Chapter 1

January 15, 20XX

Only fools record anything that could be potentially damaging, but only a true fool would mistake me for one.

This will not be a journal of my deepest secrets. This will not reveal my "mortal weakness", and it will not hold the key to money and fame. But if you choose to pursue this, I will still ensure that you suffer terribly for it. Let me spell this out for you, since I've found that the world does, indeed, consist largely of fools.

If you're not Seto Kaiba, put the journal down. If you read further, know that you are dealing with someone who has far more power and capability than you could ever comprehend.

I will make this tediously clear. I do not make promises without keeping them, so consider yourself warned when I say that you will regret it if you so much as glance past this introductory paragraph. If you do not wish to make a permanent enemy out of KaibaCorp and live in fear for the rest of your pathetic existence, the solution is simple: don't read this.

Of course, half the fault would be mine if you did. I never thought I'd sink so low as to address an inanimate object. Did my brother expect me to write 'Dear Diary' or any of that commercial bullshit? I refuse to indulge such a ludicrous pretense.

The only reason I'm writing in this at all is because despite my earlier forewarning, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to get ahold of this. No one has access to my room aside from Mokuba, and he would never invade my privacy so immaturely. He knows the consequences, even if they have always been much milder for him. Besides, he would defeat the purpose of having convinced me to write a journal in the first place.

He said if he wouldn't be around for me to talk to, he wanted to know I'd at least do this much. And so if it puts my brother at ease while he's away in America, I'll waste a few minutes of my my time, if only in hopes that he'll stop pestering me to acquire 'friends' instead.

If it had been anyone but Mokuba, I would have laughed at the suggestion. Most people would know not to waste their efforts trying to convince me of the value of friendship. But my brother is not most people. Frankly, such a suggestion is insulting.

I refuse to write in this 'frequently', but Mokuba seemed satisfied with an 'occasionally'. I might as well. I won't hold an intelligent conversation otherwise, and talking to myself is the closest thing I'll get to a rational conversation when the only other option is Yugi or one of his pathetic cheerleaders.

Even if his decision surprised me, it's not that I don't understand why Mokuba wants to study abroad, although I can't say I appreciate the choice. Especially not when he chose America, of all places.

Obviously, I've visited the country before, generally for business, so perhaps my disapproval stems from my own experiences there. Most people with common sense, an area in which the average American appears severely lacking, turn away from me as soon as they meet my glare.

On one particularly abhorrent occasion; however, I remember two adolescent teenage girls plagued my otherwise uneventful trip. The two girls seemed entirely devoid of any sense of decency, and sometimes I wonder if someone didn't put them up to it. As soon as they met my gaze, which should have driven them away, they enthusiastically declared me a 'bishounen'* and clung to me relentlessly.

It was a public street, so I couldn't fight them off without causing a scene and drawing more attention, but I eventually had no choice but to order my security guards drive them away. The imbeciles caused unnecessary hassle when I had wanted to proceed unnoticed, and even drew the attention of the media. Ridiculous.

What kind of country allows school girls to shout Japanese and harass random foreigners without consequence? They were even released without disciplinary action because they didn't attempt to take any of my possessions; they only begged for pictures.

At least Mokuba is too young to worry about being attacked by indiscriminate teenage girls, or so I assume. Although I did have Roland accompany him, or else I would never have any peace of mind.

Of course, reminiscing about such trivial, foolish events of the past is pointless. Writing about them is even more pointless, and I never would have agreed to this inane journal if it hadn't been Mokuba's only request before he left. A favor which has no value aside from the fact that it's for Mokuba himself.

A waste of my time, just like that mindless idiot, Joey Wheeler.

I'd appreciate nothing more than to strangle the moron, but unfortunately, the lawsuits that would follow would ruin the satisfaction. KaibaCorp's lawyers are the best in the business, but covering up murder costs time, so no matter how satisfying Wheeler's inevitable and gratifying defeat would be, I've never bothered to expend the effort.

I'm beginning to consider otherwise, however, since I've recently discovered that some incompetent fool in management hired the idiot a month ago. He is now an official employee of KaibaCorp, and I'm not so incompetent that I'd fire him when he meets all the job requirements, however reluctant I was to believe that unlikely fact.

I will never comprehend how he received a college degree qualifying him for the job, but my opinion of public education has been lowered dramatically ever since.

Perhaps I should elaborate. Wheeler now works as a member of the programming department, and his job involves testing the prototypes of various KaibaCorp products. If I was feeling generous, which I rarely am, I would say the work suits him, since the job requires interactive reasoning and allows him to play duel monsters on a regular basis.

And as much as I loath to admit it, he is a valuable staff member. He has hands-on experience with the technology used in tournaments, and accompanied by his (rudimentary) strategy and knowledge of the game, he's a rare asset.

In other words, although I could fire him, it would be disadvantageous for the company. So I'm denied the satisfaction of sending him away jobless and miserable, and I have to put up with his sickeningly optimistic attitude every day at work.

I should fire him for his unprofessionalism. Even today, the loser challenged me to a duel while on the job. The delusional amateur seems to think he can win against me, and when I refused his challenge, he had the nerve to call me a coward.

Since I had unfortunately decided prior to the meeting that I wasn't going to fire the moron, I decided to take the opportunity to put him in his place. The date is set for this weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing his face when he loses spectacularly. We haven't dueled in years, and it will be refreshing to remind that mutt what real talent is.

Besides, with Mokuba gone, I haven't been taking any breaks. Defeating Wheeler should prove to be a relaxing distraction from work. Mokuba would approve.

I've discovered there's only one thing that puzzles me about Wheeler. I did a background check on him when I discovered his recent employment, and I immediately found the reason why he was so desperate that he'd take a job at KaibaCorp. I was suspicious, after all. He's an idiot, but he's always had his pride, and he never should have accepted the job under normal circumstances.

He's in debt. His father was a good-for-nothing drunk and gambler, and after dying from alcohol overdose last year, it seems as though he left the dog with the clean-up.

But even then, his father's debts don't even account for half of what he owes, regardless of their considerable sum. Wheeler took out a loan so he could attend college. Not a large amount by my standards, but Wheeler clearly falls under another category.

His current job pays well for his standing, but not enough. Taking into account interest and living expenses, he won't be out of the red until he's an old man, if not dead.

Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler. Why am I writing so much about that dork? I could care less about that moron and his insignificant problems. He isn't my business, nor do I want him to be.

This should be sufficient enough for my first entry. Perhaps my last, if Mokuba forgets about this by the time he comes to visit me. I've already spent too long on this as it is. I have a company to run, not time to waste.

-Seto Kaiba

*bishounen=hot guy

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