Midnights Gift

Chapter 1

Memories and a Midnight Gift


I OWN NOTHING! (Other than Josephine & Emmaline.)
Okay, guys this version of once upon a time takes place in only the enchanted forest The queen is still an issue but she is not a total issue yet. Emmaline is not Emma Swan, Emma swan doesn't have anything to do with this Story. WARNING: Story contains child abandonment and abuse and also some bad language.

Summary: Rumpelstiltskin is on another one of his dealings and when he comes back he decides to go to bed and late that night he hears a banging on the doors and a cry he goes down stairs to answer he opens the door and sees...I cant tell you you have to read it! ha-ha! what will happen?...

Oh well another job of terrorizing done well! Rumpelstiltskin said as he walked into his manor house. "Children taken and returned all for a price! A lesson for them and fun for me ho-ho-he-he! Terrorizing is fun for me!" He sang. Now that his son was gone and the way he looked this was the only way to see children he missed holding them and taking care of them though he would never admit it to himself or anybody else. His son was fully grown, possibly married, and had a child of his own perhaps and he did not have any interest in seeing his father become the dark-one! he lived in some far off land where happiness is found everywhere even in the corners! Happiness how nice! Rumpelstiltskin scoffed. Rumpelstiltskin was tired after his journey (although he was able to pop in and out of forests and chambers) He decided to go to bed. Later that night Rumpelstiltskin heard a banging on the door to his manor "Who could that be?" he asked sleepily and more or less pissed off. He sleepily put on his clothes and went down the flight of stairs to the entrance to see who was there, but when he opened the doors he saw no one, no rustle in the trees or bushes, no person running from sight, nothing! so he blamed it on the wind and the tree next to his window. But just as he was about to close the door he heard a baby crying, he looked out the door again still no one until he looked down and there lay a baby Wrapped in a gold blanket and attached a note. He picked up the weeping babe and bounced it in his arms he read the note:

Dear Rumpelstiltskin,
I know I am unfit to parent this Baby Girl for I am dying and my husband is dead, I have no family. You once saved me from my death, I do not wish to be saved again. All I wish is for you to take care of this poor Babe I do not trust anyone else fore you are my only true friend! Name her as you wish, but take care of her! You should remember the blanket in which the babe is wrapped fore once you spun it for me. I wish to repay the kindness you showed me and also to give me hope that my babe will prosper in light of your kindness...


Your friend,


Josephine? How could she have remembered me after all these years? I only saved her from a raging river at midnight. Careless Girl! Thus he thought on the memory of Josephine...
Yes I remember now; she danced and danced that night until she fell in the lake! the poor thing was soaked to the bone. It was freezing out! I had used my magic to pull her from the river! she had pneumonia! Her lips were blue and her skin was pale. I took her to my manor and used my magic to change her clothes, I put her in my bed and I made her some soup The girl was only nine when I saw her last ! That was about 20 years ago! he recited the story and told it to the baby; more for him than her...

