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Rima's POV

The exciting and heart pounding joys are aroused within all the new students at Seiyo High School. Well, everyone except me. Ok, so I'm only partially pissed off, the only reason I am slightly happy is that most of my middle school friends are in the same class as me. The only bad part about my day as a new High School 1st year is the none of my friend bothered to show up to school. Even Amu wasn't here, probably ditching school to hang out with Ikuto. Tadase and Kukai didn't even bother to show up either, and Yaya's no help considering she's a grade behind. Great, just my luck I'm all alone on the first day of high school.

My still dainty footsteps echoed in the hallway as I entered the classroom. Hoping nothing else could possibly go wrong I unwarily walk into the room and sit in my seat. "Good morning, Rima. How was your break?" That voice, why did that voice have to be here. I slowly turned my head in hope of someone else, but no, today really hates me, doesn't it. That purple-haired, good-for-nothing, cross-dressing freak was sitting right next to me. My jaw dropped in disbelief which turned to scowl when I realized that I indeed was not having a horrible nightmare.

"Why would you possibly care about how my break was, creep?" I spat at him.

"Well, that's not very nice language to someone who's being awfully nice to you, it's nice to know that you haven't changed a bit." He sarcastically smiled. I stuck my tongue out in reply.

"Alright class settle down, I know it's a new year, but there's no reason to get excited about it." Our slightly too feminine male teacher spoke to us in a very high pitched tone. I sighed; today was going to be a long day.

"I'm home!" my voice echoed throughout my large and seemingly empty house as I stepped in to the door. "I guess no one else is," I said to myself as I headed for the kitchen.

While I was munching on whatever I assumed was edible, I pulled out my phone and dialed Amu.

"Hey dude, wussup?" she said in a peppy tone.

"Don't wussup me, where were you today? I was all alone on the first day of high school, not even Kukai or Tadase bothered to show up." My voice got louder as I spoke.

"Even Nagi wasn't there?" she interrogated.

"He was there, but he doesn't fall under the category of people who need to support me on the first day of high school!" my tone of voice was loud again.

"Well, if he doesn't fall under that category, then what category does he fall under?" she asked changing the subject.

"He falls under the category of cross-dressing creep-o that creeps me out, any other questions? And by the way you still haven't told me where you were all day." I said.

"Oh yeah, I spent the day with Ikuto, Tadase and Kukai, we all went bowling it was a lot of fun, you should have come with us." She said nonchalantly.

"Why on earth would all of you skip the first day of school? I was all alone, you better show up tomorrow, I am not taking two days of the cross-dresser!" I shouted.

"Sorry, I couldn't say no to Ikuto, and stop calling Nagi a cross-dresser, he's a friend and friends are not called names." She pointed out.

"Well maybe I don't consider him a friend," I retorted.

"Yes you do, you know you do,…maybe even more than a friend." She spoke quietly.

My face turned cherry red and got hot. "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THINK THAT!" I shrieked into the phone.

"Your blushing aren't you?" she asked.

"I will see you tomorrow at school." I hung up before she said anything else. Why on earth would Amu think that I would like Nagihiko like that, I barely consider him a friend. I thought to myself. After a while of thinking it finally hit me that Amu wants me to get a boyfriend, after all, everyone else had someone. Amu finally went for Ikuto, and Kukai was with Utau, even Tadase had a new girlfriend every week. So she wants to play that game, well if you can't beat them, join them.

"Hey guys," I said as I walked into the classroom, relieved that everyone was at school today.

"Hey Rima, how was yesterday." Amu smiled as she asked me.

"Oh, yesterday was the best day ever considering you were gone, missy." I said in the most sarcastic tone possible.

"Oh, come on, your only upset that I wasn't here, and besides I bet you had a wonderful time yesterday." She smiled again and gestured at Nagihiko who was not paying attention to the conversation at all. I felt my face turn red as I opened my mouth to protest, the teacher interrupted.

"Today, students we have a new student." His high pitched voice making me giggle under my breath.

"A new student, it's only the second day of school." Amu pointed out.

"You can come in now," the teacher spoke and a dainty girl with long chocolate brown hair and blazing blue eyes. As soon as she walked in the whispers started up "she's so cute" would say some, "look at her eyes" would say others. I glanced over to Nagihiko who was lost in her. His eyes were glazed over and his stare looked like it went through her soul.

"My name is Yume Hoshizara, nice to meet you all." Her voice was as dainty as her body.

"You can sit behind Nagihiko in the back, Nagihiko raise your hand!" he shouted and Nagi barely seemed to be phased by his voice. "Nagihiko! Nagihiko!" his shouts were getting louder when Nagihiko finally snapped out of his daze.

"Huh, what?" he shook his head, still regaining consciousness.

"Raise. Your. Hand." He said bluntly. The whole class snickered as Nagi blushed and raised his hand. The dainty girl quietly stepped toward her seat. "Hi," he said "I'm Nagihiko, Yume is a very pretty name." he sounded brainwashed the way he spoke.

"You look like a girl," her mousy voice replied. I nearly choked myself trying not to laugh.

Nagi scowled at me "And you find that funny because…"

"Well, for one you're a cross-dresser which is sort of ironic that you would get called a girl and two your hair totally gives it away," I said in between laughs.

"Hahahaha, you think you're so funny, don't you." His sarcasm was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Actually I'm hilarious," I said back. He stuck his tongue out in reply.

"Are you guys flirting?" I barely heard Yume's soft voice over my laughter.

My face felt hot as I realized what she had said, that word should never ever refer to me and Nagihiko in the same sentence. "Why would you think that, I was just making fun of him, why would you think I was flirting with him?" everything came out in a huge jumble of words.

"I don't know, you two seemed like you were really enjoying making fun of each other, and considering you weren't being totally mean, it looked like you two were flirting." She spoke softly. "Plus, your blushing." She pointed at me.

"What! I'm not blushing, my face just does this sometimes." My voice could not have sounded more obvious.

"It's getting even redder." She said. "Besides, I don't care if you are flirting or not, frankly by the way you two act around each other, you look pretty good as a couple."

I felt my face boiling then Nagi's voice chimed in out of nowhere. "Really?" was all he said, his face in a true form of shock. "I'd never really thought about us that way before." His eyes trailed off into the middle-distance, lost in thought, until the teacher interrupted it.

"Nagihiko, if you need to daydream, maybe you can do it afterschool in detention!" Nagihiko once again snapped out of his delusion.

"Thanks for the advice, Yume." Advice, what advice? Did I miss something? What in the hell is he talking about? My head raged with emotions.

"No problem, anytime." Her smile was priceless.

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