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Edward's POV

I Quickly ran threw the familiar forest that surrounded the house of my love. The trees blew past me in a blur . As I drew closer to her house I started to become aware of the sound of her heart beat. He sent hit me like a brick wall when I came into view of the house, though I had no desire to drink her blood. Bella seemed so close now. After being away for almost 4 months she was finally in arms reach! I scaled the side of the wall easily and entered threw the open window.

"Why would she have the window open in the middle of February?" I silently questioned myself. I stood there by the window unsure of what to do not knowing if I was still welcome.

"Edward" Bella softly moaned in her sleep causing me to loose all train of thought and choosing my next actions for me.

I lied down beside her on her bed "shhhh Bella" I soothed her in her sleep.

She subconsciously move closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head rested on my shoulder, and her hands grabbed my shirt in a death grip; as if when she let go, I would disappear. She let out a small cry and nudged her face into the crook of my neck, taking in my scent as she lay there.

"Edward, please don't go. " Bella cried.

"Its okay Bella, I'm here" I said as I smoothed her hair.

I watched in horror as she stared to scream in her sleep. I caressed her cheek in an attempt to calm her down.

Charlie started to wake at the sound of his daughters screams. I though he was going to run in to make sure she was all right but to my surprise he grunted and rolled over. "

Not again" he thought "cant she have one peaceful night?"

This thought shocked me as I realised it happened every night. What had I done?

It took me all of 2 seconds to shake off the horror before I was trying to get Bella to wake up for her nightmare. "Bella wake up love" I chanted quietly as I shook her gently

Her eyes fluttered open slowly to reveal red tear filled eyes.

She starred at me for a few seconds before she finally spoke "I miss you Edward please come back." she quietly whispered to me.

I gave her a half-hearted smile and whispered "I know Bella, its okay, your okay""Don't you miss me?" She questioned, he jaw quivering and a stray tear falling.

I ignored the question and brushed the tear away with my thumb. She leaned into my touch bringing her hand up to hold mine there on her cheek. " I love you Edward" she whispered as her eyes closed.

I finally had a good look at her. Her eyes had no shine in them and her hair was thinner. She had easily lost 10 pounds and purple bags looked permanently engraved under her eyes.

I had caused this. Words could not describe the hate I felt for myself in that moment.

"You look so tired Bella" I said "Sleep love."

Bella jaw started to quiver again . "I don't want to sleep" she said in a dead tone, her eyes avoiding mine.

"Why not?" I asked. Wondering why the thought of sleep haunted her.

Tears then fell from Bella's eyes as they finally met mine.

"Because you wont be here when I wake up." She sobbed

I shook my head as my eyes softened. She was scared I wouldn't be here when she woke up. " I'll be here" I said.

"Promise?" She asked

I promise Love" I said. I watched as her eyes searched mine, looking for any hint that I might be lying. When she was satisfied that I was telling the truth she let out a sob and a smile appeared as her face light up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her to and lovingly rubbed her back.

We stayed like that for a few minutes before Bella brought her lips up to my ear to whisper "I know I'm just dreaming and your not really here, but I love you Edward, and I miss you so much."

"I know, I love you too Bella" I whispered to her.

"Will you come back tomorrow night?" She asked in a small voice.

I smiled and let out a small chuckle " I will be here as long as you keep bringing me back" I said. As much as I loved her and wanted to spend every moment of forever with her, I didn't know if she would want the real Edward back. She is probably furious with me for leaving her and she could do so much better. As long as she wanted me I would keep coming back to her at night, but when she moved on I would watch from a distance. Bella flashed me a huge smile and pulled me in for another bone crushing hug: to a human. "I love you Edward." She whispered before kissing me on the cheek. "Night Edward"

We stayed there just starring into each others eyes for a few minutes before Bella's exhaustion took over and her eyes gently closed.

When the sun started to rise and I felt Bella start to stir, I untangled myself from her arms and hopped out the window prepared to spend as many nights as needed with her until she was happy with someone else. I loved her more than anything in the world, so much I would give her away for her safety. No matter how much as it hurt, I was determined to keep Bella safe.

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