The babe was wet from the rain as well, the babe must not have been of two months. But she must have been warm because the blanket she wore was the same he had made for Josephine, it had magical properties he used his magic to make the blanket warmer for the person than any other. He went to the kitchen and got some formula he had dried the blanket with his magic and wrapped the babe again, he took the babe to his nursery he kept for His dealings. He sat in the rocking chair,started to rock,and fed the fussing babe; he also started to remember the time Josephine was in his manor. Yes, he did remember Josephine and he remembered how she made him laugh just by smiling or playing a game of hide and seek. How she would annoy him into playing those childish games. He loved her as his own. But when word came that she had run away; he had told her that he would have to send her back but she did not want to he had asked why she did not want to return she replied "papa does not care for me! all papa wants is for me to marry Edward! Edward is mean and kicks dirt in my eyes; he even kicked me in the knee!" Why does your papa wish you to marry such a mean boy? Rumpelstiltskin asked her as she sat on his lap in the den. "He's not a boy he's a man he is 24 and I am 9! and I don't want Papa to be my Papa! I want you to be my papa Rumfelspilkin!" The poor child did not even have all her teeth yet! She could barely pronounce sentences and she was to be married! this was an outrage!, "Rumfelspilkin, I don't want to go away I will be good! I don't want to go! I will miss You! I will miss your hugs and your nice smell!" smell? he thought. He asked her what he smelled like and Josephine replied "like honey and fresh Lillie's! My papa doesn't even mess with my hair like you do or pick me up and swing me around and make funny noises or tuck me in! my papa doesn't sing songs to me or play games with me! My mama died when I was born, Papa says I killed her! My papa doesn't care about me!" She had begun to cry and he had held her close. Finally when she stopped crying and he stopped hushing her, That was when he showed her his spinning room and made her the golden blanket, he told her that whenever she felt lonely and missed him all she had to do was wrap the blanket around her and she would feel like she was being hugged by him she would even be able to smell him like she was being hugged! it even had a string attached so she could where it as a cloak! "Josephine, I want you to know that I will always love you!" But you cant stay here anymore I will go with you to your home and do what I can to fix what has happened with your father! do you understand? she nodded Obviously not satisfied that she couldn't stay, but happy that he wasn't kicking her out! So they set off to her home, after Three days of walking... well mostly him walking and her on his shoulders they finally reached her house, a giant burly man who looked very angry hobbled over to them Josephine Grasping on to Rumpelstiltskin's Cloak he was wearing to hide his face He had to grab the hood to make sure his face was not seen. Josephine Isabella Monet What is Wrong with you! Where have you been you insolent idiotic girl! He grabbed Josephine off Rumpelstiltskin's shoulders and yanked the girl by her hair. Well I should beat the shit out of you you little br- STOP! I COMMAND YOU TO STOP! Who are you to q- Oh Gods! Dark One I wish to apologize for the incident you had to witness! And apologize you shall! but not to me! But to your young daughter, you ginormous mother-fucking oaf! Um? Your darkn- SILENCE FOOL! I was the man your daughter was seated on When you dragged her by her long lucious locks and the one who found her shelter when she was in need of it she had told me all the things that you have done to her! All the things you have said said to her! and for all those things I should take your soul right now! but so this child does not have to witness my wrath for she need not fear me! I shall only make you this promise that If you ever hurt this child again emotionally or physically no especially Physically I will drag your soul down to fiery pits of the underworld itself! I understand dark-one! Oh and she is not to be married to this Edward! where is this Edward you speak of Dearie? Inside the house. Edward get your ass out of the pig pen! and meet our gracious lord! Huh? We Has a Lord? I thought we be free People? Nooo! you stupid boy! the Dark One is here! Dark-One? Oh no! I aint going out there! ah-ah NOOO-way! Well Mr. Monet I believe your daughters fearless Husband Is hiding amongst the Pig Shit! Your daughter is to recieve a proper education and will not marry until the age of 27 and to only the one she Loves and accepts for his heart! Stop Blaming her mothers death on her and blame it on yourself I know who you are Micah Aldean! You killed your wife and kept her child She is not even yours to keep she is the child of a Honorable Farmer who was married to her mother until you kidnapped both of them! H-h-how do you know that? I can see your soul, your past, what you've done! You shall not touch the girl nor shall you move! the kings men are coming to arrest you and take her home! How does that sound Dearie? That sounds wonderful! thank-you Ru-No No Hush now My dear we have witnesses! he smiled! Josephine! tell me his name! please tell me his name! No I will never talk to you again you kidnapped my mama and kidnapped me! you blame her death on me and you hurt all those people! You stole from the king! no I don't want to know you! your mean! your evil! I hope that they string- Now now Josephine He will get what's coming to him in this life or the next! But as for me I hope its both! Yes, She definitely was defiant and happy that day; she saw her father for the first time I knew she was in good Hands.

Finally coming back to reality He realized the babe had started to doze off and coo at him He always loved babies He loved it when they giggled and looked at him! And he loved this one even more because he could keep this child forever! He looked down at the little angel he held in his arms She was smiling, Blowing Bubbles, and cooing at him. Rumpelstiltskin finally decided it was time for a lullaby;

Lullaby, and good night, with pink roses bedlight,
With lilies o'er spread, is my baby's sweet head.
Lay thee down now, and rest, may thy slumber be blessed!
Lay thee down now, and rest, may thy slumber be blessed!
Lullaby, and good night, Shining angels beside my darling abide.
Soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head.
Soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head.
Sleepyhead, close your eyes. I'll protect you from harm, you will wake in my arms.
Guardian angels are near, so sleep on, with no fear.
Guardian angels are near, so sleep on, with no fear.

Finally as he sang and cradled the child He gently put her in Her bed . As he did so He thought I cannot keep calling her she, it, her... I wonder I shall name thy sleeping Babe I always did Like the -ine part in josephine But Ive always Liked the name Emma! Ive got it Emmaline What will be her last name though I guess it shall be gold, since I spin gold, tis' my profession! Well then Emmaline Gold My sleeping babe Rest well! and I shall see you in the morning.

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