Second chapter! This is what I like to call the really good part of my awesome oneshot! BTW I DO NOT OWN SHUGO CHARA AT ALL! R&R!

The first half of the day was pretty agonizing, with innocent little Yume telling Nagihiko that we looked good as a couple, I nearly hurled when she said that. Luckily now that it's lunch time I can take a break from both of them. My feet scuffed across the ground as I headed to mine and Amu's lunch spot.

"I heard your entire conversation this morning," was the first thing out of her mouth.

"What, no 'how was your day' or 'what do you have for lunch' you are sure one to jump on the morning gossip aren't you?" I retorted.

"She's right you know, about you two being a couple, I think you'd look cute together." She said with a straight face.

"Not you too." I sighed. "Why would you think that me and Nagihiko would look good together, even thinking about that makes me want to hurl."

"Maybe you should give him a chance, who knows it might turn out really well." she said truthfully.

"Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming," I rubbed my temples as I spoke.

"Nope, you're not dreaming and I really think you should go for it," Amu interrupted my thoughts.

"I'm going to eat somewhere else, I'm tired of your comments." I said bluntly then walked off to eat elsewhere.

While I was wandering to find somewhere else to eat, I ran literally ran into Yume. "Ow! That hurt, watch where you going!"

"Sorry, I was reading my book and didn't see where I was going." She quietly spoke as she rubbed her head. "Oh, it's you." Her icy blue eyes were wide with curiosity.

"What do you mean 'it's me'? And why are you staring at me like that, it's starting to creep me out." I spat at her as she continued to stare at me with her cold eyes.

"Sorry, I was just admiring your beauty." She spoke.

"Ok, now you officially are creepy. Not to change the subject but why would you say that Nagihiko and I would look good together when you don't even know us?" I asked.

"The way you were acting gave it away that you secretly like him."

I felt my face turn hot, "I do not like him!" my voice was a combination of laughter and yelling and to me sounded like I was hammered.

"See," she pointed to me, "You're doing it again, and your face is turning red, which means you like him."

"That does not mean I like him!" I shouted as I felt my face turn even redder.

"Your face is turning even redder."

"I'm leaving!" I yelled then ran off to find yet another spot to eat my still uneaten lunch.

I wandered around for ten minutes; my phone told me that it was closer and closer to class. "I'm not going to eat am I," I spoke to myself as I continued to wander.

"You could eat with me, Rima." That silky voice saying my name so smoothly made me jump. I turned around to see his violet locks, soft smile and his deep brown eyes staring back at me. He gestured to a spot next to him.

"After all that I've went through today you honestly think that I would sit with you." I put my hands on my hips to make a bigger effect.

"Yes, I do, and I know your holding back." His velvet voice was hard to resist.

"I am not holding back, and I do not want your presence when I'm trying to enjoy my lunch.

"I know you are Rima." He was inching closer to me, "After all you've heard today, I can imagine your mind is rushing wild with thoughts about me. You're just in denial"

My face turned red as backed away from him. "I'm not in denial," I murmured as he kept getting closer.

"Sure you are, it's written all over your face. You know you like me." His face was a foot away when I lost my footing and fell on my butt.

"Even you think that, why does everyone think that?" I said as I sat on the ground.

"Maybe," his porcelain toned face was an inch from mine, "because it's true."

Before I could reply, his mouth was on mine in not only the first kiss I've ever had, but the best one. It was like instant fireworks set off; our mouth's just melted into each other's. We spent so much time kissing that we'd lost track of time. When the bell rang for class we both just ignored it.

"Does this mean you'll go out with me?" Nagihiko asked.

"Yes, but I still get to insult you," I said as we snuggled under a tree.

"Looks like I can't get out of that one." he teased.

"I know we've had our fun, let's get back to class otherwise people will get suspicious."

"Suspicious of what?" there was sarcasm in his voice as he spoke.

"So, did you get to eat you lunch eventually?" Amu asked as we returned to the classroom.

"Yeah, but the desert was the best part." I swear I could've seen Nagi smirking when I said that. Amu just gave me a funny look and carried on.

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