the paper and Levy's face.

Startled out of her reading, the blue haired girl pulled back, hoping that her face wasn't too red from her blush.

"Gajeel! What are you doing?" the younger mage practically shrieked in her surprise.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes," Gajeel growled out before backing away to sit on the small coffee table in front of the living room chair. "I'm bored… and hungry."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?" Levy huffed, "Go back to the guild then, you saw what you came to see, so there's no point in staying."

"Eh? It's boring at the guild, too." The man shrugged in response, before smirking as he got an idea of what Levy could do to solve at least one of his problems. "Can ya make me some iron?"

With a sigh the solid script mage made a small word of iron, much smaller than the one she had made for him on Tenrou Island, and handed it to the slightly disappointed man across from her.

"Why ya skimpin out on me, Shrimp? The last one you made for me was ten times the size of this one," Gajeel asked as he proceeded to eat the 'I' and 'R' in one bite.

"We were in battle, you were injured, I was worried… of course that one was going to be bigger." Levy explained in annoyance, she just wanted to go back to reading Lucy's book. "And anyway, we're in Lucy's apartment; if I made one that big it would probably fall through the floor. If you want I'll make you more, just quit whining and let me read."

Gajeel grinned as he watched the easily irritated mage make five more words of iron, and seated himself on the floor as he piled them up on the coffee table. He was a little happier now, he got food, and got some of the script mage's attention; he couldn't help but think she looked cute when she was annoyed with him. As long as she didn't get mad at him again; her bag of books didn't feel too great when it collided with his face.

The trio then let a companionable silence fall over them, only interrupted by the sound of Gajeel's eating or an occasional snore from the now sleeping Lily. The peace was broken only ten minutes later when they heard a loud crash and scream coming from the bathroom. They looked up in time to see a pink haired dragon slayer fly across the room, landing with a groan on the floor next to Levy.

"NATSU!" A visibly fuming, towel clad Lucy screamed from the door, "Don't break into the bathroom when I'm in it, you idiot!"

With an exhausted huff the blonde slammed the door shut again, hard enough to make the terrified dragon slayer wince from his seat on the floor. Only a second later, though, the door was thrown open again as a blue ball of fur was sent flying into the man's face, successfully knocking him back to the ground. Once Natsu felt it was safe again, he picked himself up to look at the faces of the others in the room. Gajeel looked like he was trying not to laugh at his fellow dragon as he sat pouting on the floor, and Levy and Lily were frowning down at him from the chair.

"What?" Natsu innocently asked.

"Never knew you were such a pervert, Salamandar," Gajeel teased.

"Oi! Don't go lumping me in with stripper ice freak!" Natsu shouted at the grinning man across from him.

"Really, why shouldn't I when you just broke into Bunny Girl's bathroom when I'm sure you could smell she was in there," the black haired man said knowingly as he finished off the iron Levy had conjured for him.

"Hey, Happy! Let's go raid Lucy's frig!" Natsu suddenly hollered, completely disregarding Gajeel's accusation as he and his blue exceed went running for the kitchen.


"I'm starting to think his stupidity is just an act," Gajeel grunted.

"Poor, Lu-chan," was all Levy could say as she watched the fire dragon slayer disappear into the other room before turning to Gajeel, "Maybe you should help her out and bolt all her windows shut."

"Gi hee, prolly won't last long before Salamandar just destroys the whole window, but it'd be funny to watch," Gajeel admitted in amusement.

Any further plotting was interrupted as the two heard yet another crash, this time drawing their attention to the fireplace as a rather naked Gray dusted off the ash he landed in. Once satisfied, the ice mage looked up at the rather shocked and confused occupants of the room and waved in greeting.

"Yo! You're here, too, that'll make this easier," Gray said.

"Ummm, Gray," Levy began, "your clothes…"

The man looked down to see his state of undress and cursed to himself before heading to Lucy's dresser where he stashed extra clothes for just such an emergency.

"Anyway," Gray started as he pulled on a pair of black pants, "is that stupid flame-brain here?"

"Oi! Icicle, what'd ya call me?" Natsu hollered as he walked back into the room with Happy, both with their arms full of Lucy's food.

"I said you're an idiot, you stupid squinty-eyed bastard," the ice mage growled at his rival, "but I don't have time to fight with you. Where's Lucy?"

"She's in the bathroom getting dressed," Natsu shrugged between mouthfuls of fire chicken.

To Levy's surprise, Gray turned towards the bathroom with a rather strange smile on his face.

"Well then, I'll just go get her then…" Gray said nonchalantly as he moved to open the bathroom door laughing under his breath at what could possibly be beyond the door. Before he could open it though, he was punched in the face by an angry Lucy who had opened the door herself.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Lucy bellowed down at the ice mage who fell to the floor from the force of the punch. "Why is it so hard for you and Natsu to understand the concept of PRIVACY? And Natsu! Stop eating all my food!"

"Lucy's scary," Levy mumbled lightly while drawing Lily in closer. Gajeel nodded in agreement from the floor as they watched the blonde mage lecture and beat her two teammates.

"They deserve whatever they get," Erza calmly stated from her position on the bed.

"Ehhh?" Levy and Gajeel screeched in shock at the unexpected voice of the Titania.

"When did you get here?" Levy squeaked out.

"Just now," the red head answered, "Gray was taking too long so I came to see what was keeping him. Lucy, stop trying to kill them for a minute; Mira needs all of you back at the guild immediately."

"All of us?" Levy asked as Lucy kicked Natsu in the face one last time for good measure.

"Yes, all of you; she'll explain it to you when you get there." Erza stated while getting up and heading for the door. When no one seemed to be moving to follow her out, she turned and glared back at the others, successfully scaring them into falling in line behind her. With a nod to herself, the requip mage lead the group of confused wizards out the door and back to Fairy Tail.